7 Powerful Benefits Behind This Green Fruit (Not Apples)

7 Powerful Benefits Behind This Green Fruit (Not Apples)


7 Powerful Benefits Behind This Green Fruit (Not Apples)

If anyone tells you there is one food that can do everything, don’t believe them. This is known as a panacea. But the truth is there’s no silver bullet. Not one fruit, vegetable, root, or herb can do it. But there are some foods that do a ton of different good works. They are known as superfoods and you should try and incorporate them into your diet for their amazing versatility.

Take this fruit for example.

1) Cleans The Heart – Over time our blood gets full of fatty plaque which builds up in the arteries. A lot of this will build up in the heart. That’s why heart attacks happen. But this fruit can actually scrub the blood so it has less plaque to deposit along the walls.
2) Lowers BP- This fruit also provides potassium in droves, which helps lower blood pressure. Along with the aforementioned scrubbing of blood, potassium normalizes blood pressure.
3) Fights Cancer- If you have cancer, your body is having an internal fight of its life. Mutated cells are multiplying at a rapid rate and your body needs all the help it can get. Providing it with antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E will give your body extra ammunition to fight back against cancer. Eat this fruit and you’ll be providing the vitamins plus antioxidants like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin
4) Heals Skin –Want healthy, soft skin? Eating this fruit will load you up with monosaturated fats which reduce redness and heal damaged skin. The vitamins C and E also are great for reducing wrinkles.
5) Attacks Diabetes- Diabetes is becoming more pronounced through America. People are eating less healthily and eating much more sugar than our bodies can handle. Think sodas, candy bars, coffee drinks with whip, even ketchup. Everything has sugar in it. But eating this food can attack high triglycerides and improving insulin function in the body.
6) Treats Arthritis – This green wonder also helps reduce the inflammation of arthritis. Millions of people would feel better by putting some of this fruit in their salads.
7) Clears the Colon- Inflammation is not just limited to the joints. Much of the foods we eat are processed, empty calories and cause our stomach to mutiny. This leads to constipation, leaky gut, and acid reflux to name a few. Eating avocado can help correct that. Eating a whole avocado can help you become more regular. There are also probiotics you can glean from the pit of an avocado which can help normalize gut function.

Were you surprised it was an avocado? The simple fruit used to make guac is actually a superfood that’s easy to find in restauarants and stores. And unlike some superfruits which cost an arm and a leg, avocados are pretty reasonably priced.