Censored Study Shows Disturbing Links to Most Vaccines

Censored Study Shows Disturbing Links to Most Vaccines

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A 78 year old physician who has been practicing pediatric medicine for 46 years is disturbed by what he’s seeing. Bose Ravenel, MD, says he can no longer toe the party line. Before examining the evidence, he was a nay-sayer. Now he’s uprooted himself from a practice he founded and joined forces with an integrative physician a few miles down the road to bring his findings to the spotlight

And it’s not just him. Dr. Kelly Sutton, an integrative physician is saying she’s seeing more and more cases where parents are going against the grain and choosing to abstain from vaccines.

She said the parents are saying children without vaccines are staying healthier, perform better in school, and adapt socially much easier than their vaccinated siblings.

But someone is trying to suppress this information.

The most recent, peer-reviewed study was accepted for publication by the journal Frontiers in Public Health, according to Jennifer Margulis, PhD. The study was assigned a DOI number and the abstract published on the journal’s website. Several days later, all signs of the study vanished from the site without explanation

Margulis is the author of Your Baby, Your Way and the co-author (with Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D.) of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.

According to Margulis, the abstract described a study comparing health outcomes of 660 fully vaccinated or fully unvaccinated children between the ages of 6 and 12 living in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon. Information was collected via parental survey in 2012.

This is obviously a form of censorship with Frontiers in Public Health wanting to protect their own reputation.

As recently as July, their own website touted that they were cited as the number one spot for citations in 6 categories and number 2 in citations for 3 more categories among 11,365 open-access journals.

If Frontiers in Public Health is hiding something, it is too late. You see, the study istelf was back in 2012 and studied over 660 kids.

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But five years later, there are more and more doctors opening their minds to vaccines being dangerous.

Dr. Sutton discussed the body like a tipping point, indicating there is only so much toxicity the body can handle.

Dr. Ravenell also pointed out that the link is not 100% cause and effect, but just because the link is less than 100% doesn’t mean there’s no link at all:

“There is clearly a relationship between vaccines and autism,” Ravenel said. “But to say that ‘vaccines cause autism’ is an inaccurate, non-nuanced statement. At the same time, to say that ‘vaccines don’t cause autism’ is also inaccurate.”


  1. Medications are beneficial to some people and cause death to others. Therefore there is a possibility which exists that vaccinations may be harmful to some children and cause serious harm. It definitely should be investigated further.

    • Genuine research supports the concensus of English physicians of over two hundred years ago. They notified Edward Jenner that his cowpox procedure did not prevent smallpox.
      “Vaccination” is not continued due to the support provided by genuine research. It is continued because it continues an elevated income for the phramacy industry and physicians who maintain its usage.
      The standard is “income”, not “health”.

    • When one of the chief researchers into the vaccine autism study comes forward and admits that the study’s results were falsified and the congressional commitee studying the problem doesn’t call him to testify, what does that tell you? Who is actually driving the car?

  2. I am a retired Nurse and do Day Care, I noticed something alarming, Children have come here, from their Peds after receiving up to 5 separate shots, seems to me common sense would dictate one shot at a time, spread out over a period of time, when my kids got shots it was 4 weeks between, seems a logical time. Also let’s remember the size of these little bodies receiving all these either live or dead viruses.

  3. I believe vaccines do prevent the diseases they are supposed to prevent. I also believe there are side effects to any medication, many of which are unknown. When a particular disease, due to extensive use of vaccines has been practically eradicated, then the risk of contracting that disease is low if one chooses not to vaccinate, especially if you are surrounded by lots of vaccinated people. I do believe you are best if you do not vaccinate IF that disease does not appear in your community. With all of the immigration of people from 3rd world countries today and with our extreme mobility, that increases the risk of not vaccinating. Good luck everyone!

    • Better hygiene had already decreased all the childhood diseases before they started all the extra vaccines at our children. Now we have more children being irreparably damaged by or dying from the vaccines than we do dying of any of the childhood diseases or complications from those diseases. No matter how you look at it, our vaccinated children are less healthy than our unvaccinated ones..

  4. Seems that vaccines are like seat belts. They are often life savers. However, they can trap people in burning cars or accidents where they impede prompt rescue.

  5. The entire healthcare industry, and pharmaceutical companies in particular, have used the law of averages to treat individuals. ANY vaccine, medication or medical treatment has inherent risks (some serious) for some individuals within the general population. In the case of vaccines, the question has been is it better to vaccinate all individuals, recognizing that some percentage will be adversely affected or not vaccinate and have much larger numbers of individuals adversely affected by the disease itself. It’s the old “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” approach. Personally, I believe each parent should have the right to decide if their child should be vaccinated. Those decisions should be made in light of the family’s medical history and after the pediatrician or family doctor has discussed all the possible side effects. Too many parents have not been provided with the knowledge to make informed decisions for their children and school systems have used threats and intimidation to force parents to vaccinate. My own family has a history of epilepsy and for that reason, I chose not to give my son certain specific vaccines after discussing the situation with his pediatrician. I was fortunate to have a pediatrician from Great Britain who was very open to having those discussions. Not all pediatricians are.

  6. Vacinations are playing the odds as any medication. Vacinations have nearly eradicated many childhood diseases. The number who have sideeffects are a fraction of a percent, while having measles can produce serious aftereffects. When I look at the likelyhood of raveges disease can bring compared to the vacines, I chose the vacines for our children every time

    What ever you put into, on on a human body, someone, somewhere will have an adverse reaction.

    5 shots all at once? My Doc won’t do that to an adult.

    Because of an allergy, I need to get my flu shots spread out as a series of 10, with the first being diluted. The whole series takes from an hour to two hours.

    • As a military dependent, I received a variety of vaccinations within a 3 week period (I think 7 or 8 shots all told) on a couple of occasions. As a Navy Officer, I once received 9 shots at the same time (plus a smallpox vaccination). As I remember they were Typhus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Bubonic Plague, Influenza, and gamma globulin (supposed to prevent Hepatitis, albeit briefly). I was quite sore, but that went away in a day or two and there were no other ill effects.

    • Why take a flu vaccine when if you get symptoms of flu 2 grams of vitamin C with 2 grams of L-lysine 4 tmies per day will get rid of it in a hurry – safely – while the flu vaccine might have you spending 18 months in intensive care unit of hospital with Gillian Barre syndrome and becoming an invalid before dying.

  7. In April 1980 the controllers of US immunization policy decreed that long term adverse effects of immunizations would not be followed. They also predicted a strange new disease would arise as a result of Sabin oral polio vaccine and reminded physicians that the only way to track it would be if physicians recorded the lot numbers of vaccines which was not the practice at the time…only a few children who acquired AIDS without sexual contact or blood transfusions were identified…
    In 1973 an estimated 4000 deaths per year from OPV contaminated with monkey cytomegalovirus were deemed acceptable by these people in order to prevent the 17 (yes seventeen) cases of polio each year.
    Autism is a minor sequelae of immunizations considering the plethora of simian agents contained in some vaccines.
    Censorship of scientific testing of vaccines can be seen in the FDA bans on PCR evaluations of cancers for SV40…and auto immune diseases for the presence of porcine Circovirus.
    Institutional Review Boards, ostensibly set up to regulate human experimentation are used to block scientific testing which can not only diagnose vaccine reactions…science can predict reactions but is banned.
    FDA and big Pharma are only following the orders of those who control US and WHO immunization programs. See http://www.activistpost.com/2012/08/exposing-fdas-vaccine-injury-cover-up.html
    One might easily conjure, considering the FDA’s destruction of data exposed by Dr Thompson and the lack of Congressional action following Congressman Posey’s presentation, that autism is an intended sequelae of some immunizations.
    New soldiers get no thimerosal laden Hep B vaccine on induction unless assigned to regions where it is endemic. Infants get three doses of Hep B vaccine beginning at birth by the age of three months…CDC asserts the only risk is if some with Hepatitis B bites the infants…
    Asberger children enjoy rigid rules and make great soldiers…only extremely debilitated autistics do not know to shoot back when fired upon.

    • Very poor argument.

      This quote, “In 1973 an estimated 4000 deaths per year from OPV contaminated with monkey cytomegalovirus were deemed acceptable by these people in order to prevent the 17 (yes seventeen) cases of polio each year.” is extremely deceptive. It downplays the reality of the risks of polio.

      Here’s the reality. The Salk vaccine wasn’t completed until 1955. In the United States, the 1952 polio epidemic became the worst outbreak in the nation’s history. Of nearly 58,000 cases reported that year 3,145 died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis. With the population in the U.S., polio deaths with non-vaccination of the population would be well over 4000 annually; with even more people permanently partially to totally paralyzed.

      • Which all begs the question of why open research isn’t being done to identify harmful ingredients that could be removed without reducing the effectiveness of the vaccines. Two years ago I couldn’t find one drug store that had single dose flu shots. They do not contain the mercury and formaldahyde that vial doses contain. Due to demand they all have them now. A recent analysis of vaccines in France and Italy found LEAD in a number of vaccines. LEAD. The FDA better get to work and do some due diligence on big pharma and quickly.

        • With the added ingredients in vaccines in the U.S. and worldwide, one has to deduce, as Bill Gates has said, vaccines are being used for depopulation and population control, else why would they be forced on all.

  8. I do have a question about the Autism, vaccine link.
    The equation between boys with Autism and girls with Autism is huge. Like 10 boys to 1 girl.
    Girls get vaccines.
    What is different?

      • It has been.
        It’s very clear that autism has a sex-linked characteristic; which means it is not ALL about adverse side effects of vaccination. The problem is, they haven’t been able to pin-point a specific gene for it, which argues that it is either several different genes, or a combination of several genes, or a combination of genes plus a combination of epigenic factors.
        It’s the epigenic cause(s) where the vaccines may be having some effect. The statistical correlation between vaccination, types of vaccines given, age of child, number of shots per day, week, month, quarter, or semi-annual, and onset of symptoms of autism isn’t very strong.

        • Genocide does seem to be figured in as the original link between autism and the vaccines said autism rate was mostly connected to male black males – apparently it has now been broadened ouj

        • Honestly do you think they are trying to pin-point a specific gene for it? If they fond the gene it would validate vaccination concerns. So far it is the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines who are the lobbyists in control of any studies which could undermine the mega billion per month vaccination programs.
          Tobacco is still being blamed for virtually all lung cancers and there is more evidence that benzene the worlds most potent carcinogen and found in all car exhaust is the real contributor. ie less smokers now a days and the rate of lung cancer for so called second hand smoke is virtually not changed?
          Thanks to the Oil and Automotive lobbies there have been no studies funded to identify the roll of benzene in lung cancer..

  9. I am against it, except for smallpox and polio. I lived thru all the rest, mumps, measles,chicken pox, whooping cough, you name if. They did not have the vaccines when I was growing up. My mother let me play with dirt and play with anyone even if the child was sick. She used to tell me you need to build your immune system. What she always made sure is that we washed our hands before eating and took a bath before going to bed. We were pet lovers, so we have dogs, cats, parrots, a monkey and we were allowed to play with them. For our long and healthy years we are in good health and my sister when she was 76, now she is 84, beat stage 4, a very dangerous type of breast cancer. So far so Good and in God we Trust!

    • The real reason for the ridiculous vaccination program is money and public gullibility, mumps, measles, rubella, chickenpox, whooping, cough means time off form work by parents caring for children. The sales pitch for businesses to include vaccination in their employee health plans was to keep the employees form missing work for sick kids – that’s it!. – that is the actual reason for risking children’s lives through vaccination programs.
      Doctors also receive kick back cash incentives to have their patients get vaccines. The also get cash kick backs for persuading patients to sign Do not resuscitate orders/agreements known as DNR’s – saves the insurance company money.

      Just because Pharmaceutical Companies pay kick backs to socialist Doctors in Canada doesn’t not mean they don’t pay kick backs to U.S Physicians. Remember a Doctor is only as ethical as his resistance to big pharma will allow – and for most Doctors it’s very little ethics required when it involves money.
      Pressed for honesty most Physicians will admit they Check their Christianity at the door before they enter the Hospital because it’s the real world out there.

      • They force you, or kids can’t go to school like they force with your indoor pets. I agree w/ you 100 percent

  10. Some where in the middle is the truth, and, as always the patients will be the last to know; and even then, not the whole truth. When profit and money become number one, then all else suffers—–you and I and ours.

  11. Learn about the deadly toxins in vaccinations by watching the DVD “Vaxxed” and you will never receive another one.

  12. Go to youtube.com/videos and type Dr. Andrew Moulden’s name into their search window for the truth on he vaccines. Watch “a;; vaccines are harmful and Lost Tolerance 1, 2 and 3. He is probably the first doctor offed to shut him up from speaking the truth re vaccines.