This Chinese Herb Kills Cancer Cells Fast

This Chinese Herb Kills Cancer Cells Fast


In the 1800s, cancer was extremely rare. Scientists suspect cancer is a lifestyle disease, largely attributable to the standard American diet of refined sugars and grains, poor quality dairy and meat, and processed foods. In response to the rise of cancer, doctors have developed treatments that include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Conventional treatments for cancer can have catastrophic side effects, however, and they are often unsuccessful. Surveys show as many as 88 percent of cancer patients also utilize alternative therapies. Research has shown that some herbal remedies have promising results. For example, the breast cancer drug Taxol is derived from the bark of the yew tree.

For some people, the fact that herbs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerning. If you are interested in using herbs for treating disease, be sure to seek the guidance of an experienced herbalist to ensure you have the correct dosage and to avoid any negative interaction with other medications.

One herb that has shown promise in fighting cancer is wormwood. The wormwood plant is indigenous to China, and to temperate areas of North Africa and Eurasia. It is now also being cultivated in Canada and the United States. It is frequently grown as an ornamental plant, and it is also the primary ingredient in absinthe. In studies, wormwood, combined with iron, eliminated 98 percent of breast cancer cells in only 16 hours. Used individually, wormwood reduced breast cancer cells by 28 percent, but partnering the herb with iron greatly increased its efficacy. The research used artemisinin, which is the active ingredient in wormwood.

Scientist believe adding iron was important because malignant cells have transferrin receptors that support their rapid cell division. Because of these receptors, iron accumulates in malignant cells. The addition of iron to the treatment formula ensure the wormwood will be absorbed into the cancerous cells.

Conventional cancer therapies attack the healthy cells along with the malignant cells. This makes the body work harder to create new healthy cells. Cancer patients need to keep in mind that an acidic body creates a hospitable environment for the growth of cancer, and acidity correlates to poor dietary choices. Eating a plant-based diet and avoiding processed foods both help to alkanize the body and provide the nutrients necessary for healing.