How to Have a Beautiful Smile in Your 40s

How to Have a Beautiful Smile in Your 40s


A big perk of being in your forties is that you generally have more self-confidence and feel comfortable about who you are. If you’re happy, you are probably smiling often and sharing your confidence with people you meet. But if your teeth are crooked, or showing wear and tear, there are steps you can take to give yourself a beautiful smile to reflect the real you.

It may be that you just need a little whitening to brighten up your teeth. Whitening works for everyone, and it can be done professionally or using over-the-counter products. The fastest and best results come from a one-hour procedure at the dentist, but that is also the most expensive approach. The dentist also sells professionally manufactured trays and gel, and that is the next step down. Drugstore products will taken longer and have less dramatic results, but they do whiten teeth. Finally, you might want to try this popular home remedy.

A much more comprehensive smile fix – and much more expensive – is porcelain veneers. Veneers can quickly and completely change the shape of your teeth, your smile and your whole face. Many people find they look ten years younger. But veneers do require some maintenance, and they may need to be redone, so consider the potential long-term cost.

If you like the shape of your teeth, but they are crooked, consider orthodontics. You can choose traditional braces or the invisible braces, which take an average of nine months to work. The trays that straighten your teeth can also be used to hold whitening agents. Because you’re a little older and your teeth have been in service for decades, you may need a little bonding or veneers after they are straight.

Whatever approach you choose, consult a good cosmetic dentist. He or she can advise you as to whether whitening, veneers, bonding, straightening or a combined approach will give you the best outcome. Select someone with whom you feel comfortable, makes sure he has cosmetic dentistry training, and consult his or her online reviews to be sure other patients are happy with their results.