Practical Christmas Gifts That Will Help Your Family Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle

Practical Christmas Gifts That Will Help Your Family Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle


By: Annie Morgan

As you finish your Christmas shopping, you might be tempted to gift the usual 3 flavor popcorn tub or bag of chocolate.

Instead, you can gift a practical gift that is not only great – but healthy too.

So before you load up your loved ones on sugary carbs or waste money on more stuff – check out these practical gifts that will help your loved ones embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Meal Kit

Often times, people claim they can’t cook because they don’t have time to research recipes and then shop for ingredients.

Others are so used to eating out, they’ve gotten out of the habit of cooking.

But gifting even a small trial of a healthy keto-friendly meal service can reinvigorate your loved ones desire to cook.

Cooking from scratch can seem daunting, but once they get used to it they’ll see it’s actually fun!

Note – make sure you are not sending them a kit that is loaded in carbs or preservatives.

The goal is to send them fresh healthy food they can cook.

You can even get them a gift certificate to their local grocery store and pay for a delivery service.

These days with convenience right at the touch of a button – there is no excuse to eat junk food!

Self-Care Kit

Think about the ladies in your life who are under a lot of stress.

Whether working a grueling work schedule or raising a bunch of kids, many women are so used to putting others above themselves, they neglect their own needs.

You can put together the ultimate health self-care kit and stock it full of items like peppermint essential oil, a mason jar full of Epsom salt, a comfy pair of socks, and even gift certificates to get a massage or something different like a float tank or cryotherapy chamber!

The sky is the limit, and the females in your life will love you.

Think Outside The Box And Make It Personal 

Think about the unique challenges and health roadblocks your gift recipient faces.

Do they never seem to drink enough water?

Perhaps a smart water bottle that tracks their ounces per day and syncs to their phone would be something appealing to a techie guy.  On the other hand, a woman might like a cute blush pink bottle she’ll be encouraged to drink from each day.

Does mom never seem to get a break from watching the kids?

You can give the gift of your time, and offer a few free babysitting sessions so she can have a romantic night out with her spouse or a girls night out with the ladies.

And for grandma, if she is insistent on only cooking from a physical cookbook and refuses to search online for new recipes, gift a keto-friendly cookbook and help her embrace a healthy way of dining!

Have fun shopping this Christmas season, and remember the gift of health is an investment in the lives of your loved ones.

What are some other ideas for healthy gifts you’d like to give to your loved ones?

Which one of the gifts above would you most like to receive?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know practical Christmas gifts that will help the entire family embrace a healthy lifestyle!