What are Flower Essences, and How Do You Use Them?

What are Flower Essences, and How Do You Use Them?


Around the turn of the 20th century, a British physician named Edward Bach began to experiment with using the essence of flowers in healing patients. He created the essences by immersing a plant or flower in water for a period of time, imbuing the water with the plant’s unique healing “imprint.” Healing with flower essences continues through the present day. Practitioners capture the energies in water and preserve them using a precise method of dilution in a high-proof alcohol or vegetable glycerin solution. Flower essences are a type of vibrational and homeopathic healing that can be compared to crystal and sound therapy.

Today, aspiring practitioners of this healing art can call on John Milton, the founder of an organization called Way of Nature (WON). Milton was the first ecologist to work on staff at the White House, and he is a master of Taoist, Tibetan and Native American healing traditions. His group sponsors passages all over the world for people who crave a deeper immersion into nature.

At a recent gathering, Milton led a group in creating a flower essence with wild passion flower that grows in the Osa peninsula. This ecosystem houses 2.5 percent of the biodiversity on the plant. His practice includes making essences under a full moon, with uncut flowers.

Many flowers have healing properties. The long list includes some well-known flowers, and some that are common in other climates. Here are some:

1. Passion Flower – The passion flower supports purpose and connects you with your higher self and your divine path.

2. Lemon Flower – Lemon flower is used for clarity and to sharpen focus and clear mental fog.

3. Nasturtium – Essence of nasturtium helps you feel grounded by getting you out of your head, and back into your body.

4. Grape hyacinth – Grape hyacinth provides relief for stress that is related to any physical or emotional trauma.

5. Hibiscus – Hibiscus is for passion. It supports the root and sacral chakras to stimulate sexual and reproductive energy.

Practitioners recommend that you work with no more than a few essences at a time. When you are ingesting an essence, take three to four drops four times a day.

Flower essences work in a way that is subtle and profound, providing tremendous healing benefits.