A Natural Way to Manage Earwax and Ear Infections

A Natural Way to Manage Earwax and Ear Infections


Earwax is an ever-present but little understood fact of nature. Although we prefer to keep it out of sight, it plays an important role in protecting our ears and keeping them clean. The wax traps dust and particles of dirt to prevent foreign substances from reaching and causing damage or infection to the eardrum. The amount of earwax present in the body varies, according to genetics.

Some people can develop problems with earwax. People with smaller ear canals may develop a buildup of wax, and have a wax blockage, or impaction. This happens when the wax gets pushed too deep inside the canal. ENT doctors report this is one of the common problems they see in patients. Often the blockage is caused by Q-tips or other objects people use in an effort to remove wax, which instead gets pushed deeper into the canal. If you have a box of Q-tips, notice the warning on the box. Although they may appear to be a perfect instrument for cleaning the ear, they are never recommended for use in the ear canal.

Ear infections often occur because of a bacterial or viral infection that causes inflammation and collection of fluids in the middle ear. These infections frequently clear up without intervention, but they can be extremely painful. Doctors can prescribe medication for the pain.

If you are someone who prefers the non-pharmaceutical approach, there is a natural remedy to help you manage ear infections as well as excessive ear wax. It consists of a simple two-part formula:


Olive Oil – to soften and remove buildup
Garlic Oil – to destroy bacteria


Warm two to three tablespoons of pure olive oil, in order to make it easier to drain. The temperature should be close to that of your body temperature.

Infections are often caused by blockages in the ear that trap bacteria. Garlic oil is an essential oil that destroys bacteria. Before you use it, test it on your skin to be sure you do not have an irritation reaction.

Add four drops of the garlic oil or essential oil to the warm olive oil.

Stir well. Use an eyedropper to retrieve some of the mixture.

Tilt your head to the side, and apply a few drops to the ear.

Allow the mix to soak the earwax for about five to ten minutes.

Use on the infected ear or both ears if needed.

It may be necessary to repeat the procedure two to three times daily to see results. This remedy will break up the blockage and dissolve the earwax, and you should get relief within a few days.

Your ears are designed to be self-cleaning, but if you have a buildup or are in pain from an infection, this can be an effective approach. Of course, always consult your doctor if the problem continues or becomes more acute.