Women And Heart Attacks: Warning Signs That Could Save Your Life

    Heart Disease

    By: Annie Morgan

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. – killing nearly 300,000 women in 2017.

    With such drastic statistics, nearly half of women in America still don’t know heart disease is such a deadly threat.

    But knowledge is power, and learning the early warning signs of heart disease can truly save your life.

    Not every woman has symptoms, but these early warning signs should not be ignored – and if you experience them do not delay seeking prompt medical attention.

    Dull Or Sharp Chest Pain

    This is the most common symptom of a heart attack, and if you have chest pain you may also ache in other areas like your jaw and experience nausea.

    Those who have had heart attacks describe it as tightness of the chest, as if someone is sitting on them.

    Many people have difficulty breathing.

    The scary thing is – this can happen while you are active or resting.

    If you are experiencing chest pain that won’t go away – call 911 immediately.

    Radiating Arm Pain

    Another common symptom of a heart attack in women is pain in the left arm that doesn’t seem to go away.

    It is often described as a pain that gets more intense by the minute – and often comes with other symptoms like dizziness or shortness of breath.

    While it’s true some people experience shortness of breath or a racing heart due to anxiety – don’t dismiss the strange feeling as “nothing.”

    A heart attack can kill you – and don’t delay medical attention.

    Extreme Fatigue

    We’re not talking about being tired after a long day or a grueling workout.

    One early warning sign of a heart attack is an extreme sense of fatigue – feeling out of it and dizzy without a reason.

    Some women even faint.

    Those who have had heart attacks describe the feeling as if they ran a marathon, without moving at all.

    Instead of popping pain pills and dismissing it – seek medical attention if you suddenly become exhausted and disoriented.

    It truly is better to be safe than sorry.

    Prevention Tips

    Do your best to live an active lifestyle and walk at least 30 minutes a day.

    And if you are a smoker – STOP!

    Studies now show that by simply quitting smoking you reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by nearly 50 percent.

    Most important – make sure to have regular physicals at the doctor.

    If you have symptoms you can’t seem to explain, do not delay in seeking medical advice – it just might save your life.

    Which of these signs of a heart attack surprised you the most?

    Have you or anyone you’ve known ever suffered a heart attack? What symptoms did you experience?

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