This One Thing Could End Your Allergies


By Kennedy Shelley

Seasonal allergies afflict millions of people each year.  It is miserable to have watery eyes, sneezing and coughing.

And the COVID-19 epidemic made it even worse because every time you sneeze everyone seems to freak out.

But what if changing your diet could reduce or possibly end your allergy symptoms?

An allergic reaction is an over-response to the body for some time of normally harmless substance.  Pollen from grass or trees is not toxic, but the immune response to it is what causes all the symptoms.

Histamines are released by the body to stop what is perceived as a dangerous invader and the cascade of symptoms begin.

Which is why we use antihistamines to block this overreaction.  But all that does is affect one aspect of the cycle.  Is it possible to make your immune system less over-responsive?

The theory is any diet which reduces chronic inflammation in the body will improve the immune system.

Calorie reduction will reduce inflammatory cytokines in blood, which suggests that incorporating fasting into your lifestyle should reduce some of your allergy symptoms.

But there is very little research to make this a specific prescription.

No one has done a study to see if you use intermittent fasting (taking a 16-hour break between meals) or long-term fasting works best.

There are two types of inflammation – chronic and acute.

Acute is the body’s immediate response to injury.  When you twist your ankle, it begins to swell.  That is actually how the body works to help heal from an injury.

Often, we try to stop the symptoms by taking an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, but that is really the wrong response.  It actually stops the healing process.

(See this article in Freedom Health News to understand this better)

Chronic inflammation is where the body thinks it is treating an injury all the time.  The result of chronic inflammation is inflamed arteries, leading to heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and kidney problems.

Most chronic inflammation results from high blood insulin levels.

Since carbohydrates and particularly all forms of sugar tend to increase insulin the most then the simplest solution is to reduce or eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from the diet.

There are those who believe that wild honey is a great solution to solving allergies, but it actually would spike your insulin levels increasing chronic inflammation.

Just switching to a low carb, no sugar diet would radically alter your metabolic health and the results will show up in hours and days.

The body only has a few hours of glucose in the system at any given time.

This is why high carbohydrate marathon runners need to eat during a race or they hit the “wall” or that period where their glucose runs out.

Studies show that low to zero carb athletes do not have this problem.  Their body efficiently uses their own body fat for fuel.

Just not putting carbs in your diet shuts down the need for insulin, which reduces the inflammation it causes.

As your body adjusts you will probably notice that the allergic response will lessen just as type 2 diabetics find they need less and less insulin when they quit eating carbs.

Carbohydrates are not necessary to maintain good health so there is no risk with removing them from your diet during allergy season.

On a personal note, before I went to a low carb diet, I was on three allergy medicines a day trying to stay in control of my allergies, now I don’t need any.

This was a surprising positive side effect.  Hopefully you will get the same result.

The Shut Down Of Medical Descent Gets Ugly


By Kennedy Shelley

Two physicians in California were interviewed by a pack of journalists.

They shared their data and conclusions and made a solid case why the coronavirus crisis response is overblown, and the news station’s unedited story was taken down by YouTube.

YouTube took down the remarkable hour-long interview for not meeting their “community standards” which YouTube is interpreting as going against the World Health Organization recommendations.

This means that YouTube is no longer going to allow any opinion except for what the government says on what is best for your health.

The problem with this is that the World Health Organization is hardly an infallible source and their recommendations are constantly being challenged, or at least they were until now.


On April 8, 2020 The Hill magazine had the following headlines:

The Drudge Report 2020 and other media outlets dutifully picked this up and at the height of viral spread people were not wearing masks based on what the media told them.

The CDC changed their mind and started recommending people wear masks if they don’t want to kill people.

COSTCO started demanding customers wear masks to enter their stores.  Houston has threatened citizens with $1,000 fines if you don’t wear a mask when you are walking around.

It’s enough to make you scratch your head if that is still allowed in your state.

Even in the official channels there is descent, but this is “official” descent apparently and that is allowed.

But when two practicing physicians on the front lines of the pandemic with data compiled from their own practice and the news gives a different interpretation of the official narrative the censors at big tech take it down.

That should be terrifying.


Since 2005, the WHO has been waging a war against meat in the human diet.  Their position is that it is carcinogenic.

In 2015 it released a study claiming that meat, especially processed meat will cause cancer and death.

The study they used was very thin on facts and the association was weak.  They asked people what they had eaten years ago and found that people who liked sausages had more colon cancer.

But when researchers looked at the data, they found that those who liked hot dogs also tended to smoke more.

WHO didn’t adjust for this in their report.  There wasn’t a link when you compared non-smoking hot dog lovers with those who don’t smoke and stay away from processed meat.

WHO also keeps changing their recommendations on eggs as well as bacon.

They created their own “sustainable diet” in January of 2019 they recommended for the planet which would have required every human on the planet to take supplements because the diet was deficient in key vitamins.

The EAT-Lancet diet was so roundly criticized that WHO removed their support for the idea by April 2019.

But what if all the descent had been silenced in February and March?  Would we have all been stuck with a diet designed to destroy human health?


Taking down the video interview of Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi may have been too little, too late to stop their message from getting out.

The hour-long unedited video was published by ABC23 in Bakersfield, CA and had over 5 million views in the few days it was on the web.  This is rather remarkable for a highly technical discussion of health policy.

There are those who may quibble with the doctors’ statistics and analytics, but what was eerie was their conclusion was that the facts don’t justify this level of control of Americans and their freedom, and for that the video was silenced.

If you have not seen the video yet, here is a link that is still working at the moment so you can make up your own mind.

You Won’t Believe Who The Government Wants To Social Distance


By Kennedy Shelley

The US Center for Disease Control wants your little fluffy to stay away from other animals.

You read that right, the CDC is pushing for social distancing for pets.

They want to close dog parks and presumably want dogs to start wearing masks in public.

According to an article in the Hill, the CDC is speculating that there may be some link, and a possible way for transmission of the human coronavirus, to pets, and then back to people.


Since this whole crisis has begun, it has been driven by one thing – A COMPLETE LACK OF EVIDENCE.

We shut down the country based on CDC speculation like this posted in The New York Intelligencer and covered in most media in the country.

This is obviously not happening.  It seems apparent that the government is claiming that every death must have a link to COVID so they can boost their numbers, but it still looks as though it will peak somewhere around 50,000 which is about how many die each year from the seasonal flu.

Every day the narrative changes.  The World Health Organization initially said masks won’t help, now they want to mandate everyone wear them.

One zoo animal has coronavirus, and now all pets must be quarantined.  Again, without any substantial evidence.  All because of the wild musings of government employees who have not had their livelihood taken from them.

There has never been any substantial evidence that COVID-19 was particularly dangerous.

To be fair, it was a novel virus.

It originated in China, so the lack of information because of government censors fueled concerns, especially in light of heavy-handed Communist methods of disease control.  People literally starved to death in their apartments because of their lock down.

Then there were a few major hot spots that certainly got a great deal of attention.

Italy ignored most countries bans on mass gatherings and continued major soccer matches.

After a night of partying, there was soon a major spread of the disease.  Italians said everyone who had the virus had to go to the hospital.  As a result, when the really sick people came in a week later, all the beds were full.

Italy’s socialized medical system doesn’t have many excess ventilators available, so the handful of packed hospitals fed a media narrative that this one problem was going to inflict the world.

Spain allowed a major feminist rally at the same time, which created a similar problem.

New York City public health wanted to point out that Trump was wrong to shut off travel to China, so they encouraged city residents to cram into Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which sparked their outbreak.

And then New Orleans decided not to cancel Madri Gras, which led to their outbreak.

The rest of the world did not have these problems.


Without any evidence, the World Health Organization said, “just because you had COVID and didn’t die, doesn’t mean you might not get it again.”

Another way of saying that is “you had COVID, so there is no evidence you will ever get it again.” 

If they really believed that you could get COVID over and over again, then why are they pushing the hope for a vaccine?  That is the whole point of vaccines, to build the immune system by giving you a little of the virus so your body will fight the big viral invasion later.


What is clear is that there is no evidence that COVID-19 is going to leave 1.7 million dead.  Far from it.  It is clear that all the models are just guessing, and most of the early ones were really wrong.  It is clear that some government actions made the problem worse.

And again, there is no evidence that pets are going to get COVID or give it to their owners.

What Is The True Cost Of A Shut Down?

Social Distancing Lockdown

By Kennedy Shelley

If you had to give a date to the start of the national lockdown, it would be March 13.

That was the official declaration of a national emergency.

Without any evidence that COVID-19 was a danger to healthy people, most of the nation was locked up, millions of jobs were lost, and people were kept physically away from each other.

What are the real costs of this lockdown?  There are economic costs to be sure, but are there other costs to the social fabric which also should be counted?

The numbers have been trickling in and it is clear that the virus is about as dangerous as the annual seasonal flu outbreak.  That’s not to say it’s nothing, but it is not exactly a plague either.

It is expected that nearly 50,000 will die from the coronavirus, but that number is murky because most of the people who die have several other factors which certainly contribute to an early death.

The virus has been politicized and big medicine is trying to find a way to attribute nearly every death as coronavirus related because they have financial incentives to do so, which makes the exact death toll very hard to determine.

But what price have we paid for the lockdown of healthy people?


Calls to suicide hotlines are skyrocketing.  It has shot up over 8000%.

This is not surprising, in 2012 Dr. Stuckler studied the cost of unemployment and found that there was 2-3 times increase in risk of suicide for each percentage increase in unemployment.

Since we have had a surge of a 20% increase in unemployment, we could expect to nearly double the number of suicides in the US if this government induced crisis continues.

During the 2007 economic downturn where unemployment was getting close to 10%, there were an estimated extra 5000 suicides.

That number could be double, just because of the widespread economic uncertainty.

This does not take into account the government inflicted social isolation.

In Michigan, the despotic governor banned families from getting together.  Social isolation is a cause of suicide, not the solution.


People with mental disorders are just not receiving treatment.  People who have been receiving support and help with anger management have been cut off from their support groups.

And there is a very definite link between economic uncertainty and domestic violence.  Chicago reports an increase of 18% in the number of domestic violence calls.

If there was a history of previous domestic abuse, then the victims are forced to shelter at home with their abuser, because there is no alternative.

While the virus will go away, these scars will be permanent.


During the Greek economic crisis of 2010, the number of AIDS cases spiked.  Almost all of it was related to increased use of intravenous drugs.

People need people to cope with the stress of life.  When they lose the support of the church, friends and family they too often comfort themselves with drugs and alcohol.

The results are more societal and individual decay.

While it is almost impossible to put exact numbers on the number of people affected by COVID-19 infections or the number of people who will be hurt by the economic fallout of the virus, there is no doubt there will be high personal costs, many of which will be more permanent than exposure to the virus.

The Illusion Of Social Distancing

Social Distancing Coronavirus

By Kennedy Shelley

You are an infection fighting machine.

On your skin right now are viruses and bacteria which will kill you if allowed to run unchecked.

So why doesn’t it?  Because your body is an infection fighting machine.

Everything from your skin to your stomach acid is designed to keep bacteria and viruses from killing you.

But can we enhance this by government mandated masks, lockdowns, and social distancing?

This really was the question of the largest experiment ever conducted in the US, and the answer is clearly no.

If a virus gets into your system, it produces a cascade of nearly miraculous defenses designed to protect you from it.  The body raises your core body temperature up to 102 degrees so it can release chemicals that encapsulate the virus and stop the spread.

To see how well your body works to fight an infection, see this article in Freedom Health News.

The coronavirus that has been infecting the world is a “novel” virus.  That means it is new, and no one has a natural immunity to it.  That’s why it has spread so rapidly.

There are two strategies to deal with a virus, isolate or take it on and let your natural immune system deal with it.

Isolation works very well when it is a virus like the bubonic plague or Ebola which can kill quickly.  There is no time to develop immunity to it.  These are highly lethal viruses.

But with flu and the common cold, we develop a herd type of immunity.  Not everyone exposed to the flu virus actually develops the flu.

Their immune system quickly fights it off.  That person is forever immune from that virus, and they can not spread it to others.

As there are more people immune to it, then the spread is contained.  If person A with the flu walks into a room and there are four people, three of whom are immune, then only one can spread the infection.  But with novel virus, all four would spread it.

What we did not know even six weeks ago, was how many people already had exposure to the virus and were therefore immune to COVID-19.

The numbers have now come in, and we were well contaminated with the virus before the lockdown began.  Therefore, the spread was slowing even before the lockdown started.

And because we didn’t know the number of people who were exposed, we didn’t know how dangerous the virus was.

Initially, we only tested people when they were really sick and on a ventilator.  That made it look like the virus was killing people at a rate of 5%.

A virus that could kill 5% of America was a scary thought.  But as more data came in, it became clear that it killed less than .01%, and most of those were people with deadly health conditions.

While the virus may have been what eventually killed them, they certainly did not have much time left on this earth.

Now the data is back from Sweden and other places where there were no lockdowns or extreme social distancing, and they have had the same damage done from this virus as countries that took draconian measures.

In short, the social distancing and locking down does nothing to stop the spread of the virus and it ignores the best advice, build up your natural immunity to fight an infection.

Gain Weight During The Lockdown…Is Alcohol To Blame?


By Kennedy Shelley

Just how much does alcohol consumption affect your weight?

Back in the 1960’s Robert Cameron published a widely popular diet book called the Drinking Man’s Diet.

Surprisingly it was effective at helping people lose weight because it was essentially a low carbohydrate way of eating.

Alcohol, and especially distilled spirits have no carbohydrates.

This seems absolutely counterintuitive because it comes from grain which is all carbohydrates, but the process of distillation and fermentation kills the sugars.

There are calories in alcohol, but alcohol itself is its own food group.  It is neither fat, protein or a carbohydrate.

Just drinking distilled alcohol alone won’t cause weight gain.

The problem is very few people drink pure distilled spirits, but instead mix them with sweetened beverages which do include carbs and boost insulin levels which does lead to weight gain.

The type of alcohol you consume also affects how it is absorbed.  Not every calorie is a calorie.  Some increase hormones such as leptin and insulin which control how many calories are stored as fat.

Beer and wine will cause more insulin in the blood, which increases your body’s tendency to store fat.

Drinking straight vodka or whiskey will not.  They are similar in calories but processed very differently.

But the real problem with alcohol is how it is processed by the liver.

Alcohol is treated as a poison by the body, especially the liver.  It is prioritized first for elimination.

So, if you have a drink with dinner, the alcohol will be broken down first, and then the liver will work with the nutritious food.

This is why so many chronic alcoholics who have engaged in long term drinking are so malnourished.  Their liver gets damaged trying to process the alcohol and then can’t get other nutrients from food.

So, trying to lose weight by drinking heavily may work at making the number on the scale go down, but it is hardly a way to achieve optimum health.

But reducing your nutritional intake is only half the problem.  When you imbibe, you also get relaxed at your ability to say “no” to sweets and other items not on your diet goes down.

Let’s face it, how many times have you wondered where the bag of chips went after you were drinking on the couch binge watching a TV show?

And let’s face it, no one wants to exercise when they are enjoying an alcoholic buzz.  Alcohol is a depressant drug which slows down your overall metabolism.

In short it is the cascade of effects that happen when you drink too much that tends to lead to the weight gain from drinking too much.

Another note,  drinking too much alcohol tends to dehydrate you and messes up your ability to get deep restful sleep, both of which make you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria which may not be what you want to be during a pandemic.

So, while having one or two of your favorite adult beverages a couple of times a week won’t affect your weight, but when you unleash the cascade of problems by drinking too much it will show up on the scale.

Since it is reported that alcohol sales have gone up over 60% since the lockdown started, it is probably a major reason why so many people are going to need to purchase bigger clothes in the coming weeks.

The Coronavirus Exposed This Huge Problem


By Kennedy Shelley

Relying on India and China for our drugs is a national security risk according to the Pentagon, but it’s also putting our health in danger.

There is hope that certain drugs seem to stop COVID-19 in its tracks…but what if we can’t rely on the generic drugs to actually do what they say they are going to do?

While there is some evidence and case reports that hydroxychloroquine works on COVID, at least one Indian manufacturer of the drug has a long-documented history of manipulating its data and lying to regulators.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Overseas generic drugs have a little US oversight, but there is no real legal recourse if they sell you drugs that harm your health.

We are trusting the foxes to say the henhouse is secure.

Generic drugs are supposed to be within 5% of the equivalent name brand drug.  But more and more evidence is in which shows that often this is just not the case.

This is often a matter of life and death for certain patients, especially those with neurological and heart problems.

Even small differences in drugs can kill.

In the book “Bottle of Lies” the author describes how even an executive at an Indian pharmaceutical firm learned not to use his own companies’ antibiotics when his son’s ear infection would not heal until he went to a name brand drug.

Many patients go to their doctor and complain that the medicine they have been taking for years is no longer working, but they and their doctor don’t realize that the drug store had switched to another cheaper manufacturer.

We all assume that medicine is all the same and that big Pharma is just trying to price gauge us and the government is testing everything.  Unfortunately, this is not always true.

The US Government doesn’t have the same authority to inspect drug companies like they do in the US.

While there is some oversight, it is not the same as the unannounced inspections that we have in the US.

Part of the reason why US drugs are more expensive is we do have higher manufacturing and safety standards than they do in India and China.

All of our medicines are not the same.

This is not to say that all generics are dangerous.  There are some very reputable manufactures of generic drugs in India.

The problem is you probably have no idea who even makes your drugs and know very little about the manufacturer.

We all trust that our chain drug store and the government is looking after us, but are you willing to bet your health or your life on it?

As of right now, there is not a website that tracks the quality of generic drug manufacturers.

And sometimes there are management changes at companies which may mean a drug that used to be reliable, might not be now.

You can do your own research by searching the name of the manufacturer of your medication on the FDA’s website.

Did Anyone Think About How To End A Lockdown


By Kennedy Shelley

In Hungary, the government has transformed into a perpetual dictatorship not because of a coup, but because of the coronavirus.

To protect the people from the virus, the government was forever transformed.

Even in the US, people who are protesting government policy are arrested.

New Jersey arrested one organizer for violating a quarantine order and protestors were arrested in North Carolina when police declared that petitioning the government was “non-essential.”

The original stated goal was to flatten the curve to give the medical community time to ramp up their response, but to many, the new goal is to prevent all deaths which is impossible, so there is no end game, only a perpetual lockdown.

Professor Johan Giesecke is one of the chief advocates for Sweden’s policy of protecting their most vulnerable citizens while keeping their economy going participated in a video interview which dug into the problems with the current strategies in place in the US and most of Europe.

Here is his full interview:

He points out that the death rate is about what we would expect from the typical flu season, but the response has been more panicked because this is new.

In other words, we expect the flu, this is new, so it is sensationalistic.

But the problem remains, how do you end it?  To this point, very few people have an answer.

There is no evidence that the lockdown strategy can work to slow down a virus.

The reason for these draconian measures is because of a paper that came from the Imperial College at Cambridge.

The Imperial College model on the number of deaths was highly speculative and was never peer-reviewed.  In other words, it wasn’t a scientific paper, it was an internal memo that was reported as science.

A lot of the direst predictions about overwhelmed hospitals were based on static models that just didn’t take into account that hospitals can ramp up in the case of an emergency.

In short, we jumped into action without giving any thought to if this worked and how we should end this.

The effects of this policy are just starting to be felt.

Beyond the economic destruction and near 20 million people who have lost their jobs, there is also the loss of personal freedom because of the growing police state and heavy-handed tactics to enforce social isolation orders.

And eventually, we are going to see the toll of social isolation on other vulnerable segments of society.

Addicts are not receiving help and treatment, people are stuck in abusive relationships because shelters have closed, and elective medical procedures and even routine dental care is being postponed because of the restrictions.

All of this has significant costs that will have to be eventually paid.

And at the end of the day, there is no evidence that any of this will actually save even one life.  None.

Did We Make Ourselves Less Healthy This Month


By Kennedy Shelley

While you were locked down did you; eat healthy, exercise and generally take care of your health, or did you eat junk food and binge watch TV?

The statistics are not good.  For instance, alcohol sales are up over 56% from this time last year.  Look at the snack food aisle of your store, is it empty?

That means that most people are less ready to fight the coronavirus when we are let out of our cages and that is a bad thing.

The purpose of the quarantine was to flatten the curve, but all this does is push future cases further out so they will not overwhelm the medical system, not eliminate exposure to the disease.

Most of the limited data on this virus show that those who have died or had cases requiring hospitalization were basically metabolically sick.

Most were pre-diabetic or had type 2 diabetes most of whom had the other symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

It is striking that many who have been arguing for a low carb diet are being proven eerily correct in their assessments that the Standard American Diet pushed by the government is actually hurting people’s health in the long term causing obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

But the coronavirus has made the point that it also causes acute problems making many people at greater risk.

Not surprisingly, the quarantine period may have made this problem worse.

If you want to make someone’s metabolic health worse apart from diet, put them under stress for an extended period of time, which is what we have done.

Add to that keep them out of nature and keep them out of the sun and people lose the protection of natural vitamin D.

Even reduced human contact actually creates its own stress.  All of our normal social support networks at church and work have been ripped from us.

It is arguable that this period of social distancing may have reduced the quickness of the spread of this disease which may have prevented a flooding of some hospitals, there is no scenario where the people who were going to get very sick from this would avoid it inevitably.

And now we have quite possibly made it worse because many people have much weaker immune systems now than they did before the crisis.

Closing gyms from people who were just starting new health programs got people in worse shape.

There are people who have not worked out in over six weeks, and they are not as strong as they were when the lockdown started.

The list of health problems, which have been ignored because they were not COVID-19 emergencies, is going to result in a flooding of people who want to get their aches and pains taken care of as soon as the quarantine ends.

What this will mean is more rapid exposure to people with weakened immune systems.

So, what can you do?  Start your post lockdown detox now.

Put down the chips and cookies and eat nothing but eggs and meat for the remainder of the lockdown.

By doing so you will eliminate every potential inflammatory substance in your body.

Animal fat does not cause the body to secrete insulin so you will reduce your blood glucose level and make yourself stronger.

Now, this is not going to be easy if you have been enjoying a month-long junk food binge, but after a few days of withdrawal, your body’s immune system will be markedly stronger.

You will be more ready to take on the inevitable virus.

If You Want To Die of Coronavirus Then Do These Three Things


By Kennedy Shelley

It is becoming more and more clear that certain risk factors make you more at risk of dying of COVID-19.

Getting a virus is not a choice but putting yourself at risk of dying is predominantly a lifestyle choice.

According to new research coming out the Wuhan province published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care shows that several risk factors were common in the 85 people studied.

These were 85 randomly chosen people who had died from the disease had three comorbidities in common:  Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Basically, what is known as Metabolic Syndrome.  These are really lifestyle diseases within people’s control.

If you want to die of COVID-19 then do the following:

#1 – Eat sugar, lots of sugar.  This will serve to spike your insulin levels, chronically inflame your arteries and make it difficult for your body to use your own fat for energy.  It will also put a great deal of fat in your liver causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Great sources of extra sugar include:  Sports drinks, soft drinks, canned fruits as well as the usual suspects such as ice cream, cake and candy.  Bonus sources you may not have thought of:  most yogurts, sauces such as ketchup.  Look on the labels of most foods to find the highest amounts of sugar you can.

#2 – Increase eating carbohydrates, especially from processed foods.  The more wheat and grain products like bread, crackers and such really spike the insulin levels.  You can actually get a better increase in blood glucose by eating a bowl of rice than eating 9 teaspoons of sugar.

Foods to eat:  Bread, rice, crackers, chips, corn chips.

#3 – Increase consumption of industrial seed oils otherwise known as vegetable oils and margarine.  These products will dramatically increase the amount of Omega 6 in your blood, which will increase your triglycerides cholesterol in your blood causing more heart disease.

The good news for those who want to die of coronavirus is that industrial seed oils are plentiful and cheap.

They are in nearly every processed food out there, especially those which are labeled “low fat” and “heart healthy” because the industrial seed oils are not saturated or animal fats.

Bonus fact:

The US Government funded the Minnesota Coronary Experiment from 1968-73 where they put people on a low-fat diet, full of margarine and industrial seed oils and were able to increase the rate of mortality significantly while lowering their cholesterol levels.  The results of the study were not fully published until 2016 in the British Medical Journal.

These three simple lifestyle changes will greatly increase your chances of being able to die of COVID-19.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to die of heart disease or the coronavirus then you need to learn more about what metabolic syndrome is and how to stop it.  See this article in Freedom Health News to learn more.

The good news is that these three changes in lifestyle will create profound changes in your metabolic health at a very quick rate.

New Research On Masks And COVID-19 Is Shocking

COVID-19 Masks

By Kennedy Shelley

One of the more interesting discussions during the whole COVID-19 pandemic has been “should the general public be wearing masks like they do in Asia?”

Initially, there was a huge shortage of even basic masks at hospitals for workers  and there were fears that workers were being exposed to massive “virus loads.”

Why did the World Health Organization and other specialists not recommend cloth or regular surgical masks for the general population?

Most specialists in the field did not believe that typical surgical masks would stop the virus and hospitals began a scramble for the higher end N95 respirators which have a tighter fit and provide antiviral protection.

There is no seal around a typical mask, and the virus can be pulled in from the sides, so because they provided scant protection, the devices were dismissed by most public health services.

And it is speculated that if people were told to wear masks, they would not see the need for the stay at home orders if they thought the masks protected them.

The US Center for Disease Control asked people not to use surgical masks and N95’s because they were critical items for those in health care.

The journal Nature published a study that showed while it was doubtful that the mask would protect the wearer, there was some hope that masks could protect those who had the virus but not showing major symptoms might not shed viruses on others.

In other words, by keeping the virus to yourself, it might slow the spread if people sneeze in the mask as opposed to their elbows.

Then to confuse matters, the World Health Organization started recommending the wearing of masks, but then backed down from the recommendation two days later.

But as soon as the recommendation was announced some stores and municipalities started mandating masks for being out in public.

But what was not clear in the confusion was: Do non-N95 masks provide any protection from the virus?

We may have a definitive answer which was just published in The Annals of Internal Medicine and a team headed by Dr. Bae from South Korea.

After doing lab tests, his team found no protection from the virus using cotton and standard surgical masks.

They also found that while using the masks helps keep the mist of a sneeze down, akin to using a Kleenex or sneezing into your elbow, the surgical and cotton masks do allow the virus to pass through.

In other words, it’s not an effective barrier to stop the virus.

It can’t stop the spread of the virus in either direction, making them utterly worthless to stop the spread.

It might make the problem worse, because people who are COVID-19 positive who cough in the mask may concentrate the virus on the front of the mask.

Since people tend to pull their mask down grabbing the front that means they have just put the concentrated virus on their fingertips.

Then people touch public pin pads and food at the supermarket and other places, spreading the concentrated virus as they go thinking they are stopping the spread.

Unfortunately, this means that municipalities and stores which impose mandatory mask rules are actually making the problem worse.

The Real Growing COVID Danger


By Kennedy Shelley

As of mid-April 2020, it looks as though the pandemic is ending and the curve is flat, but that doesn’t mean all the danger is gone.

There is going to be serious emotional fallout from this crisis.

The economic shockwaves of this virus are just starting to be felt.

Many people experienced trauma from this, from the death of loved ones, but were not able to grieve because of the shutdown, loss of job and media fears of possible future virus mutations.

If you read the alarmist media such as Drudge 2020, you will be hit with non-stop doom and gloom headlines.  Here is a sample from April 14, 2020:

If you actually believe this stuff, then your anxiety and stress levels are going to go up.  Prolonged anxiety creates physiological problems.  Prolonged exposure to stress hormones causes a host of problems.   Here is a partial list according to WebMD:

  • Personality disorders
  • Menstrual and sexual problems
  • Obesity and weight problems
  • Gastral problems include chronic heartburn, ulcerative colitis and irritable colons.

In short, even if you have a mild case of COVID-19, you might suffer from more serious conditions due to the stress of economic uncertainty and social isolation.

It is the fear of the unknown that creates this gnawing sense of anxiety and that is dangerous to your physical and mental health.

Now is the time to create your action plan to overcome this prolonged stress.

If you gained the COVID-19, the new joke about gaining 19 pounds during the national lockdown, you are probably going to need this program.


Nearly 17 million people filed for jobless claims during this crisis.  Many have behaved like they are on an unexpected vacation.

Liquor sales have soared by over 56% during this time.  Internet use has surged because of movie streaming.

And many of us have watched too much sensationalistic news coverage and been barraged with messages of doom and gloom from people on social media.

Since we are on the verge of ending this unplanned vacation, now is the time to start tapering off these bad habits.

If one day you are watching the Tiger King while sipping on your beer and the next day you are back at work, you are not going to transition well.  You will actually feel miserable instead of feeling great about returning to normal.

Start figuring out what you are doing.   What negative habits did you start?  And start tapering them off now as opposed to dealing with it cold turkey.


The gym has been closed for a month.  Odds are many of us have become unexpected couch potatoes.  The best and easiest way to start getting your body back into shape is just going for a walk.

Slowly start picking up the pace.

And as an added bonus you will start increasing your vitamin D level by being out in the sun which will only serve to increase your energy and overall health.


You might realize that you might not be able overcome some of the bad habits you got into.  There might be lingering problems as you transition.

Don’t be afraid to reach for help to make the transition.

New Blood Test Could Change Cancer Detection Forever

Blood Test Cancer

By Kennedy Shelley

A revolutionary new test could make it possible to detect over 50 types of cancer, most of which are very tough to diagnose until it is too late.

Imagine getting your annual blood work done and being able to do a cancer screening without having to get into an MRI tube.

That is the promise of a study just released in the Annals of Oncology.

It turns out that when cancer cells are present, the body’s immune response is to shed DNA which is circulated in the blood, and now thanks to new computer technology it is detectable.

Early detection gives patients and doctors more opportunity to make better treatment decisions.

This test not only detects cancer but gives some very good clues as to what type of cancer they have.

In some ways the early detection is going to change the discussions doctors have with their patients about cancer.

Some cancers are slow growing and some spontaneously go away as the body naturally fights the cell anomalies, so learning that there are cancer markers in the blood does not necessarily mean chemotherapy or surgery.

The test now moves into clinical trials.  The Harvard School of Medicine is leading this effort.

While the test is proving to be very accurate, the goal is to see if it is creating false positives which could lead to unnecessary worry, procedures and tests.

Then there is the question of what you do about positive tests.

And that is going to require some more clinical application to figure out what is the correct next step.

The test was created using a computer algorithm using AI technology.  It traced the presence of methylation in DNA and the computer found the pattern.

They used the blood samples of over 3000 people, half had cancer, and half did not.  The AI program soon found a pattern that has eluded researchers for decades.

The results were promising, though not 100%.  For instance, it would show 1% who did not have cancer were testing positive.  And it did not detect every cancer either.

In Stage I cancers it only picked up 18% on average, while by Stage IV it was picking up over 93%.

In other words, getting a clean cancer blood test doesn’t mean you are cancer free at this point, but early detection of pancreatic cancer can be a life saver.

But some cancers were more detectable than others.  For instance, the test was able to find pancreatic cancer 63% of the time in Stage I, and 93% of the time in Stage IV.

Many cancers are notoriously hard to detect in the early stage and getting a heads up on 18% of them without the need for expensive testing could save many lives.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US killing over a half a million people a year, so detecting 18% could save nearly 90,000 people from a great deal of pain each year.

Cancer cells are less aggressive in the early stages and far easier to treat, and a simple screening tool could give us an important weapon to fight this killer.

Is This More Dangerous Than COVID-19?


By Kennedy Shelley

The Drudge Report ran a headline attacking President Trump for mentioning hydroxychloroquine as a possible effective treatment for COVID-19.

They have pushed the agenda that there is no evidence that it works, despite the fact there are now thousands of case reports from physicians all over the world that shows that it does in fact work.

But this really goes to the media double-standard, especially the alarmist anti-Trump media such as the Drudge Report 2020 and CNN.

They demand evidence that a drug or treatment will work 100% of the time, while requiring no evidence that their claims of death and destruction are accurate.


Take a look at this headline from March 18, 2020:

This is the alarmist journalism that has the ring of scientific proof, but there is no evidence behind it and has been proven absolutely wrong in less than a month.

Basically, it was someone’s fantasy that just has no basis in reality, but this is what irresponsible media outlets keep pumping out to keep their ratings up.


There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that social isolation will slow the spread of a virus.

As a matter of fact, virologists have shown that respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 have spread in unexpected ways in apartments and neighborhoods despite isolation.

And now some municipalities are mandating masks, while there is no evidence that it will do anything to prevent the spread either.

So while the alarmist media demands evidence that a medicine must be 100% effective and require a high bar of proof of efficacy for any treatment, it requires no proof for policies that destroys lives, freedom of movement, small businesses and the US economy.


Back in March the reason for social distancing was the noble goal that it might flatten the curve.

The idea was that if we slowed the spread of the virus, we would not have to choose between who lives or dies because we will have enough respirators.

This was an untested idea.  There is absolutely no evidence that quarantining healthy people will slow down a virus.

As a matter of fact most epidemiologists who have studied the spread of infectious diseases show that the only way to end an outbreak is for healthy people to be exposed to the virus so they can no longer get it or spread it and the outbreak ends.  That is backed by evidence.

Despite the fact that no respirator shortage has occurred, we are still continuing social isolation after a month.


There is no scientific way of preventing death.

There is no scientific way to get rid of a virus 100%, yet there are those in the alarmist media that want a 100% guarantee before they will quit blaming President Trump for any COVID-19 death.

It seems that CNN and the Drudge Report require absolute safety before they will stop trying to scare people.

And they require 100% evidence of a cure, while requiring none for their fear mongering.

This double-standard is what is leading to the highest unemployment levels in US history.  And that is a fact with real evidence.

The New Way COVID-19 Is Killing People


By Kennedy Shelley

The New York Times had a headline this week: “Where have all the heart attacks gone?”

This is an interesting question.  There has been nearly a 40% drop in people going to the hospital with heart attacks, and strokes.

While some would say “well the virus got them first” but this same statistic is also applying to appendicitis which has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Could it be that people are so scared of going to a hospital that they would rather suffer a heart attack or have their appendix burst rather than risk exposure to COVID-19 at the hospital?

Or is it that all deaths are just being recorded as COVID-19 as some are suggesting?

The answer isn’t completely clear, but it is clear based off research from Hong Kong that people are waiting much longer to go to the ER when they have chest pains.

And this can be extremely dangerous for acute conditions.  The earlier a heart attack or stroke is treated the less damage it does and increases the chance of recovery.

At the same time the CDC has sent revised guidelines to hospitals basically asking them to say if someone dies and there is a remote chance that they may have had COVID-19, please count it as a COVID-19 death.

This was driven home by Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen who received a seven-page document from his state department of health which outlined this.  See this interview:

The letter has a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s website which gives doctors tips on how to increase the number of reported coronavirus deaths.

Valley News Live (his local paper) reports:

“I worry about that sometimes we’re so darn interested in jazzing up the fear factor that sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough,” said Dr. Jensen.

This certainly plays into the hands of those who believe the virus crisis has been way overblown.  Since not that many people have died, the government wants to “cook the books” to get the number of deaths higher to justify the lockdown.

The CDC guidelines go so far as to how doctors can create the “possibility” of a COVID-19 death even without testing.  Just create some symptoms and the possibility that the patient might have had contact with someone infected is enough to get them counted as an “official COVID-19 death.”

And there are also those who believe that hospital administrations want to have lots of COVID-19 deaths so they can apply for future government funds.

All non-Emergency procedures have been canceled which is leading to employee layoffs at many hospitals.

Instead of being full, most hospitals are eerily quiet compared to the normal hustle and bustle.

But the biggest problem is that people who are truly in need of urgent medical care are going to stay at home and have a minor heart attack grow into a major disaster.

But these deaths will not be recorded as the COVID-19 related deaths that they truly are.

Why Closing The Beach Could Lead To Coronary Carnage


By Kennedy Shelley

Governors in several states have closed down beaches in order to promote social distancing during the 2020 Coronavirus scare.

It is impossible to find a tanning bed place that is still open while everyone is COVID-19 scared.

But, one of the unintended consequences of this policy is to put more people at risk of heart disease and strangely also more at risk of developing complications of the virus that can lead to death.

It turns out that sun exposure is a natural way to lower blood pressure.

This may not be widely reported because everyone assumes that sun exposure automatically leads to deadly skin cancer, but there is very little evidence that is actually true.


In 1982 scientists noted that blood pressure varies greatly between the summer and winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  It all related to how much sun exposure people got.

More sun equaled lower blood pressure.

In July of 2014 the reason why was isolated by Dr. Liu and his team.  It turns out that nitric oxide is released in the body by sun exposure.

Nitric oxide is one of your body’s most important molecules for blood pressure health.

It relaxes the inner muscles of the circulatory system allowing blood to course smoothly.

And sunlight and UV light keeps your nitric oxide levels high.  Which means closing tanning beds and beaches is actually horrible for heart health.

One of the reasons many think that viruses spread so rapidly during the winter and slow during the summer is the amount of UV radiation we receive.  It increases vitamin D and now we can see it improves nitric oxide levels.

Why does this matter to the coronavirus?  The people who are hospitalized with the virus have a host of other health problems, chief amongst them is high blood pressure.

To deny people access to healthy sun exposure and tanning beds is really putting people’s health at risk by government edict.


One of the reasons people don’t get as much sun as they used to is because of the constant refrain that sun exposure causes cancer.

But like many things that we assume to be true because of constant repetition doesn’t really have a great deal of evidence to back it up.

Now there is evidence that sunburns are not only painful but may cause damage to the skin and cause what are referred to as “cosmetic” skin cancers, but no direct evidence that it creates the deadly malignant melanoma.

If this were the case, then everyone who lives in the tropics would be dying in droves because of their high exposure to UV radiation.

The body provides additional protection against skin cancers because of the complex chemical reactions when we are exposed to the sun.

Vitamin D and nitric oxide are just part of this protective reaction.

Dr. Sam Schuster in the British Medical Journal explains that the highly lethal malignant melanomas are more of a feature of ethnicity, not pigmentation.

Three-quarters of all cases of malignant melanomas occur in areas which are not exposed to the sun.

Melanomas actually decrease with sun exposure.

The bottom line is this, sun exposure is good for health.  Burns are painful and damaging to the skin.

And bans on being outside and at the beach are actually the wrong prescription to stop a pandemic.

Hunkering At Home Is A Dangerous Theory

Self Isolation

By Kennedy Shelley

The idea that you can slow a pandemic through social isolation is not a fact, it’s an untested theory.

Intuitively it makes sense, but there are many things which seem to make sense to us, but in reality, are not true.

An example of this type of thinking is calcium supplementation for bone health.  The idea was bone is made of calcium, and people suffer from bone degeneration, so the solution is more calcium.  The problem is that it doesn’t work.

It turns out that unless you have the proper amount of vitamin D and weight-bearing stress on the bones, calcium won’t be absorbed into the bones and worse yet, the excess calcium tends to harden the arteries and cause kidney stones.

In short, the intuitive answer is completely wrong.

People and society like bones are complex systems.  You can’t just change one thing without it affecting other areas.

What was never taken into account with the isolation model is what effect it would have on people’s ability to fight the virus naturally.

Does economic uncertainty and isolation have an effect on health?  Of course, it does, and it may be much more profound than this virus.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and government-imposed lockdowns actually have other consequences.


Dr. Martin Malcolm of the University of Stirling looked at the effect of social isolation on the elderly and found it significantly lowered their ability to fight disease by destroying their immunity.

Longevity studies show consistently that if you want to live a long and healthy life you need a strong social support network.  In other words, you need friends and community.

Forced government isolation breaks these ties that keep us healthy.


One under-reported statistic is alcohol sales in the US since March.  They have gone up 56%.

People are not at work so at least initially some thought “well, I’ll drown my sorrows and enjoy a drink during my vacation.” Unfortunately for some the addictive properties of alcohol become a problem.

Alcohol consumption also lowers the body’s ability to fight infections, putting more at risk of health problems.

And this also begins a horrible cycle for many leading to suicide.  Alcohol is a depressant.  That means it literally causes depression in people.

Isolation is one of the top risk factors for suicide.


Isolation means losing the positive health habits many people have.  Membership in a gym and working out in a group is often great motivation for people to get healthy.

But in the name of public health, we take away this vital link to one of the most important habits many people have for keeping a strong immune response.


Many people when they are under stress grab comfort from food, often junk foods that again negatively affect their immune function.

Unfortunately, this response is emotionally addictive to many people as they use it to soothe feelings of anxiety during a crisis.

In short, forced government isolation creates a host of unintended problems that actually make a pandemic worse.

There are two strategies for avoiding getting sick – stay away from the danger or make your immune system as strong as possible so you can fight the infection.

Whether anyone wanted it or not, our government forced ill-health on the nation made us less able to fight a virus, and never considered any negative consequence of the decision.

In short, they tried to solve one problem, but created many others.

The Anti-Virus Strategy No One Is Talking About


By Kennedy Shelley

The alarmist media keeps trying to scare you into thinking everyone is going to die from a virus.  That is far from reality.

Some people do die who have the virus.  But even without the virus millions of people die each year.

And the sad reality is that most of those who have died while having the virus were dying anyway, and most of it was because of their lifestyle.

While getting the virus is not within your control, your metabolic health is in your control.

A paper mask, wearing gloves, avoiding people is not a 100% guarantee you will not get the virus.  (I find it ironic watching people wearing masks who often take it off by grabbing the front pull it down, which puts any virus they might have avoided on their hands, and they then wipe their nose which made the mask useless).

In short civilian Personal Protective Gear (PPG) is far from perfect and used wrong almost to the point of being completely ineffective and a waste of time and money for most.

Who is dying of this virus?  The data from Italy shows us very clearly:

What are these illnesses?  These are mostly lifestyle related, and usually from the result of a diet of junk/processed food and sugary sodas.

VirusThis is what causes obesity, fatty livers, poor metabolic health and nearly every disease of civilization also known as pre or post type 2 diabetes.

What does the media say?  Nothing.  If you go to the Drudge Report 2020 you will get a bunch of lurid headlines all claiming the world is ending and there is nothing you can do about it, but the truth is you can.

Stanford Medical School in 2019 did a special report showing what happens when a person with pre-diabetes gets a virus.  It shows just how dangerous this condition is and how it compromises your immune system.

In other words, when someone who is not pre-diabetic gets a virus, the body quickly fights it, but if you have been living on soda and Twinkie’s, your body can’t fight it.

A pre-diabetic also increases chronic inflammation in their body causing damage to their arteries, brain, heart and kidneys.

Even though this knowledge is out there, some irresponsible media outlets just won’t get the message out.  See this dangerous headline from a leading online publication:

If they were honest, they should be saying “You should be terrified of overeating and gaining weight right now.”

Their advice is the absolute opposite of what is possible.  Now is the time to dump all the processed and junk food and sugar from your house and make your immune system as strong as possible.

Your body can turn itself around very quickly.  After going through a few days of junk food withdrawal every one of your body’s hormones will start returning to normal levels.

Children who were taken off of processed food and sugar and had fatty liver were given healthy calories for three weeks.  Even though their weight stayed the same, their fatty liver shrank, and their blood levels were healthy.

We have known this scientifically since 2012 when Dr. Lustig and his team from the University of California proved it in a controlled study.

Yet the Drudge Report won’t mention this to their readers.

Apparently, no one wants to tell you the one thing that will give you the best chance to keep from dying of this and any other virus, quit eating sugar and junk food.

What Is The Cost Of Postponing The Inevitable

Inevitable Coronavirus

By Kennedy Shelley

If you rely on the Drudge Report to get your news, you get the mistaken idea that closing the economy and isolation will stop you from getting a virus.

Somehow postponing an inevitable infection is a cure.

Frankly, it is not.  Remember two weeks ago doctors and public health officials asked the public to keep social distance just to flatten the curve.

But the sensationalistic media has morphed “flattening the curve” to “avoid it altogether.”

Several weeks of social distancing has done what was initially hoped.  In all but a few pockets, hospitals are not overwhelmed.

There are a few noticeable exceptions.

In New York City the virtue signaling health department encouraged people to go to the Chinese New Years’ mass events to show they were not racists like President Trump who stopped plane travel from China to the US.

Now the socialized medical system of New York is swamped.

In New Orleans, the Democrat Mayor decided to ignore the virus and allowed Mardi Gras to continue, and now they are suffering from a spike in cases and the mayor blames President Trump.

But most of the country canceled mass gatherings and big sporting events and are not having a problem with an overwhelmed healthcare system.

The media loves drama.  “If it bleeds, it leads” the nightly newscast.

But they are ignoring the vast majority of hospitals that still have half of their Intensive Care (ICU) beds empty and instead focus on the small pockets of coronavirus spikes.

The reality is that most people who have been exposed to COVID-19 and had the infection never have a perceptible symptom.

Until or if there is an anti-body test you will not know with certainty if you are forever immune to the virus.

There is no escaping the reality that sooner or later, everyone will get it, and most will never know it.

A very small number of people, usually those with heart disease or serious lung problems might become very sick and possibly die of a lung infection.

Most that require a ventilator to breathe during this last stage probably won’t survive.

The prospect of dying while gasping for breath is terrifying and horrible.

And the Drudge Report is full of lurid headlines everyday about those poor people who are suffering.

But their solution is that everyone stays in their basement forever.

Just because the headline writers at Drudge can work behind a computer all day in their parents’ basement and can eat a non-stop diet of delivered food doesn’t mean people who work at real jobs have that option.

The real solution is ending the underlying health problems that put you at risk, which basically means educating yourself about metabolic syndrome, and do the things that stop it.  (See this article in Freedom Health News if you don’t know what it is).

This graph from Bloomberg News shows exactly what the real problem is based on real data from Italy:

In short, if you don’t want to die from COVID-19, get healthy.

Most of the illnesses that put you at risk are lifestyle and diet related.

You have control of your health.

Forced quarantines will not save anyone but stopping the health conditions that put you at risk of horrible complications of the coronavirus and an early death from a heart attack or stroke are within your control.

Shutting down freedom won’t save one life; it just postpones the inevitable.

What If COVID Had Not Been Noticed


By Kennedy Shelley

What if no one noticed that a new virus was spreading in China?

Would we have a worldwide panic and stock collapse, toilet paper shortages and draconian stay at home orders?

According to one of the top doctors of infectious disease on the planet, we would have done nothing, and we probably would not have noticed it.

According to Dr. John Ioannidis (MD and Ph.D.) of Stanford University School of Medicine we might have thought we had more flu than usual and that would have been it.

For the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 (over 80%), they just feel bad for a couple of days.

If you have heart or lung disease or diabetes, there is a small chance you could get a serious case of pneumonia requiring a ventilator.

According to Dr. Ioannidis maybe 10,000 people would have died.  Almost all were high risk from flu complications, and no one would really notice.

No one would have noticed unless sensationalist, anti-Trump and irresponsible news outlets like the Drudge Report were not trying to scare the heck out of people to get more ad sales.

See this bombshell admission from one of the leading specialists in contagious disease tracking here:

When you listen to someone who is a doctor who is not affected by the news media induced panic talk about this it is tough to be worried, unless you have a pre-existing condition.

Two countries, Sweden and Holland are refusing to panic.  They are advising people with health problems to stay at home and everyone else to just live their lives.

They are not panicking or dying in droves and everyone is keeping their jobs and able to pay their bills without a government handout.

While this is a new virus, we always have new viruses.

That is why when the flu happens every winter people still get it even though they have had the flu before, it is a new strain.

Every year new coronaviruses pop up and they are generally mild to most people and very rough on the older population who have other health conditions.

We just don’t track all the coronaviruses all that carefully because they are so similar to so many flu strains and the coronaviruses mix in with them and there is no specific treatment.

Therefore, medicine treats those who are sick with ventilators and there is no media sensation.

What has happened with this is the media has either panicked or deliberately keep this story going in a cynical attempt to make money during a time of slumping viewership.

Take a look at the headlines on irresponsible sites like the Drudge Report – it looks like the world is ending, but if they covered it like every other flu season, it would get the attention of “a story of a game of two mediocre NBA teams” according to Dr. Ioannidis.

While it is tempting to blame politicians, they are often reacting to panicked constituents who are being manipulated by panic mongering media outlets who are trying to get more viewers to sell more advertising.

If there is one real silver lining that might occur is that Americans will wake up to the very real need to take control of their own health so their immune system can withstand future viruses instead of having to shut down the entire country.