Illegal In Most States, This Plant Is An Amazing Healer

Illegal In Most States, This Plant Is An Amazing Healer


Cannabis use” is one of the hottest topics of debate in our country right now. And, with lots of people on both sides of the line, there are very strong opinions going back and forth regarding if citizens should be legally able to use it recreationally.

States like Oregon and Colorado have already taken the plunge and made it legal for citizens in their state to use the drug recreationally. However, many other states are holding their ground in defiance against the drug.

Regardless of your stance on the topic, research has proven time and time again that cannabis can work as a very effective pain reliever, giving those with chronic pain and chronic illness fast relief. From children, to middle-age

Many parents have even found success in treating their child’s intense epileptic seizures with cannabinoid oil.

This treatment has also been shown to be effective for war veterans (as well as regular citizens) suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This natural, herbal remedy helps provide some very helpful mental and physical relief from the horrific symptoms sufferers often face.

However, many people are incredibly skeptical of cannabis and the benefits it provides. So was Dayna Colvin, writer for Natural News Blogs. Here is her testimony:

“Last year, I suffered a very painful knee injury after I banged it hard in a door jam. I suffered a very painful childhood knee injury that never healed so any injury I suffer today is agony. I couldn’t breathe and was about to go into shock and thankfully, my dear wonderful husband responded quickly by lighting our bong and letting me inhale the cannabis smoke. I was crying and screaming in pain and in less than five minutes, I felt relaxed, I was able to breathe more calmly, and I gently lay down on the floor, feeling pain-free. I cried tears of joy and relief knowing that this wonderful healing plant is helping billions of people throughout the world and now my family is enjoying the healing benefits for our holistic healing self-care. I didn’t watch the 50’s movie, “Reefer Madness,” but I was taught in school that smoking marijuana is wrong and dangerous. I do not think it’s wise or safe to drive under the influence of smoking weed and I do not condone it, but to treat health issues in the privacy of your own home, including helping you sleep and cope better, I say, go for it. I come from peace and love, but I have become a cannabis activist and I will always encourage my friends and clients to treat their pain with cannabis before taking any artificial toxic big pharmaceutical medications that potentially cause harmful side effects. I am very thankful to live in Oregon where weed is legal statewide and I can walk into any dispensary and buy cannabinoid oil (CBD) and cannabis bud in herb form. The bud I smoke has very low THC and doesn’t even affect me, but it does relax me and helps to ease my pain and as a disabled Mother caregiver of a special needs child, this is a gift of gold for me and I’m very grateful. Mother Nature provides humanity and the animals with an abundant healing herbal bounty and we should use these beautiful healing gifts with love and gratitude.”