Avoid These Winter Health Hazards With A Little Preparation


    By: Annie Morgan

    Winter is here and with its cold frigid months many people are at risk for falling prey to common health hazards.

    From chapped skin and lips to frostbite, depression and weight gain, the winter months can be tough for many.

    The good news is, you can learn how to prepare yourself to withstand the bitter cold without sacrificing your health.

    Chapped, Dry, Or Damaged Skin

    Many people don’t take the cold months seriously and walk out of the house with their hands and face unprotected.

    And before they know it, their hands are chapped and bleeding, and their skin is dry and aching.

    While it’s always good to moisturize your skin directly out of the shower, during the winter months you might want to switch to a heavier moisturizer.

    There are many natural body creams on the market that contain only natural products and essential oils.

    Other natural products like coconut or jojoba oil do wonders too.

    Stay away from toxic products like Vaseline.

    And when preparing for the cold, don’t forget to protect your lips!

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    With dark skies and cold winter nights, many people find themselves depressed in the winter.

    The short days and lack of sunlight are difficult for many people, and those with SAD find themselves without energy and seeking to isolate themselves from others.

    Treatments include everything from exercise to light therapy.

    The Cleveland Clinic reported:

    “For some people, winter’s grayness, lack of sun and short days wear on the psyche. “It’s the time of year people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) find most challenging,” says psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD.

    In SAD, depression surfaces in late fall or early winter, fading by spring or early summer.

    Treatment involves purchasing a light that emits 10,000 lux. Thirty 30 minutes of light exposure per day — ideally in the morning — are enough to lift mood. “Light therapy is effective for about 70 percent of those who use it as prescribed,” says Dr. Bea.”

    If you suffer with SAD, it’s critical to find physical activity you can do in the winter, such as indoor swimming or spinning.

    Or if you prefer outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding – take advantage of the season.

    And while you may be tempted to isolate, make sure to make time to spend with your network, as isolation leads to further depression.

    As a preventive measure, make a list of hobbies you’d like to do this winter. It could include everything from roller-skating to checking out an art museum.

    Don’t let the cold keep you in hibernation!

    Weight Gain

    After surviving the holiday season and facing cold temperatures, many people realize they’ve packed on 10 even 15 lbs during winter.

    Comfort foods like chips and sugary drinks may seem harmless, but they add up – and pack on the pounds.

    Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to gain weight.

    Make sure to maintain your healthy eating habits – and consider starting the keto plan, which allows you to eat protein and hearty foods like chaffles.

    And be sure to keep up your exercise routine!

    Which of these winter health hazards do you think is the greatest risk to you?

    What are some other dangers that occur in the winter?