Yep, This Famous TV Doctor Has Been Lying to You

Yep, This Famous TV Doctor Has Been Lying to You


In the history of medicine there have been practitioners who very much play by the rules, along with those who seek to extort their patients (and others) for financial gain.

It’s one thing for physicians to go out on a limb while administering experimental treatment to help save a patient. It’s another thing altogether for a doctor to act duplicitously towards the public to earn a buck.

Dr. Oz, the famous physician who was picked up by Oprah several years ago, has fallen under fire for deceiving viewers and exaggerating health claims for many of the products he features on the show.

Earlier in the year he faced senators at Capitol Hill when they inquired to the effectiveness of the many dietary supplements he recommends.

On Capitol Hill he was forced to admit that many of his advertised supplements don’t work nearly as well as he claimed on his daily talk show.

And a new study released by the British Medical Journal indicated that nearly 50% of the advice he gives is fallacious.

To determine this, they watched 40 episodes of his show and found most of what he claimed didn’t pass scientific muster. As a matter of fact, the Journal even noted that 15% of the instances of recommendation actually contradicted current evidence. Another 39% of the time there was NO evidence to support his claims.

But isn’t Dr. Oz just promoting alternative medicines you might ask?

While he might be, one of the biggest concerns is how the brand of Dr. Oz can actually promote peddling unsafe supplemental products.

It’s been shown a simple mention of Dr. Oz in association with a new product can dramatically increase profits.

To be clear, the establishment medical community is in its own right contributing to a similar phenomena.

The collusion between the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies has resulted in altered evidence to support questionably safe drugs.

It’s just that Dr. Oz is barking up the same tree as a different dog.

How does Dr. Oz respond to these allegations?

A spokesman for the show released this statement:

“The Dr. Oz Show has always endeavored to challenge the so-called conventional wisdom, reveal multiple points of view and question the status quo. The observation that some of the topics discussed on the show may differ from popular opinion or various academic analyses affirms that we are furthering a constructive dialogue about health and wellness.”

Perhaps Dr. Oz really is on to something.

The truth is at least he’s right half the time.

Perhaps these investigations are a designed conspiracy to silence him.

Regardless, if you’re going to follow health advice from a professional, it’s probably best to make sure their recommendations have a solid history for effectivness.