Ladies – Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Beat Those Painful...

Ladies – Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Beat Those Painful Menstrual Cramps – Ouch


By: Annie Morgan

It’s that time of the month, again.

And if you’re like many women around the world – that also means enduring the unwanted painful cramps that come along with getting our period.

Sometimes it seems like no matter what we do, the pain just won’t stop.

But there are several inexpensive ways to treat menstrual cramps right from the comfort of your home.

Check out our top 5 recommended ways to finally find relief from those painful period cramps.

Heating Pad

If you’re cramping and having trouble sleeping, try placing a heating pad on your abdomen, but make sure the protective cover is still in place and you don’t place the heating pad directly on your skin!

The soothing heat will help calm down cramped muscles and provide some relief.

These days, they even make heated patches you can stick to your stomach, should you need relief during a day at the office!

Don’t have a heating pad?

Try a hot/cold pack – just make sure to wrap it in a towel before you place it on your belly.

Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a nice hot bath (and absorbing magnesium through your skin) is killing two birds with one stone.

The hot water and overall relaxing benefit of a bath will help soothe tired muscles and calm down your stomach cramps.

And the magnesium from the Epsom salt is said to help with cramps.

In fact, Live Strong reports magnesium helps relieve cramps in several ways by helping to relax the muscles.

So, soak in the tub with a few cups of Epsom salt, and feel the pain melt away.


If you’re like me, you try and avoid taking medication at all costs.

But ladies, sometimes the pain is just too great!

Mayo Clinic reports:

“Pain relievers. Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve), at regular doses starting the day before you expect your period to begin can help control the pain of cramps. Prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also are available.

Start taking the pain reliever at the beginning of your period, or as soon as you feel symptoms, and continue taking the medicine as directed for two to three days, or until your symptoms are gone.”


You’re already feeling bloated, so you should try and avoid snacking on sodium-filled foods during your period.

I know, you might crave them.

But munching on chips and getting even more bloated (not to mention dehydrated) will only make you feel worse.

Instead, choose healthy protein and lean meats, and of course load up on fresh greens like spinach and kale.

And make sure you are drinking plenty of water!

If you become too dehydrated, you’ll not only have to suffer through cramps but it’s likely you’ll get a headache too.


Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

After all, the last thing you are probably thinking about is working out.

But resist the urge to stay in bed, and get your body moving!

But take it easy – we’re not saying sign up for the Tough Mudder or force yourself to do a grueling workout.

If it truly hurts to move, do something simple like take a walk around the block, or even gentle stretches can help.

Releasing endorphins will help you feel better.

This Too Shall Pass

Ladies, this is just one of the things we experience being a woman.

It’s not fair, but such is life.

But that doesn’t mean you need to let painful cramps destroy your day.

Try our simple tips at home and see which work best for you.

However, if you’re experiencing excruciatingly painful cramps that last for days with no relief, then consider making an appointment with your primary care doctor as there may be something else going on.

But for the rest of us, we can take comfort in knowing that “this too shall pass”.

What are some ways you help treat painful cramps at home?

Do you have a secret that you’ve found to be successful?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your lady friends and family to let them know how to conquer those painful menstrual cramps for good!