Is Pre-Diabetes Real or a Scam?

Is Pre-Diabetes Real or a Scam?


Science Magazine recently published an editorial from Charles Piller claiming that pre-diabetes was more of a marketing term designed to sell drugs and get more donations for the diabetes groups.

While Science Magazine enjoys a great reputation when it publishes peer reviewed studies, their editorial leaves something to be desired.

Note, this is an editorial from one of their staff writers, and the author, Mr. Piller, is not a scientist nor a doctor, but an investigative journalist.  And he is a good one.  Generally speaking, his work is first rate and he does have a good take on most subjects.

But he really missed the boat on this issue.

If anything, he should have taken the medical community to task for delaying a type 2 diabetes diagnosis until after much of the damage is done.

What is often called pre-diabetes, is also known as Metabolic syndrome.  (Freedom Health News has been discussing this for a while.)

More and more evidence is in that shows that the damage to your arteries begins when your blood sugars go above 100 and your waist size increases.

The best test to find out if you are in trouble is the Kraft Insulin Resistance test which you can do at home.  The earlier you catch this, the less damage it will inflict on your heart.

Here is a link to why the Kraft test is so good.

And here is where you can get your at home version.

Most of Mr. Piller’s point was very good, he was against hooking people on drugs and making them profit centers for Big Pharma.

And he’s right, this is a lifestyle disease.  The cure is not a drug, but instead changing your diet.

He makes a point that “are people with high blood pressure pre-stroke?”  Well, yes, they are.  The number one predictor of stroke risk is high blood pressure.  The reason why death from strokes has dropped is because we are better at treating high blood pressure.

When you have metabolic syndrome, you are setting yourself up for cardiac inflammation.  There may not be any visible symptoms and you may feel fine, but it doesn’t mean that you are ok.

High blood pressure doesn’t cause any symptoms either.

People are not aware of the dangers that accompany pre-diabetes and all the inflammation that does damage to your body.

The worst thing we could do is turn the people with this inflammation into the goose that laid the golden egg for the drug companies.  At this point, Freedom Health News is in complete agreement with Mr. Piller.

But where we disagree is ignoring the problem.  This is an education problem.  People need to know that the standard tests recommended such as hemoglobin A1c just doesn’t go far enough to let people know they have become insulin resistant.

And this is not a problem of just the fat, lazy and poor.  Many world class athletes like Dr. Timothy Noakes have found they are pre-diabetic despite a great diet, marathon running and overall healthy lifestyle.

This is not something that can be ignored as a marketing gimmick, this is a serious medical disaster that is threatening to bankrupt our medical system.

The projected cost of treating diabetes is expected to be $330 billion and is only going up.  And that doesn’t include the human cost of limb amputation, blindness and other tragedies that follow this disease.

The earlier the diagnosis and risk is made known, the better your chances of survival are.

Stopping diabetes and even pre-diabetes is something you can do without the aid of Big Pharma.