How This Red Vegetable Could Replace Some of the World’s Most Popular...

How This Red Vegetable Could Replace Some of the World’s Most Popular Drugs


Did you know beets, the root vegetable you see in the produce aisle at your grocery store, and sometimes juiced next to all the “green smoothies,”   are one of nature’s most potent health-boosting foods?

You may have heard beets are beneficial for your health.

But now you’re about to see how this red vegetable could replace some of the world’s most popular drugs.

That’s right, millions of Americans could replace prescriptions if they just increased how many beets and beet products they got in their diet.

Here’s how beets could help replace drugs.

Two Common Prescription Drugs Beet Products May Help Replace

Far too many Americans rely on drugs to treat conditions that could be corrected by diet.

Two drugs that many men take that beets may replace are drugs related to erectile dysfunction as well as medications for heart issues.

Heart issues and erectile dysfunction are actually related.

When a man’s blood doesn’t carry as much oxygen as it used to, or when a man’s arteries aren’t dilated enough, it affects heart function as well as how well reproductive organs perform.

Beets improve circulation as they contain two compounds known to increase how much oxygen is in the blood as well as relaxing arteries and veins so more oxygenated blood can make it deep into muscle tissue.

The primary compound in beets is betaine.  A series of B-complex vitamins and choline combine to form betaine.

Choline is essential for circulatory health as it keeps inflammation down and reduces how much dangerous homocysteine accumulates in the body.

And B vitamins are vital for creating cellular energy (ATP), which helps power your heart.

Along with betaine, beets contain naturally occurring nitrates.

Once consumed, nitrates convert into nitric oxide, a compound essential for rich, oxygenated blood.

In addition to enhancing oxygen levels in the blood, nitric oxide helps to relax arteries and veins, which is critical for heart and reproductive health.

By eating beets and consuming large amounts of betaine and naturally-occurring nitrates, a person could conceivably break free of using popular drugs used to treat conditions related to heart and sexual health.

Here’s What the Research on Beets Says About Their Ability to Improve Health

Because beets are readily available and affordable, researchers feature them in studies all the time.

Which is good news as research shows there’s a real benefit to eating beets.

Recently, research published by the British Journal of Nutrition supported beet consumption for better heart health. Subjects in the study drank beetroot juice, and within a day their blood pressure was much better than at the start of the study.

Another study supported consuming beets for heart health.

A 2017 study showed subjects with uncontrolled hypertension could drink beetroot juice and lower their cholesterol levels.

It took just two weeks of daily beetroot juice consumption to bring about these results, too.

Now when it comes to sexual health, there’s not as much evidence collected for beets and erectile dysfunction.

However, the correlations in improved heart health, as well as the improvement in nitric oxide levels, lead many practitioners to recommend it over drugs.

Many of the popular drugs for erectile dysfunction work by increasing nitric oxide levels.

When nitric oxide levels improve, and more oxygen (as well as more blood) makes it down to the reproductive organs it enhances sexual function significantly.

A study published in Nutrients back in 2015 showed beetroot juice improves the flexibility of the lining of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure contributing to perfect sexual health.

Best Way to Get Beets in Your Diet?

In almost all studies involving beets, beetroot juice is the main form consumed.

While beetroot juice is excellent for betaine and nitrate consumption, eating cooked beets delivers additional nutrients (like fiber and some fat/protein).

How you consume beets is up to you, but if you struggle with heart/sexual issues adding beet in any form to your diet could certainly help make you healthier.