Your Largest Organ Does This Better


    When you think of organs you think inside the body, not the outside, but you are not thinking straight.

    Your skin is by far your biggest organ.  It’s also you’re fastest growing.

    At any given moment you have around 8 pounds of skin surrounding you.

    It is about 10% of your total body mass.  It literally keeps you from evaporating, but it’s not its only function.


    Magnesium is a notoriously difficult mineral to absorb.

    Only about 25% of what you ingest is actually absorbed by your digestive system.  This can depend on what you take it with.

    Vitamin D and calcium seem to help the absorption of this vital mineral.  But it is complicated to get enough magnesium through supplementation.

    But possibly the best way for it to get in your system is to take a bath.

    Not just any bath, an Epsom salt bath.  Epsom salt is very high in magnesium.  If you stay in the bath for 30 minutes your skin will take in the needed magnesium.

    Transdermal absorption is a safe way to get this vital nutrient.

    Having low levels of magnesium can cause a host of problems including low energy, heart problems, diabetes, and muscle cramps.

    More and more medicines are being given to people via transdermal patches to control the dosing.


    Skin is your air conditioner, or heater, depending on your needs.

    Having healthy blood vessels helps regulate your temperature.

    Your body also cleverly uses the hair on your body to help insulate you or allow for greater air flow depending on the temperature.


    Melanin in the skin not only affects your skin color, but it also protects you from being burned by the sun.

    Your skin is your last line of defense from a painful sunburn.

    But it also works with the sun to help produce vitamin D.

    We don’t make our own vitamin D, we either have to eat it, or create it through skin absorption of sunlight.

    In an amazing process, the skin converts UV rays from sunlight into a usable form of vitamin D which is vital for strong bone health and a host of other metabolic functions.

    To learn more about this amazing vitamin and what it does for your health see this Freedom Health Article

    But it’s also a key protector from infection.

    We often don’t think of the billions of germs that are trying to invade our body.

    It’s the skin’s job to keep them out.

    When there is a cut, it sends teams of white blood cells to keep out the invading bacteria and heal the cut.

    It is an amazing system.

    The skin is not just a protector, it holds everything together.

    It regulates temperature as well as how much water there is in the body.

    We have a tendency to think our beauty is only skin deep, but when you realize that your skin is another organ, akin to your heart, liver or kidneys you begin to realize that it is just as important for your health as any other system.

    Why we don’t spend more time thinking about skin health is a question worth pondering.