Study Reveals the Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Study Reveals the Dangers of Genetically Modified Food


In 2012, researchers at Caen University in France studied the effects of eating genetically modified food treated with Monsanto’s Roundup. The animal subjects in the study suffered severe liver damage, kidney malfunction, tumors and hormonal disturbances. These mice had been exposed to Roundup at levels far below the European standard levels.

When the scientists published the study, however, there was significant backlash from both academia and government sources. The study’s author writes:

Paul Christou demanded that our paper be retracted and insulted us personally. Christou is not only the editor-in-chief of Transgenic Research, the journal in which he published his article, but is also linked to Monsanto.

He is named as the inventor on several patents on GM crop technology, for most of which Monsanto owns the property rights. These include patents on the plant transformation process used to make glyphosate [Roundup]-tolerant transgenic corn plants.

A number of other critics of the study were plant biologists who, like Christou, hold patents on genetically-modified organisms. Some of these were employees of Monsanto. Other critics focused on the economic disruption that might ensue if the study were to be taken seriously. Richard E. Goodman, assistant editor of the journal in which the study appeared, Food and Chemical Toxicity, spoke out against the research, but seemingly without concern for human health. He said:

The implications and the impacts of this uncontrolled study is having HUGE impacts, in international trade, in consumer confidence in all aspects of food safety and certainly in US state referendums on labeling.

The researchers say a number of members of parliament attempted to block the study. Monsanto exercises influence at the government level in a number of countries. In the United States, former executives of Monsanto are employed in the Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Americans have expressed concern about the GMO controversy, and there has been an outcry for labeling of genetically-modified food. However, President Obama signed a bill this summer that exempts most GMO food from labeling, and provides for somewhat cryptic labels on the foods that do have a warning. Consumer advocates are encouraging people to buy locally-grown food from farmers who are raising healthy, non-GMO produce.


  1. The ROUNDUP I have used for years is a very potent WEED KILLER. It should NEVER be used any where near vegetables , fruit, or ANY food plants. I cannot imagine Monsanto advising use of ROUNDUP for this purpose.
    Is a copy of their USE LABEL available? I would like to see one if so.

  2. OK “Jillian”. How many diabetics do YOU know? Type ONE? Did you know that ALL insulin produced these days is GMO? It has LESS side effects than the old “horse insulin”. As for the use of Roundup it is ONLY sprayed until the plant’s leaves are LARGE ENOUGH to shade the ground to prevent weed growth. It is NOT sprayed when the plant’s “fruit” is forming. The “dosage rates” are SMALL because the stuff is EXPENSIVE! Besides it dissipates in less than a week. Now I suppose all you “Climate Changers” will get the “derriere rouge” when the farmers have to “mechanically cultivate” for weed control by BURNING DIESEL?.

      • No but I know enough FARMERS that grow their crops utilizing GMO seed and glyphosate herbicide(Roundup). Know how much diesel fuel you’d need to burn to “mechanically cultivate” 2500 acres of corn or soybeans? Ever been NEAR a farm other than driving by?

        • What does fuel used to cultivate have to do with GMO plants used for food and glyphosate herbicide? You’re not trying to talk in circles are you?

          • Because a$$hats like YOU would b!tch about “Climate Change” as well as the use of GMOs and glyphosate herbicides. Those herbicides make it so they DON’T have to spend tens of thousands on diesel fuel and labor. Do you even know what their “margins” are on cost vs profits for what they produce? Bet you haven’t a CLUE?

    • The people getting diabetes because of GMO poisons in our food. have to get and pay for a monopolistic GMO insulin that once again is patented and profiteers like monsanto give you diabetes and then sell you the patented GMO insulin they own the patent on how monsatanic !

        • Your choice of vocabulary indicates to me you are of the hoodwinked farmer class hoodwinked by hucksters like Monsanto who scam the average farmer into believing their poisons are the way to go. Problem is the farmers are getting cancer at higher rates than the general public because of the increased exposure to the products of the Devils company Monsanto

          • Your posts indicate to me you are a gullible liberal who is afraid of life. Your ridiculous posts can only be believed like the gullible liberals like yourself. Good luck and good life twit.

          • Is that all you got? why do resort to hostility and personal insult? Maybe you cant argue the facts because you have as yet to know them.

          • Sparing with people like you on the net becomes very frustrating. People like you still haven’t come out of the Dark Ages. People like you caused the Black Plague in Europe.

          • Your ridiculous far left liberal propaganda means nothing except to a gullible liberal. None of what you believe is valid under scientific study. What agenda is your liberal BS trying to force on you for profit? Just like Al Hore who doesn’t have a degree in anything pertaining to climate has made a huge profit on liberals like you. He owns 5 homes and pollutes as he flies around in his big jet.

          • You start out from the get go with an assumed falsehood, that I am a liberal I am a registered Republican pro gun, non believer in man made climate change, anti abortion, it breaks your paradigm to think you are anything but right, on the GMO issue. DO YOUR RESEARCH it is not natural for a virus that explodes a corn earworms stomach to be put into a corn plant and then you eat the unnatural corn. The studies show that peoples stomach at minimum are irritated by the corn with the bt bacterium.

            Monsanto’s genetically-modified “Bt” corn contains toxic Bt-toxin, that goofs like you claim to be harmlass, Oops. A study just proved them wrong.

            Doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found the corn’s Bt-toxin in the blood of pregnant women and their babies, as well as in non-pregnant women.1 (Specifically, the toxin was identified in 93% of 30 pregnant women, 80% of umbilical blood in their babies, and 67% of 39 non-pregnant women.) The study has been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal Reproductive Toxicology.

            According to the UK Daily Mail, this study, which “appears to blow a hole in” safety claims, “has triggered calls for a ban on imports and a total overhaul of the safety regime for genetically modified (GM) crops and food.” Organizations from England to New Zealand are now calling for investigations and for GM crops to be halted due to the serious implications of this finding. That is why other countries are rejecting our corn exports and why a class action lawsuit is in the process by farmers who can not sell their corn on an international market. the Farmers are suing Syngenta for not disclosing dangers of US grown GMO corn and its unacceptability on international markets, that is why we can not label our GMO corn here or there wuld be no market at all except to dolts that WANT to eat it !

          • I guess there has to be some Republicans in the US like you. As Lincoln said “You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people all of the time”. Who is the goof posting here? GMO seed is used all around the world. If you eat corn or tomatoes or drink milk you are getting GMO product.

          • So far you haven’t presented a coherent argument that isn’t based on intelligent thought. The sky is falling Chicken Little.

          • You too can be a GMO Scientist

            Anyone can purchase a kit for a nominal fee
            Mirror – SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 7 Comments
            ‘Garage scientists’ with access to £100 gene-editing kits pose dangerous threat to society, experts claim
            Amateur “garage scientists” toying with powerful gene editing technology could pose a future danger that should not be ignored, experts have warned.
            Kits that make it possible to “cut and paste” DNA in living organisms such as yeast and bacteria can already be bought on the internet for around £100.
            Using the new technology, known as CRSPR-Cas9, does not require a high level of scientific knowledge, raising concerns that malicious “biohackers” or careless enthusiasts might create something potentially harmful.
            The issue was raised in the first part of a major investigation of gene editing by theNuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body that explores ethical questions raised by advances in biology and medicine.
            Read More

          • And there we have it a low IQ, gullible limey. Coming from a country sinking rapidly into third world status like the once mighty Rome. Have you purchased and put one of those kits to the test yet? Did you create a Frankenstein gene? It bothers me so much to see England sinking so fast. My mother was in the WRAF during the War. I have relatives who have lived in England for almost a century.

          • Why don’t you buy one of these kits and insert a gene from a plant to produce cyanide into your own dinner and make everybody better off.

          • Why do liberal morons have to wish death on anyone? Since there aren’t any facts to your beliefs I can’t do what you ask. So you have never seen one of those kits and answered my question. No wonder England is becoming a third world country it is inhabited by gullible limeys like you.

          • MORE of your “Cow Cookies” I see? FYI I’m the owner of an electrical controls company that does extensive business with grain storage facilities. I work closely with farmers that grow GMO crops. NONE of them have “developed cancer” according to your nonsensical tripe. So call your Mom to bring your dinner down to the basement where your “command center” is located. BTW, “ODI EBI SE”.

          • for being so smart, your anecdotal example is scientifically invalid . No control group. no measured exposure. BUT there are scientifically valid studies that prove your anecdotal summation invalid. In other words you have a conflict of interest to defend!

          • You like anecdotal here are some stories of suffering from GMO and glyphosate

            VIDEO OF THE WEEK
            ‘People Must Know’
            Silhouette of children playing on a tree swing
            The village of Avia Terai in Argentina is surrounded by GMO soy crops.
            Here, children are born with birth defects and degenerative diseases of unknown origin. One little girl has large brownish-black spots all over her face and body—marks she’s had since birth. Another is slowly wasting away from an undiagnosed degenerative disease thought to be genetic, aggravated by exposure to herbicides. Many of the children are deformed in one way or another. Many of the elders are dying from cancer.
            When the people in Avia Terai hear a tractor, they lock themselves inside their homes. They never know if the tractor is spraying water, to irrigate the fields, or Monsanto’s Roundup.
            But this much they know: Roundup is making them sick, and those responsible keep spraying it—even though, as one mother said, “People must know” that they are poisoning this village, and the people who live here.
            “Transgenic Wars” is an award-winning film by French journalist Paul Moreira. The film looks at the effects of GMO crops on livestock and human health, in Europe and Argentina. Through September 30, you can watch the entire film without purchasing it by clicking here.
            On October 15, Maria Liz Robledo, one of Monsanto’s victims in Argentina, and Damian Verzenassi, a public health doctor in Argentina, will tell the world how Argentinians have suffered from Monsanto’s Roundup. They are among the witnesses and experts who will testify before a panel of international judges at the International Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. Please endorse the Monsanto Tribunal.
            Read the article and watch ‘Transgenic Wars’

          • Then I can tell you WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION that those who are “applying” that Roundup to those fields is EXCEEDING the application quantity recommended by the manufacturer. “Proper” application only amounts to one spray with a dilution rate of one quart per acre for soybeans. Once the plant “shades the ground” to prevent weed growth NO MORE ROUNDUP is applied. That application goes “inert” in less than a week. What YOU need to do is go out and have an HONEST conversation with those who GROW CROPS for a living. Instead you fill your head with all this CRAP that’s floating around cyberspace.

          • There you go you too can be a GMO researcher get at it!

            Anyone can purchase a kit for a nominal fee
            Mirror – SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 7 Comments
            ‘Garage scientists’ with access to £100 gene-editing kits pose dangerous threat to society, experts claim
            Amateur “garage scientists” toying with powerful gene editing technology could pose a future danger that should not be ignored, experts have warned.
            Kits that make it possible to “cut and paste” DNA in living organisms such as yeast and bacteria can already be bought on the internet for around £100.
            Using the new technology, known as CRSPR-Cas9, does not require a high level of scientific knowledge, raising concerns that malicious “biohackers” or careless enthusiasts might create something potentially harmful.
            The issue was raised in the first part of a major investigation of gene editing by theNuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body that explores ethical questions raised by advances in biology and medicine.
            Read More

          • It’s just a case of “Mind Over Matter”. I don’t “mind” because YOU don’t “matter”? I have BETTER things to do with MY time. Putting up with “nut jobs” like YOU isn’t one of them. My Dad lived to 97. Ate PLENTY of the stuff YOU said will “kill us”. “YO! MOM! Turn the power off in the “command center”!” Kick his azz out and have him GET A JOB!

          • Plus, if this GMO is so wonderful for your health, why we have more cancer now than never before? This is all about globalization, control of food production, eliminating the independent and self sustained farmers. Different field but same intention here: “Welfare System and Global Warming” Control,Control of the population, another words, slavery. Farmers can not use their own seeds, and buy it from Monsanto. But some countries are waking up, before it’s over.

        • Bob don’t waste your time responding to this gullible twit. He doesn’t understand anything. I am not going to respond to him anymore.

  3. I have spent my whole life in owning farms, have a PhD in environmental science, was directly involved in the Vietnam War, was a water quality scientist for the USA then. The US Supreme Court Montsano versus the soybean farmer is discussed almost daily by people from all walks of life….not just researchers or people in the industry as PROOF that the USA is in real trouble, that our US Supreme Court is out of control, and no longer is helping the USA but hastening its demise! Keep it up and Revolution and the specter of war is the only thing on our horizon. GMOs might hvE some benefits, but to allow life forms to be patented? To advance one disgraceful companies profits over the public good? Keep it up and we are heading towards a future so ugly and corrupt it is unreal!

      • Nonsense! Glyphosates would have to be ingested in huge quantities to kill anyone or cause cancer. GMO corn was created over 70 years ago to create taller and more productive corn plants. You have been eating Rutgers GMO sweet corn all your life. Rutgers University created the GMO Rutgers tomato in 1934 for flavor and now genetically modified again to be grown in home gardens. Genetic modification is just combining the best genes (DNA) of one species of plant with a plant of the same species with other beneficial characteristics. These plants become more insect resistant by secreting enzymes which taste bad to insects but not harmful to humans. They become more drought resistant so they grow in third world countries. In 1982 the FDA approved the first GMO Humulin insulin genetically engineered from E coli. bacteria used today by millions of diabetics.

        • You confuse selective breeding with selected traits and traits selected intra species, with genetic modification with gene transfers from inter species transfer.

          I suggest you study up on selective breeding vs Genetic modification with inter species gene transfer

          • They are one and the same you gullible twit. I guess you don’t know what you are talking about. DNA and genes are the same thing. Combining the DNA or genes from the mating of an ovum and sperm or DNA in plants creates a genetically modified organism.

          • Wrong. you are the twit! Read up if you can

            The Dangers of GMOs

            Aside from grave doubts about the quality and integrity of risk assessments, I also have specific science-based concerns over GMOs. These concerns are mostly particular to specific transgenes and traits.

            Many GMO plants are engineered to contain their own insecticides. These GMOs, which include maize, cotton and soybeans, are called Bt plants. Bt plants get their name because they incorporate a transgene that makes a protein-based toxin (sometimes called the Cry toxin) from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. Many Bt crops are “stacked,” meaning they contain a multiplicity of these Cry toxins. Their makers believe each of these Bt toxins is insect-specific and safe. However, there are multiple reasons to doubt both safety and specificity. One concern is that Bacillus thuringiensis is all but indistinguishable from the well known anthrax bacterium (Bacillus anthracis). Another reason is that Bt insecticides share structural similarities with ricin. Ricin is a famously dangerous plant toxin, a tiny amount of which was used to assassinate the Bulgarian writer and defector Georgi Markov in 1978[1]. A third reason for concern is that the mode of action of Bt proteins is not understood (Vachon et al 2012); yet, it is axiomatic in science, that effective risk assessment requires a clear understanding of the mechanism of action of any GMO transgene so that appropriate experiments can be devised to affirm or refute safety. All this is doubly troubling because some Cry proteins are toxic towards isolated human cells (Mizuki et al., 1999).

            A second concern follows from GMOs being often resistant to herbicides. This resistance is an invitation to farmers to spray large quantities of herbicides, and many do. As research recently showed, commercial soybeans sold today routinely contain quantities of the herbicide Roundup (glyphosate) that its maker, Monsanto, once described as “extreme” (Bøhn et al 2014).

            Glyphosate has been in the news recently because the World Health Organisation no longer considers it a relatively harmless chemical, but there are other herbicides applied to GMOs which are easily of equal concern. The herbicide Glufosinate (phosphinothricin, made by Bayer) kills plants because it inhibits the plant enzyme glutamine synthetase. This ubiquitous enzyme is found also in fungi, bacteria and animals. Consequently, Glufosinate is toxic to most organisms. Glufosinate, for good measure, is also a neurotoxin of mammals that doesn’t easily break down in the environment (Lantz et al. 2014). Glufosinate is thus a “herbicide” in name only. Even in normal agricultural its use is hazardous.

            In GMO plants the situation is worse. Glufosinate is sprayed on the crop but degradation is blocked by the transgene, which chemically modifies it slightly. This makes the plant resistant to the herbicide, but when you eat Bayers’ Glufosinate-resistant GMO maize or canola, even weeks or months later, glufosinate, though slightly modified, is probably still there (Droge et al., 1992). Nevertheless, the implications of all this additional exposure of people were ignored in GMO risk assessments of Glufosinate tolerant GMO crops.

            A yet further reason to be concerned about GMOs is that most of them contain a viral sequence called the cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) promoter (or they contain the similar figwort mosaic virus (FMV) promoter). Two years ago, the GMO safety agency of the European Union (EFSA) discovered that both the CaMV promoter and the FMV promoter had wrongly been assumed by them (for almost 20 years) not to encode any proteins. In fact, the two promoters encode a large part of a small multifunctional viral protein that misdirects all normal gene expression and that also turns off a key plant defence against pathogens. EFSA tried to bury their discovery. Unfortunately for them, we spotted their findings in an obscure scientific journal[2]. This revelation forced EFSA and other regulators to explain why they had overlooked the probability that consumers were eating an untested viral protein.

            This list of significant scientific concerns about GMOs is by no means exhaustive. For example, there are novel GMOs coming on the market, such as those using double stranded RNAs(dsRNAs), that have the potential for even greater risks (Latham and Wilson 2015).

          • Gullible twit the Israelis developed BT Bacterium thuringiensis bacterium decades ago that is put in water to control mosquitoes. It works by attacking the targeted organism and digesting it from the inside out. It is a gram positive, soil dwelling bacteria naturally occurring in the guts of caterpillars, moths and butterflies. The EPA said the use of Bt toxins were safe in 1995. They aren’t toxic to humans only insects. Your far left liberal sources scare gullibles like you by leaving out the total story. It’s called lying by omission.

          • Too bad they can’t eat BT corn or GM Salmon with EEL genes or any GMO modification from a Kosher plant or animal, that has been modified with genes fom non Kosher organisms, The GMO non Kosher food is for the Goyim! I have a friend who is Jewish and opposes GMO food as non kosher and anti GOD!

          • Having lived in Israel I can tell you that the majority of Jewish Israelis are secular and not ultra orthodox. They don’t keep kosher and they are at the forefront of GMO plants which can grow in desert sand. Their GMO seed which grows in low nutrition, low water environments are planted around the world providing food in many parts of third world Africa.

          • Now the truth comes out you are a GMO promoter for profit
            who doesnt understand Kosher


            Why Genetically Modified Foods Should Not Be Considered Kosher.
            by RAFAEL BRATMAN | December 01 , 2010

            New technological innovations have always created a need for the Jewish community to respond from a religious, ethical and cultural perspective. For instance, the discovery of electricity forced Jewish authorities (rabbis) of the past to assess its use on Shabbat. Hence, we have hot plates and crock pots running but no switches flicking. The time has come for Jews and Judaism to take a serious look at perhaps the most fundamental innovation of our time, the genetic manipulation of life. Genetic Engineering (GE), and the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) it has been used to create, are incompatible with some of the most basic and fundamental tenants of Jewish beliefs and values. To this point in time, the issues of GMO’s in general, and GMO’s in human food in particular, have been largely ignored by the Jewish community.

          • I have never promoted GMOs for profit or otherwise. You just keep believing your far left liberal sites that create a scare in gullible people like you. Of course the Jewish community is ignoring the BS you post. The Jews are way to smart to believe such crap. The ultra Orthodox keep Kosher and kill animals in a Kosher way. They bless food and don’t worry about this GMO stupidity.

  4. Why would anyone be spraying Round Up on any food plants? Round Up is an herbicide used to kill weeds and grass. It will kill everything it touches. No plants are immune to it. I buy Round Up to kill the grass and weeds growing in my driveway.

      • What a load of crap. Glyphosates are natural occurring salts that block a plant’s photosynthesis. Just as roaches will never become immune to baking soda and baking powder.

  5. What does GMO mean? Genetically Modified Organism. What is genetic modification? Genetic modification is DNA which has been joined with other DNA. Humans are GMOs as traits from the mother and father are joined when the DNA in the egg and the DNA in the sperm come together.

    • Te species barrier and species specific genes do not cross in the example you give but in GMO engineering the species barrier is crossed. You can eat the GMO experiment and be a guinea pig, But my preference is I will not !

      • You have been eating GMO foods for decades. I have been eating GMO foods long before there was such a name. Corn and tomatoes today all became as good as they are because they are genetically modified.

        • I have eaten less than those who believe them to be harmless while those of us who object to them are tricked, lied to and forced to have them unlabeled in our food supply and incidentally the cancer rates have been going up, as other diseases like diabetes and kidney disease, are not getting better.

          • How did you know if the foods you have eaten aren’t GMOs? This stupid liberal bull just came out a few years ago while GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS have been out for decades.

  6. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready seed has been genetically modified to resist the weed killer. Although the company claims it to be safe, if used as recommended, to not leach into the plant, I am not convinced.
    If you can find it, I recommend the documentary produced back in 2008 by Marie-Monique Robin. “The World According To Monsanto” will, at least, bring cause for some deep thought considerations to the nation’s food supply.
    For instance, the European and Asian markets refuse to by any GMO (genetically modified organism) foods from US farmers. Although our own government refuses labeling requirements for the US Consumer.
    We have a right to choose what we eat. For some, gardening and growing their own isn’t an option. However some choices, at the grocer should be available. We finally have labeling for country of origin on produce.
    Monsanto has quietly bought most of Washington, at least the FDA and USDA. Both of my parents retired from Monasanto. Neither of them nor I would dare put that poison anywhere on our property!


  7. GMO developed to withstand Glyphosate

    Is glyphosate the new Zyklon B for all of us?
    Posted on October 7, 2016 by GrayRider
    Natural News – by Ethan A Huff

    Western civilization is facing a health crisis of unprecedented proportions, with chronic disease rates continuing to surge all throughout the developed world with no end in sight. And a new research study published in the peer-reviewed journalEntropy suggests that one of the world’s most widely used crop herbicides, Monsanto’s Roundup formula, is more than likely the leading cause of this new culture of disease and death here in the West.

    First introduced back in the 1970s, Roundup, the active ingredient of which is glyphosate, has continually turned up in the scientific literature as a slow-killing poison for humans. Though the chemical industry insists that it is safe, glyphosate has repeatedly been linked to damaging the fundamental biochemical reactions that normally occur within a healthy human body, a fact reiterated in this latest study.

    While scientists for years have been running in circles trying to figure out why Western society is now plagued by things like diabetes and autism, the answer has apparently been sitting right under our noses the whole time. Since its advent, the rising use of Roundup in agriculture has coincided exactly with a rise in allergies, dementia, gastrointestinal (GI) disease, cancer and a host of other ailments, all of which can be traced back through specific biochemical pathways damaged by glyphosate.

    Dr. Pamela Coleman, Ph.D., a farm and food policy analyst at the non-profit Cornucopia Institute, highlights some of the main points of the study in a recent summary, explaining how chronic, low-level exposure to glyphosate eventually leads to the formation of corresponding chronic disease. It does this by obstructing the synthesis of amino acids during digestion, depleting existing amino acid reserves within the body and damaging probiotic bacteria in the gut.

    Glyphosate also depletes the body of the enzymes it needs to detoxify other harmful poisons, including other pesticide formulas and heavy metals. So not only does glyphosate destroy the body’s ability to protect itself against disease by depleting nutrient reserves and blocking nutrient absorption, but it also tells the body to essentially stand down in terms of guarding itself against a toxic invasion.

    “Contrary to the current widely-held misconception that glyphosate is relatively harmless to humans, the available evidence shows that glyphosate may rather be the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies,” emphasize the authors of the new study about their findings.

    Glyphosate: A global holocaust without the gas chambers

    Those familiar with history may recall the use of Zyklon B, another type of pesticide, during World War II. It is said that the Nazis used this poison, which was originally developed to treat buildings, ships and machinery for rodents and insects, on human prisoners being detained at Nazi concentration camps. Zyklon B, of course, was the chemical added to the gas chamber showers that were used to exterminate untold millions of people. Zyklon B was also primarily produced by IG Farben, a conglomerate that included chemical and pharmaceutical companies like BASF and Bayer.

    Fast forward to today and we have a similar mass poisoning taking place via commercial agriculture, but without the gas chambers. Glyphosate, for all intents and purposes, appears to be the new Zyklon B when it comes to what this chemical is accomplishing in the extermination of the planet. Untold millions of people are being exposed to glyphosate on a daily basis, and this exposure is leading many of them to fall chronically, and in many cases terminally, ill.

    “Glyphosate’s inhibition of cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes is an overlooked component of its toxicity to mammals,” add the authors, suggesting that glyphosate was intentionally designed to cripple the body’s defenses against toxicity. “[G]lyphosate is the ‘textbook example’ of exogenous semiotic entropy: the disruption of homeostasis by environmental toxins.”

    Dr. Coleman’s full paper on the new study can be accessed here:

    Sources for this article in