The Easiest Way to Detox…Ever?

The Easiest Way to Detox…Ever?


Detoxification is a very important process to take part in. This entails purifying the blood in the liver by removing its impurities. Since the liver works hard to help rid the body of toxins, this process helps it immensely.

Many companies have made the process of detoxifying pretty complicated. It seems like multiple drink/food products are needed to help your body detox.

These companies have made some hefty profits off of detoxing products, too. They have convinced the public that, for hundreds of dollars, they can detox their bodies effectively.

However, detoxifying your blood doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, or using lots of products. In fact, there are at least five natural ways you can detox your body. And none of them require you to spend lots of cash.

According to Natural News Blogs, these natural ways include:

#1 – Water is Important!

“Now I know this is pretty cliché, but lets look at how important water is to our bodies – we are basically 90% water! Drinking 9-12 glasses per day really does clean your system from many of the toxins the liver has to deal with, not only this, water will also help kidney functions too. Drinking enough water also helps your system to sweat and cool you down when summer is here.”

#2 – Exercise

“I am not saying bust out 4-5 hours in the gym and become a mini Arnold Schwarzenegger, but simple cardiovascular exercises like swimming, aerobics and running for at least an hour will strengthen and stimulate the liver and other vital organs. Aside from this sweating it out by doing exercise is a great way to get rid of the drug toxins, since many of them pour out through out skin in the form of sweat.”

#3 – Make Use Of The Sea

“No I am not talking about fish, though that is fantastic for Omega 3! I am talking about seaweed. Eating 2-3 oz of dried or fresh seaweed has enough Sodium alginate in those natural green weeds. Sodium alginate is the main ingredient in seaweed, it is this ingredient that binds drug and toxin remnants in your digestive system and stops them from being absorbed into your body.”

#4 – Use Plants

“Either drinking a couple of cups of Dandelion tea or even buying the 500mg of tablets are a great way to help kill toxins, this is because dandelion has insulin which is completely natural. Insulin helps the flow of bile helping your liver detoxify throughout your internal organs.”

#5 – Fresh Ginger

“Ginger has been used by many tribes all over the world for centuries and still is used today in many parts of the world. Drinking one cup of fresh ginger tea every day will help sweat glands remove the toxins much faster than usual – Take and chop one whole piece of ginger and add into a mug of boiling water, then add a spoon full of honey to taste!”

Wasn’t that easy? Detoxifying your body doesn’t have to be a scary, overwhelming, or expensive process. In fact, many of the ways you can detoxify already exist in your everyday routine!

By making some incremental changes to your daily habits, you can detoxify your blood with ease.

Not to mention you can reap some amazing health benefits as a result of these changes. After all, detoxing leads to heightened energy levels, weight loss, and healthier skin. Detoxing can also cleanse the liver and reduce inflammation.

When it comes down to it, you can partake in this incredibly easy process without spending a fortune. And that’s something we can all celebrate.