This 3-Letter Word Could Mean A Happy, Happy Marriage

This 3-Letter Word Could Mean A Happy, Happy Marriage


When a couple gets married, they stand at the altar and promise to love and to hold, to cherish, until death do us part.

Or something to that nature.

Everyone in the audience is wrapped up in the future they’re seeing, hoping against hope that the couple they see before them will be an example of true love… a love that lasts for years.

Ironically, sex is never mentioned during the vows about what will help them get through the hard times. Maybe it’s taboo for the pastor to lean in and say “Have lots of sex!”

But it is on everyone’s mind as they see the happy couple driving into the sunset, headed for a honeymoon on a Caribbean island.

Couples look on, old and young alike, with a sense of jealousy knowing the two love birds are going to have more than one roll in the hay on their romantic getaway.

And part of getting to know each other as newlyweds turns out to be the glue that can hold them together for years to come.

Turns out a new study is identifying why many already knew: Sex is necessary for a healthy marriage.

During the 14-day study period, couples reported having sex on an average of 4 days.

Not only was sexual activity associated with same-day sexual satisfaction, but also the researchers found that a single act of sex produced an afterglow that persisted for 2 days.

This finding remained after accounting for a number of possible confounding factors, including age, gender, sexual frequency, personality traits, and length of relationship.
On looking at martial satisfaction, the researchers identified an overall decline between study baseline and the follow-up assessment.

However, they found that couples who reported a stronger sexual afterglow were more likely to report greater marital satisfaction 4-6 months later, compared with couples with a weaker sexual afterglow.

There are a lot of things which can tear a marriage apart, but very few act as bonding time set aside exclusively to build each other up. There is physical intimacy, quality time, acts of service, and euphoria all built into sex. What other act in marriage touches such a wide range of the human persona?

If you’re having trouble in your marriage, ask yourself if you’re having enough sex? If you’re not, your partner might be feeling unfulfilled and unloved. Can you do anything to change that?
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