Centuries-Old Mood Enhancer is the Newest Natural Remedy for Depression

Centuries-Old Mood Enhancer is the Newest Natural Remedy for Depression


Natural health experts are touting an old, but new, mood enhancer to relieve depression. In an article on his website, Dr. David Williams describes the benefits of a product now being called Zembrin. The product is an extract of a South African succulent plant called Sceletium tortuosum, or “kanna,” “channa” and “kougoed,” by the native San Bushmen people. The San people used the plant for centuries to boost energy, elevate mood, and reduce hunger, thirst and stress. There are also 300 years of documents from European explorers and settlers attesting to the benefits of the plant.

Dr. Williams says of Zembrin, which is newly available in this country:

It’s one of the most beneficial products I’ve seen (and experienced) in a long time.

Typically the plant is chewed or smoked, but researchers have recently found a way to produce a powdered extraction referred to as Zembrin. I’ve been testing Zembrin for about a year now, and it’s one of the few natural products I’ve seen that produces consistent and noticeable results in almost everyone tested. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement.

Like most effective treatments for depression, Zembrin is thought to raise the level of serotonin in your brain. Studies confirm it helps in the management of daily stress and improves cognitive function. Unlike pharmaceutical antidepressants, Zembrin does not cause dangerous side effects. Research has not shown any evidence of toxicity or side effects. The extract contains hundreds of different components that apparently work together synergistically. Zembrin does not adversely affect blood chemistry, the composition of urine, blood pressure or weight.

Early scientific studies using reliable double-blind methodology show that even 25 milligrams daily of Zembrin can stimulate a significant improvement in your mood and cognitive abilities. Researchers are investigating to see whether Zembrin also reduces hunger, as reported by the San Bushmen. This may prove to be the case, as we know high levels of serotonin are related to satiety, eating less, and ultimately, loss of weight.

Although it is still little-known, Zembrin is clearly joining the ranks of safe, effective natural remedies for depression.