Something Inside This Controversial Plant Could Cure Anxiety, Depression and More

Something Inside This Controversial Plant Could Cure Anxiety, Depression and More


Did you know that marijuana’s illegal status is steeped in racism? It goes all the way back to the early 1900’s.

The city of El Paso, TX made ‘marihuna’ an illegal substance, when immigrants were coming into the southern border and lawmakers wanted to keep an eye on them.

The nation followed suit. By the 1930’s marijuana law was being reviewed in court and there were claims men of color would become violent and solicit sex from white women under the influence of marijuana.

Such an exaggeration and wildly untrue claim this was, and yet here we are nearly a century later and marijuana still has a cloud of scrutiny over it.

It’s only been recently that States have reconsidered.

California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical reasons, and as other states have followed suit, the reasons why cannabis is illegal will continue to be knocked down.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the national government has not yet recognized the error of their ways and the majority of states still abide by a racist, outdated law.

Still- California, Colorado, Oregon-these States are leading the charge in bringing cannabis back to the mainstream, a herb found in many medicine cabinets leading up to the early 1900’s.

And what’s so great about Cannabis Sativa? From a medicinal standpoint, researchers think it might be a missing nutrient from our bodies.

There is even growing scientific evidence that we have a physical need for CBD[Cannabidol] supplementation, but its prohibition as a component of the cannabis plant has made it scarce. CBD occurs elsewhere in foods, but in smaller concentrations than in cannabis and hemp.

If this is true, the implications of getting CBD back in the average diet would free Americans from many forms of bondage.

There is the overuse of alcohol for relaxation. Also, overindulging on food-which is known as stress eating, and even the abuse of coffee/caffeine which stimulates for focus, but walks a thin line of overstimulation and crashing.

And those who need it most might be our soldiers. Soldiers returning from war suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) need an outlet. Alcohol is too dangerous-it’s a depressant. Food does not soothe deep enough. Nor does coffee have a mellowing effect.

And pharmaceutical drugs have proven to cause more anxiety and depression if a soldier gets on and then tries to wean themselves off later.

No, the American soldier needs a non-habit forming, readily available, inexpensive method to control PTSD. And it’s out there in the form of medical marijuana.

And yet the government would treat its own as criminals if they use it.

Imagine that, soldiers that fought for our freedom are not free to make their own choices in pain relief because of a law nearly 80 years old. Shouldn’t that law be reviewed with all the new science out there?

What do you think do you think of marijuana’s position in our country? Should it be legal across the board or should that be a state decision? Let us know in the comments below.