Why Coffee is Better for You than You Thought

Why Coffee is Better for You than You Thought


By Kennedy Shelley

The amazing health benefits of coffee keep getting discovered. Caffeine has some amazing health effects.

The “health Nazis” know that people enjoy it, so they keep trying to make up reasons not to drink your morning cup of joe, but the latest study is going to absolutely floor them.

The hot area of research in health is gut bacteria or gut flora.

Our microbiome is impressive.

It is composed of trillions of cells that help us digest our food and controls many of our hormones.

It is essential to our life.  It weighs up to five pounds in the average person.

And we want to learn more about it because it seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to controlling our weight and our health.

In short, we want to keep it healthy.  When it isn’t it can even lead to mental depression (see this story in Freedom Health News)

The study was done at Baylor University.

It took a look at the results of 34 people who were getting colonoscopies and they looked at the bacteria in the colon.

The study was presented at the recent American College of Gastroenterology 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio.

The heavy consumers of caffeine had the most anti-inflammatory gut bacteria of all the participants.

The specific types of bacteria are the ones linked to lower blood sugars and protect you from heart disease.

The people who drank low amounts of coffee had the bad bacteria that were linked to dangerous metabolic syndrome which causes type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

(To see how bad metabolic syndrome actually is, see this article in Freedom Health News)

All the participants had different diets.  The only thing different between everyone was the amount of caffeinated coffee they drank.

So, coffee drinkers were not only getting a burst of energy from their caffeine, but also important gut flora which protects against some of our biggest killers and causes of permanent disability.

How much coffee?  At least a cup a day was shown to be beneficial.

There is no known level of coffee toxicity.

High levels of coffee consumption each day lead to the healthiest gut bacteria according to the study.

Again, with these types of studies, it does not prove that just drinking coffee can increase the healthy gut bacteria, it just shows that self-reported heavy coffee drinkers had more of the anti-inflammatory bacteria in their colon.

Will this stop people from trying to vilify coffee drinking?

Probably not, but it is another reason to ignore those anti-coffee zealots who seem to pop up at office meetings from time to time.

What is becoming more and more clear as more research is being done on coffee is that it is the world’s most popular drug for a reason, the health benefits are better than anyone suspected.

It is ironic that when someone does a study trying to find a harmful effect of coffee, they keep finding a new benefit to it.