The Surprising Health Benefit Of Going Makeup-Free

The Surprising Health Benefit Of Going Makeup-Free


By: Annie Morgan

Most women wear makeup every day.

And while some are bold enough to leave the house sans makeup – many women are terrified at the thought of anyone seeing them without their face painted on.

But going makeup-free once in a while isn’t just liberating – it’s actually good for your skin!

In fact, many dermatologists report several health benefits from not wearing makeup.

Fewer Breakouts

Ladies, when we wear makeup, our pores are clogged and have no room to breathe.

Then as we sweat throughout the day, our pores swell and all of the gunk goes into our pores – yuck!

And no matter how hard we try and wash off all the makeup at night – let’s be honest – it doesn’t always come off.

At least not without a lot of effort.

And as Freedom Health News previously reported, wearing makeup to bed can seriously destroy your skin.

But it’s not just the makeup, let’s not forget all the bacteria that is hidden in our makeup brushes.

If you suffer from breakouts, your makeup might be to blame.

Try skipping makeup for a day (or even two) each week and allow your skin the chance to breathe – and in turn, it might lead to fewer breakouts!

Detox Your Skin

Most makeup is loaded with toxic chemicals.

Yes, that means even if you maintain a healthy and clean diet and are insistent on eating only free-range and organic meat, if you buy typical makeup you are slathering toxic chemicals over your body’s largest organ – your skin.

And those chemicals stay on your face all day.

Doctor Idi Martins, a dermatologist, actually warned women about the dangers of wearing makeup and reiterated the need to completely cleanse it off each night.

Vanguard reported:

“The chemicals found in lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara, kajal, among others, could cause serious health problems.” He advised that women who apply make-up should clean their faces before going to bed, to remove all traces of chemicals from the skin.”

But by going makeup-free, you allow your skin the chance to be chemical-free and breathe!

Remember ladies, health isn’t just what we eat – it also matters what we put on our bodies.

Less Allergies and Irritation

Our skin is sensitive, and because we are putting chemicals and toxins all over our skin, irritation is bound to happen.

Even worse, you can develop a serious allergic reaction to certain makeups, and even develop pink eye!

Vision Source reported:

“Conjunctivitis. Perhaps the most common eye problem associated with eye makeup is conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Although most makeup contains preservatives that prevents bacteria from forming, it’s still possible to have bacteria grow on your makeup. This could happen if it’s expired or not properly concealed.”

If you notice you have consistent allergies or dry and irritated skin, giving up makeup (or not wearing as much) could be the solution!

But realistically, most women are going to wear makeup.

However, it’s recommended to switch to more natural products to reduce the amount of chemicals your face is exposed to.

Be Free

As a bonus, consider going makeup-free once in a while.

Chances are you’ll feel more confident over time!

And by going makeup-free, you’ll give your skin a natural glow you can’t manufacture.

Besides it’s true what they say – most men find women more attractive without makeup – as our natural beauty has a chance to shine through!

So ditch the blush and mascara, and do your skin a favor.

And as always, don’t forget to drink water for truly radiant skin!

Ladies, do you ever leave the house without makeup?

If not, what is holding you back?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know the health benefits that can occur from going makeup-free!