Kidney Disease Treatment and Relief Can Found When Eating These Common Foods

Kidney Disease Treatment and Relief Can Found When Eating These Common Foods

Kidney Disease

By Adam

What many people with kidney disease don’t realize, even though it may seem obvious, is sometimes their problems can be exacerbated by the kinds of foods they’re eating.

Sadly, the food industry doesn’t cater to people’s diseases, and so it’s up to the average person to address their medical issues.

Fortunately, kidney disease treatment and relief can be found when eating these common foods.

Yes, Some Foods Can Actually Help Treat Kidney Disease

Along with the liver, the kidneys are one of the body’s most important organs for detoxification.

The kidneys act as filters that eliminate toxins and other problematic substances to help the body function flawlessly.

Building a diet on certain foods can help assist the kidneys as they expel harmful substances.

Here’s a list of some of the most helpful.

1 – Water:

Easily one of the top “instant fixes.” The more water you consume the more substances your body can expel over the course of time.

2 – Berries:

Dark berries are rich in numerous antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins which can help to protect kidney cells from damage.

3 –  Fatty fish:

Fish like salmon and mackerel are high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

These fish help to lower fat levels in blood which have a positive impact on how the kidneys filter blood.

4 – Leafy Greens:

These foods are high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants which may assist the body in processing toxins and neutralizing them so they don’t affect the kidneys as strongly.

5 – Apples:

Contain a compound called pectin.

Pectin may help reduce some risk factors for kidney damage, such as high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

6 – Sweet Potatoes:

This helpful root vegetable is quite high in vitamins and minerals (like potassium) which has been shown to balance sodium levels in the body and reduce how sodium affects the kidneys.

7 – Cabbage:

With a high amount of phytochemicals, cabbage can help to neutralize free radicals before they can do damage to the kidneys.

Not only do these chemicals assist the kidneys in elimination, but they have been shown to fight cancer and boost heart health.

8 – Garlic:

This root vegetable keeps plaque from forming on your teeth, lowers levels of cholesterol and reduces inflammation, all of which are hallmarks of kidney disease.

9 – Onions:

Renal dietitian Sara Colman at the DaVita institute lists onions as one of the top foods for kidney health.

In an article about onion, she says “Onion, a member of the Allium family and a basic flavoring in many cooked dishes, contains sulfur compounds which give it its pungent smell.

But in addition to making some people cry, onions are also rich in flavonoids, especially quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that works to reduce heart disease and protects against many cancers.

Onions are low in potassium and a good source of chromium, a mineral that helps with carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism.”

10 – Cranberries:

Cranberries help to keep bacteria from sticking to the inside of your bladder which can prevent bladder infection, which can lower inflammation, which is linked with kidney disease.