This Common Food Is Super-Dangerous For Cancer Survivors

This Common Food Is Super-Dangerous For Cancer Survivors

Grilled meat

Grilled meatBeating cancer is tough. You likely will have to go through rounds of chemo and radiation. You lose your strength and your appetite, and your life gets put on hold as you use everything you’ve got to beat the vicious disease.

But you battle on because there’s not another option.

And when you round the corner and your health improves, all you want to do it get back to dancing or running or cooking.
But when you were fighting cancer, you knew that you would give up anything that could give cancer a toe hold for coming back or keep you from living life to its fullest.

And now you might have to…

A new study from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is discovering there’s a link between breast cancer survivors and a more pronounced death rate down the road.

The study tracked the eating habits of 1,508 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996-97. They asked about their consumption of meat, particularly grilled meat.

In the following years, they followed up with the women. The results are saddening.

Over a median 17.6 years of follow-up, 597 of the women died. Of these deaths, 237 (39.5 percent) were associated with breast cancer.

Overall, compared with women who reported a low intake of grilled, barbecued, or smoked meats prior to a breast cancer diagnosis, those who reported a high intake of these meats were found to be at a 23 percent greater risk of all-cause mortality.

Women who reported a high intake of smoked beef, lamb, or pork were at 17 percent increased risk of all-cause mortality and a 23 percent increased risk of breast cancer-specific mortality, compared with those who reported a low intake.

The scientists who lead the study was actually looking for a link to see if meats cooked at high temperatures would affect the survival rates of women who actually beat breast cancer.

These results are not good. The survival rate for women, specifically those with breast cancer falls by nearly a quarter compared to those consumed less.

Breast cancer already holds the #2 spot for affecting women in America. More than 252,710 cases are diagnosed each year and more than 40,000 women will die annually from the disease. However, there are currently 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

So while it is a sacrifice to put down the grilled meat, in the long run, it will give keep you living longer and prevent an early death.


  1. this article is so typical of our medical so called professionals. I fully expect them to not accept this comment because if flies directly in the face of their IGNRANCE. When you talk about meat being bad, you have to include what meat you are talking about and how it is prepared! YOU also need to educate people on why the CANCER EPIDEMIC is so prolific now and how the Medical Terrorists in America are dealing with this terrible plight of the American public.

    Bacon? Really? How was the pig or hog raised? On what food? What conditions? How many antibiotics were given to that animal? Was the animal fed GMO feed? Was the animal allowed to be in open air out of a cage most of the day eating and foraging on their natural diet?

    How was the bacon prepared? What diet was these people getting cancer on? Do they participate in using MICROWAVE cell phones, smart meters, Wi-fi, games, etc.? Do they take huge quantities of D3 causing them more harm than good? Do they eat foods that promote CANCER like vegetable oils, margarine, pizza from the local pizza parlors, soft drinks, etc.? Where do they buy their food; from the Mausoleums where dead food is held in state (local grocery stores)? Are they eating lots of processed foods?

    When writing an article like this and quoting statistics, why are the details not talked about? I suggest this is a very disingenuous article with an agenda, not credible at all!

  2. What do hospitals give to patients who are fighting cancer — ensure! Which contains tons of sugar – which is LAST thing you want to feed cancer! SUGAR! Processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar! These are the deadly killers!