Ladies – Are These Dangerous Items Lurking in Your Cabinet

Ladies – Are These Dangerous Items Lurking in Your Cabinet


Listen up ladies – maybe you’ve made the switch to organic food, and think you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

But lurking in your bathroom cabinet could be dangerous items that can seriously harm your body – and even lead to cancer!

And with the skin being the largest organ in the human body – what you put on top of your body matters just as much as what you put inside of it.

The mainstream media won’t tell you about the dangerous products they’ve marketed to you (because they are trying to make money) – but that’s why we’ve got your back.

Here are some of the most dangerous items that may be lurking inside your beauty cabinet.

  1. Baby Powder

For years, moms have used baby powder to soothe their aching babies (and many women use baby powder personally too).

But recent reports have revealed the dangers of this talc powder — and now a recent lawsuit is in effect – as it turns out this popular product was found to have asbestos!

Even more sickening, according to Asbestos.Com – some companies like Johnson & Johnson knew their products could contain asbestos and hid it from people like you and I for all these years.

Asbestos.Com reported:

A December 2018 investigative report from Reuters News Service revealed Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that its iconic baby powder could be contaminated with asbestos. The consumer goods giant saw shares of stock plummet after the news. The company continues to face thousands of lawsuits alleging its talc products caused cancer.

Imerys North America, a major talc supplier for Johnson & Johnson, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 2019 amid mounting claims that asbestos contamination in its talc caused mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.”

If you have this stuff in your closet – pitch it ASAP.

  1. Synthetic Scented Lotion

Every woman likes to smell nice – so many women buy scented lotions from the store, selecting their favorite because it “smells good” – and then proceed to slather it all over their body after a shower.

But the truth is, if you turn over the back of the bottle, you’ll see these lotions contain a whole host of ingredients – many of them you can’t even pronounce.

One of the most dangerous being the “fragrance/perfume” – which as Freedom Health News previously reported is just a generic name for “proprietary” ingredients they can load into your product, without revealing what they actually are.

And as The Non Toxic Revolution stated: reports have found close to 75 percent of products with fragrance listed as an ingredient contain phthalates, a known hormone disrupter.

Instead of dousing your skin with hormone disrupting chemicals, consider purchasing pure cocoa butter or shea butter – and adding in a few drops of essential oil to make your own body lotion.

There are companies that sell natural products, and by making your own you can skip putting these dangerous items on your body.

  1. Dangerous Shampoo:

I bet you didn’t think washing your hair could be a dangerous endeavor.

But many shampoos you buy at the drugstore contain chemicals that are harmful – in fact, some even contain formaldehyde – which is a known animal carcinogen and according to LiveStrong – there is increasing proof it causes cancer in humans too.

Other harmful chemicals common in many shampoos include parabens (meant to be a preservative) propylene glycol, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

LiveStrong reported:

“Parabens are added to shampoos to act as a preservative – in other words, to keep bacteria and other microbes from colonizing the contents of your bottle. Sounds like a good idea on paper. Unfortunately, parabens are suspected endocrine disputers, meaning they may also play a role in certain cancers.”

Sounds scary, right? Don’t be a human lab rat and find out – just avoid shampoo containing parabens.

Ladies, we commend you to take healthy steps to eat properly and drink enough water – but these are just the beginning.

In addition to taking into account what cleaning products you use – don’t neglect the largest organ on your body!

There are plenty of beauty products you can buy today (or even make) that won’t be slathering your skin with cancer-causing chemicals or irritants.

And asbestos in baby powder? Just say no!

Give your bathroom cabinet a deep purge today and toss these dangerous items once and for all.

Which dangerous beauty product surprised you the most?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know about the dangers lurking inside their bathroom cabinet!