Ladies, Want to Improve Your Love Life?

Ladies, Want to Improve Your Love Life?


By: Kennedy Shelley

Why is it that men always seem to be thinking about sex and women, not so much?

Many have speculated that it is the high level of testosterone in the male body.  They notice that male libido drops as the testosterone level drops.

Can women get this same boost by increasing their testosterone level?

A new review of research on post-menopausal women show that it certainly can.

The Lancet studied 8420 and it showed women could benefit greatly from increased testosterone.

And it doesn’t just boost the sex life of these women, it also improves strength, stamina, mood and brain function.

The beneficial effects for postmenopausal women shown in our study extend beyond simply increasing the number of times a month they have sex,” says senior study author Prof. Susan Davis, of Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia.

There was some speculation that the positive effects on body composition may have sparked the increase libido, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There wasn’t much change in depression or feelings of psychological wellbeing.

But the ladies certainly reported feeling friskier.

On the other plus side, there were no noted negative side effects.  Blood pressure and lipid markers remained consistent.

There was also nothing that would indicate any cardiovascular risk.

This matters because nearly one-third of all women complain about having a lack of sexual desire as they age.


Dr. Sydney Meston of the University of Texas has been looking at this issue for a long time.

She has noted that male doctors suggest soothing hot baths and candles in order to relax, but that advice doesn’t seem to hold water.

Hard exercise and stimulation seem to work much better.

Which, unsurprisingly, naturally increases a woman’s testosterone level.

(Note, this has the opposite effect in guys, so it is arguable that for a fun weekend, the guy needs the relaxing tub while his wife goes for a run).

Apparently more overall arousal a woman experiences, the more interested she gets in sex.

Just 20 minutes of high intensity work on a stationary bike or treadmill was enough to get things going.

The effects were shown to be strong despite what women are doing.  Just vigorous stimulation was enough to get things going even if they were not exposed to anything romantic or erotic.

So, if there are lessons to be learned, if you want a boost in your love life, boost your testosterone level.  Exercise, shots, or gels all seem to work.

Of course, you want to talk to your doctor about the testosterone levels, but with this new study there might be hope for those who feel bad about not being in the mood.

This does make sense because of all the physiological factors that go into having a satisfying sex life.

But there are always psychological issues that are part of the equation.  Ladies, even men are not that simple.  Everyone is more complicated than we appear.