13 Powerful Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

13 Powerful Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil

Essential oils are all the rage lately.

Companies big and small are investing in them because they’ve seen how they can heal.

One of the most powerful essential oils is Peppermint oil. Collected below are 13 ways peppermint essential oil could help you fight off death and sickness.

Peppermint essential oil is one of the more commonly used essential oils thanks in part to its obvious health benefits and also in part because of how affordable it is.

Essential oil makers diffuse the peppermint plant (Mentha piperita) in a tincture of pure oil to help deliver its medicinal properties.

It’s incredibly potent and has pronounced effects on your body.

1 – Helps Kill Cancer:

There are a number of phytonutrients in peppermint that have known anti-cancer properties.

These include Limonene, beta-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.

All of these phytonutrients are found in peppermint oil and can be taken orally to help boost your body’s cancer-fighting ability.

2 – Keeps Bacteria at Bay:

Peppermint oil has known antibacterial properties.

For this reason, it makes a great topical treatment for bacteria as well as an excellent ingredient in all kinds of toothpastes, salves, acne treatments and more.

3 – Helps Soothe Upset Stomach:

Studies show taking peppermint oil during times of stomach distress helps to relieve the amount of stomach upset a person may deal with.

The phytonutrients in peppermint oil are antispasmodic which are what help it to calm an irritated stomach down in times of nausea.

4 – Kills Some Viruses:

Viruses can be deadly as they often harm the immune system which may lead to early death.

There are studies showing peppermint oil has potent anti-viral properties which may make it one of the best ways to keep viruses at bay.

A study appearing in Phytomedicine demonstrated that peppermint oil has potent effects at preventing the spread of the herpes virus.

Others show it can kill it.

5 – May Improve Circulation:

A compromised circulatory system can impair health.

Peppermint oil has been shown to help enhance blood flow and also positively influence cholesterol levels.

There’s evidence showing all it takes is smelling peppermint oil to activate these benefits.

Smelling peppermint oil stimulates olfactory nerve endings, which is shown to elevate pulse and enhance circulation.

6 – Helps Reduce Stress:

One of the long-lasting traditional uses for essential oils like peppermint oil has to do with aromatherapy and how smelling oils like peppermint oil helps to induce feelings of calm and peace.

Studies show that essential oil therapies are linked to reductions in stress as well as improving a person’s mental state and helping them emerge from depression.

7 – Fights Potentially Deadly Funguses:

While not known to be deadly, fungal infections have been known to kill.

Fortunately, peppermint oil is also a great antifungal.

In studies of peppermint oil, it’s been shown that peppermint oil can treat persistent and aggravating Candida infections.

As recently as 2015, researchers demonstrated peppermint oil’s ability to knock out Candida albicans, the fungus known to cause Candida infections.

8 – Helps People Breathe Better:

One of the primary compounds found in peppermint oil is menthol.

Menthol is one of nature’s best respiratory aids.

A study featured in Elsevier’s Journal of Ethnopharmacology gave clear evidence that peppermint oil was also effective at helping rats to breathe better by calming inflammation and spasms in the trachea.

9 – Knocks Out Headaches:

If you want to take care of a headache then peppermint oil might be your best friend.

German researchers conducted a study in 2016 that indicated topical applications with peppermint oil were able to effectively treat headaches (better than a placebo).  And Iranian scientists showed that it helped to knock out migraines too.

10- Keeps You Safe From Radiation: 

The Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics admitted that radiation-induced damage to normal tissues “restricts the therapeutic doses of radiation that can be delivered to tumors and thereby limits the effectiveness of the treatment.”

Researchers found that peppermint protected the “testes, gastrointestinal tract, and hematopoietic stem cells in mice.”

11 – Can Help Boost Energy Levels:

There’s research showing peppermint oil has analgesic properties (pain-killing properties) that have been linked with better energy levels as well as helping to increase focus and helping people concentrate better.

12 – Can Minimize Urinary Tract Infections:

Because of its antibacterial properties, there is strong evidence that peppermint oil consumed orally can help to reverse urinary tract infections once they’ve taken hold.

13 – Helps to Regrow Hair:

Chinese scientists discovered that peppermint oil has the power to regrow hair.

In their study, they took mice and divided them into four groups.

All groups were given different kinds of essential oils but the peppermint oil group was the only one that ultimately led to growing more, thicker, and exceptionally luscious locks.

Peppermint Essential Oil Is Affordable and Readily Available

Because of its wide use, and the fact that peppermint is a cheap plant, peppermint oil is available all over the world and for a great price.

A simple trip to your local health food store or Amazon will yield fruitful as boundless options exist.

Try and get organic when possible.