Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Skin During These Cold Winter...

Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Skin During These Cold Winter Months


By: Annie Morgan

Winter is here and many people suffer from all kinds of skin conditions due to the bitter cold.

From flakey skin to dry and cracked hands – it’s clear the cold winter months can seriously affect the skin.

But with just a few simple tips you can make sure your skin stays healthy this winter and maintains a good appearance.

Here are some ways to help protect your skin during the cold winter months.


During the winter months, it’s important to examine your beauty routine and make sure you are properly moisturizing your face.

Even those with oily skin need a good solid moisturizer in the winter.

Look for natural-based ones that contain soothing oils like almond or jojoba.

And go easy on your face cleansing routine in the winter – excessive scrubbing and hot water will make dry skin even worse.

Yes, this also includes making sure your shower temperature isn’t too hot – as the hot water will cause a loss of moisture in the skin.

Pro tip: Put lotion on your body while it’s still damp to help seal in moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

Many people turn to coconut oil – especially during the winter months for extra hydration!

Protect Exposed Parts

Don’t even think about venturing outside in the freezing cold with your hands exposed!

Many people needlessly suffer each winter with dry cracked hands that even bleed and develop sores – all because they don’t wear gloves in the cold.

Hands take a beating – make sure to keep them covered and moisturize them more frequently in the winter months.

The last thing you want is bleeding hands with cuts which can make you more prone to infection.

Pay Attention To Your Thermostat

It might be tempting to shoot up your thermostat on a freezing cold evening, but doing so is not only bad for your health, but it can seriously dry out your skin.

When you have dry hot air blowing through your room the entire night, your skin could become irritated and flaky – not to mention stiff.

For those extra cold nights, consider a few extra blankets instead.

And when running the heat, add a humidifier in your room to help avoid the air from becoming too dry.

Final Tips

It’s also critical to stay hydrated and drink water — ideally half of your body weight in ounces each day.

Make sure your skincare products aren’t loaded with alcohol or other drying chemicals that will aggravate your skin.

And while you moisturize your face, hands, and body – don’t forget your lips!

Invest in a good lip balm that will help keep your lips from cracking.

If you notice your lips appear dry, take a wet toothbrush and use water to simply brush the dead skin off.

Winter can be tough on the skin, but a few simple adjustments to your beauty routine will help you maintain healthy skincare during these upcoming frigid months.

Do you have skin problems that emerge during the winter months?

What are some things you incorporate into your daily routine to protect your skin?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know how to take care of their skin during the cold winter months!