Yep, This Famous TV Doctor Has Been Lying to You

Yep, This Famous TV Doctor Has Been Lying to You


In the history of medicine there have been practitioners who very much play by the rules, along with those who seek to extort their patients (and others) for financial gain.

It’s one thing for physicians to go out on a limb while administering experimental treatment to help save a patient. It’s another thing altogether for a doctor to act duplicitously towards the public to earn a buck.

Dr. Oz, the famous physician who was picked up by Oprah several years ago, has fallen under fire for deceiving viewers and exaggerating health claims for many of the products he features on the show.

Earlier in the year he faced senators at Capitol Hill when they inquired to the effectiveness of the many dietary supplements he recommends.

On Capitol Hill he was forced to admit that many of his advertised supplements don’t work nearly as well as he claimed on his daily talk show.

And a new study released by the British Medical Journal indicated that nearly 50% of the advice he gives is fallacious.

To determine this, they watched 40 episodes of his show and found most of what he claimed didn’t pass scientific muster. As a matter of fact, the Journal even noted that 15% of the instances of recommendation actually contradicted current evidence. Another 39% of the time there was NO evidence to support his claims.

But isn’t Dr. Oz just promoting alternative medicines you might ask?

While he might be, one of the biggest concerns is how the brand of Dr. Oz can actually promote peddling unsafe supplemental products.

It’s been shown a simple mention of Dr. Oz in association with a new product can dramatically increase profits.

To be clear, the establishment medical community is in its own right contributing to a similar phenomena.

The collusion between the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies has resulted in altered evidence to support questionably safe drugs.

It’s just that Dr. Oz is barking up the same tree as a different dog.

How does Dr. Oz respond to these allegations?

A spokesman for the show released this statement:

“The Dr. Oz Show has always endeavored to challenge the so-called conventional wisdom, reveal multiple points of view and question the status quo. The observation that some of the topics discussed on the show may differ from popular opinion or various academic analyses affirms that we are furthering a constructive dialogue about health and wellness.”

Perhaps Dr. Oz really is on to something.

The truth is at least he’s right half the time.

Perhaps these investigations are a designed conspiracy to silence him.

Regardless, if you’re going to follow health advice from a professional, it’s probably best to make sure their recommendations have a solid history for effectivness.



  1. anything to discredit alternative medicine is the name of the government and big pharmas game. we wouldnt want folks knowing how to treat themselves with anything other than approved manufactured medicines

  2. I see a pattern in connection everything done and said by Oprah….it started with her “alternative” views from there are many paths to God, and her yo yo dieting, to reading books that were written by false authors, and promoting products for friends of Oprah. Then she brings Dr. Phil to tv to solve complex personal problems in 1 hour or less, then having a muslim doctor give odd, and creepy medical advice an education? Yuck, no thanks.

  3. Well since I don’t have TV I can’t pretend to be an authority on “what he alone says!” But the internet has made information available far more than AMA wants to be known! –,And AMA is owned by “Big Pharma” — where money is more important than peoples lives! — Why do you think internet has to be “controlled by government”! How do you think people go to congress and Whitehouse poor-, and come out millionaires?? Look at salaries and then divide that yearly for number of years they have served,- into the “posted amounts” of money they now have! .. What is total now?? Do they “live totally without expense”.- if so is it still higher -while l they are supposedly unemployed and where other than government money! Browse “search engines” and read a number of articles, about any drug used,- not just one– you may get an idea how good they actually are! Why am I suspicious,- well I have buried two wives from cancer already, and now I find that there are over 2000 cancer cures – some used for a thousand years or more in other country’s,– yes nothing is concrete-, but death rates as I read statistics that close to 30% survive in Us with AMA approved drugs, and 30% of those “unapproved” drugs only have close to 30% die! If I get it- I am taking a trip out of country! Or decline treatment as my quality of life will be much better till last days! Yep they may be trying to “shut him up” — 50% is better than none!

    • There are doctors here in the USA who are doing very well curing cancer. Get a copy of Suzanne Sommer’s book “Knockout” – she interviews 7 of them who are curing with no chemo/radiation/surgery. Boosting the body’s genetic immune system and detoxing all the crap we take in. Also, the Gerson Method.

      Also, there are flawed studies on supplements that you hear on the mainstream “news”. The studies always conclude “supplements have no significant value”. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are PERHAPS looking out for us not being ripped off by supplement companies. But you MUST do your homework and research products. Naturally derived supplements are very valuable to our bodies…..the proof is in those who take them. Synthetic on the other hand are at least 50% useless (molecular spin).
      One study was done on “Vitamin E”. It used synthetic (body only absorbs 15% synthetic E), and it was done without it’s essential partners Vit C and Selenium. Natural vitamin E, particularly the full spectrum, is a potent anti-oxident as well as an essential nutrient, and should be taken with C and Selenium……information from Russel Blaylock

    • I’ve survived cancer (non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) twice with chemotherapy and a BMT. I’m in remission for 3 years now due to conventional methods. I am unwilling to bet my life on unproven drugs and therapy, but do as you wish.

    • Ed,
      You are correct in what you say. The cancer thing alone is proof that conventional chemo doesn’t work most of the time, and the internet is full of natural remedies for all sorts of medical problems. Stop and think about it, would you rather take some sort of a man made chemical concoction that was approved by the corrupt FDA, or use a proven natural treatment that has worked for hundreds of years, and has no terrible side effects? Chemo destroys your immune system and opens you up to many other problems. Did you know that the medical schools are supported by pharmaceutical companies, so they teach the students to medicate with drugs and cut things out, with almost no teaching on nutrition and how to heal with foods and herbs that have worked for 100’s of years. I believe it was the father of medicine who said something like ” let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”. That pretty well sums it up, we here in America no longer eat a healthy diet and would rather take a pill than do the right thing. Did you know that type 2 diabetes can be gotten rid of by eating a healthy diet, taking some supplements, and getting some regular exercise in just a couple of months? Wouldn’t you rather do that than take insulin for the rest of your life? Your mainstream doctor will not tell you that though. Your health is in your hands, look up some natural remedies on the internet, the facts are there with testimonies to the truth.

      • For a smile, I was told I had to have surgery and was sent to the best. We spoke for a few minutes, and I asked him point blank if it was him, would he have it. He said no. End of story. If they want you to do something invasive, ask them if that’s what they would do, or give it to their family. That’s generally your true answer.

    • Ed – research the American Council on Science and Health, Dr. Gilbert Ross, convicted of lots of things, including Medicaid fraud, and Dr. Henry Ross. who was hired to go to CA to defeat the g m0 labeling bill.

      • So Who is he? Or this the only person ever convicted of anything– wrong or right??
        Not related to Dr.Oz?? This all started with Dr. Oz telling of some “organic” stuff that helps cure a number of things, not just cancer- But anything that is not patented is frowned on,
        Can we not then consider anything at all that makes us well (not just hide symptoms bad?t

      • That is correct, and you also might consider going to another country.. It will be much cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about your doctor getting put in jail for making you better! A lot of these “organic” cures have been used for only a couple thousand years! So how would we know if they work or not?.. But I know GOD made them,- and
        I also know the AMA can not stop him!! — When if “Big Pharma” can’t concoct some copy that works a little bit! — And patent it so they can charge way over normal profit… Then you can count on not being allowed to use it in USA !!… Money is much more important that peoples lives! But so far you have freedom to die however you want to, So you can chose how you die,- unless you are a minor,- then the government decides!

  4. Dr. Oz endorsed Garcinia Cambogia for weight/fat loss. I took it as directed on the bottle for two and a half months, IT DOES NOT WORK!….

    • Is that one of the companies he sued for fraudulently using his name? I don’t follow him, but I do remember him suing several companies for that reason.

  5. Big pharma operates from the perspective that dead people make them no money, healthy people make them very little money, and people who are sick for 50 years put their kids through college, give them houses and boats and 4 European vacations a year and a tasty retirement.
    The FDA and the AMA are the most un-funny practical jokes any government ever pulled on its citizenry.
    But not to be outdone, the NSA, IRS and the FCC are gaining ground and looming large in their rearview mirrors.

  6. Of course its gonna be a bumpy ride, things in life worth fighting for are not easy to come. Also theres no magic pill to instantly drop your weight. You need to be interested in and be passionate about what you do, for example lose more weight. If you just want to do it for some other reason than your wellbeing, the task starts you discust you soon enough and it feels harder and harder to keep going. Just be passionate about it and results will come as long you work hard. Some things work for you and some dont, try to find what suits best for you. Start from the basics, have a decent cookbook(like this on your side to help you get around the kitchen and continue your road to losing weight steadily but surely.

  7. Considering the fraud of chemotherapy, vaccination and organ transplant, being accurate half the time would be pretty good. If it were not offset by the being wrong half the time.
    A professionally-constricted clarification of “being right,” defined in verified percentages of 100% accuracy, might reduce his 50% “right” to between 20-30%. This would qualify him for the same classification as MDs who rely on chemo, vaccination, organ transplant and pharma kick-backs for their basic profit margin. In other words, just one more con-man physician – but who puts on an interesting TV show.

  8. rivertown Jim: .. Yep you know what I know! – Big pharma money is much more important than pain, suffering, and death of people! (lets face it we are surrounded by people), so the quicker they are dispatched and the more money to be made in the process is very important! Now read post below yours- This guy had cancer twice– maybe they caught it in earliest stages, if so great!! My brother in law died of that same problem, And in 6 months he was released from hospital “free of cancer”– day after that he collapsed and went into a comma,– and died! So I guess You can say that the treatment DID cure his cancer– “chemo” Just “{cured his life also”! — Now both wives had cancer twice (with more than a decade of separation,- but both died of complications while taking chemo! Both had chemo twice neither lived long enough for chemo to cure ,- though doctor sent one home to die, as he could no longer do anything for her! Now the “high powered cancer treatment doctor”,– said she had 17 days to possibly as much as 7 months!! Well this “country bumpkin-know-nothing” kept her alive for over a year and a half with those “un-approved” “chancy” concoctions. Had she accepted the stuff I recommended before treatments, she might still be alive today, and never been deathly sick for almost 2 years!! Now I believe I mentioned that 30% on average live and 60% die!!… My knowledge noted here would come out to 3 to one death rate! — That comes over 65% easily! Yes there are doctors that do use this to some extent- but they are fighting for their existence and license to practice — AMA don’t like it!! What can I say, Wives were free to pick way they died! .. As Christian I believe they have that choice,- not me.. But if they die, then that is their choice,- not mine! “When GOD calls,it is done!”

  9. Here’s a fact: Conventional treatment in America for any disease has some positive effect about 3% of the time, negative side-effects 90% of the time and empties your bank account 100% of the time. (The preceding message is not endorsed by Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline or your drug pushing M.D.) Big Pharma = Peddling + Poisons + Profit

  10. Dr. Gilbert Ross was convicted of racketeering, mail fraud, conspiracy and Medicare fraud. He spent almost 4 years in jail, paid over $40,000 in fines and over $600,000 in restitution. Dr. Henry Miller was hired to defeat GMO labeling in CA. They’re paid shills for the biotech industry. The American Council on Science an Health solicited funds from the tobacco industry to counter the fake science against smoking. I only checked because I remembered Dr Oz suing companies that had used his name fraudulently. None of these doctors represent Columbia University, they only sent the letter to Columbia. if he was such a disaster, I’m sure Columbia would have dealt with the issues long ago. I’m not saying to blindly follow him or any health care practitioner without doing diligent research on your own, just dig a bit for the facts.

  11. The big companies who own our seed supply for various foods want to keep us from knowing what we’re consuming. Wonder why bees and other pollinating insects are dying off in massive numbers? Could it be they can’t process fake food? GMO’s aren’t processed by our bodies the same way as organic foods however, GMO’s provide giant profits for those companies and the growers because they can increase production thereby increase profits. I support Dr Oz and his fight against the big lobbyists paying our congressmen and Senators to vote to silence required labeling. We deserve to have a choice.