Why You Shouldn’t Trust Most Cancer Drugs


    According to a new study, a majority of cancer drugs given out from 2009 to 2013 did not offer substantial evidence they would improve or extend the patient’s life. Shockingly, these drugs were given authorization from the European Medicines Agency.

    According to Natural News:

    “Lead author Dr. Courtney Davis commented: “When expensive drugs that lack robust evidence of clinical benefit are approved and reimbursed within publicly funded healthcare systems, individual patients may be harmed and public funds wasted.”

    In other words, cancer patients and the population, in general, suffer as Big Pharma watches its profits pile up.”

    The study also made sure to follow-up with the patients using these drugs in increments of five years at a time. Unfortunately, many of the patients either saw no benefits to these drugs, or the benefits were clinically insignificant.

    What’s worse, marketers are advertising some of these drugs as “breakthrough therapy,” when in reality they offer no substantial advantage over existing treatments.

    This deceptive marketing causes patients and their families to have false hope. It also makes them more likely to forego more effective treatments.

    Not to mention, news spread earlier this year about a fund, which helped patients have access to cancer medications that the National Health Service doesn’t cover – failing miserably.

    After spending over $1.5 billion and garnering about 100k patients, only approximately 18 percent of those patients gained health benefits from the drugs.

    Heartbreakingly, most of the patients who received health benefits lived just over three months longer than those who did not.

    Unfortunately, this is what cancer patients are up against in the battle to fight this disease. According to Natural News:

    There is a slew of conflicting information available, different doctors say different things, and patients can’t even trust the drugs that have been approved by regulators to make them feel any better – and in many cases, they make them feel worse. Stricter standards need to be put in place to protect sick people from being victims of Big Pharma’s profit machine.