green-juice-2-350x122green-juice-2-300x200Water is the basis of all life. When NASA looks for life on other plants, what they are really seeking is water. Human being require water to sustain life. Today, however, pure water is impossible to find on earth. Because of this, green juice is in some ways better for your body than a glass of water.

    Researcher G.W. Pollack, Ph.D. at the University of Washington has found that water actually “structures” itself in such a way that its “fundamental biological property of being the medium necessary for life” is possible. Dr. Pollack refers to this “structured water” as the “fourth phase of water.” The other three phases are solid (ice), liquid, and gas (vapor or steam).

    Water present in biological systems differs from water you would see in a glass. That is because in life forms, the molecules are arranged in a crystal-like order, and it is these very qualities that make life possible. Water inside cells is a crystalline gel. “Bulk water,” the water found outside biological systems, is a simple aqueous solution.

    When water is distributed into the biosphere through springs, for use by plants, microorganisms, animals and people, it is said to be “ripened.” This water is rich in minerals and alkaline. At this point in the earth’s history, unfortunately, there are no unpolluted springs remaining.

    Plants filter and purify water, and they also structure it so that it can be easily absorbed and assimilated into the biology of the animals that eat the plants. The structure consists of hexagonal sheets of water molecules; these form what scientists call “exclusion zones.” These zones alter the electrical potential of the water, allowing it to adhere to proteins and create bonds with other charged surfaces. This process gives “biological water” properties not present in bulk water, one of which is that water cannot “leak” out of cells.

    Fresh juice is composed of 95 to 99 percent water, and unlike the “bulk water” that comes from the tap, this is bio-available water. The quality of this water from fresh, organic plants cannot be duplicated.

    Since our bodies are 70 percent water, we must have ample hydration inside our cells and in body’s extra-cellular matrix. The remaining one to five percent of fresh plant juice (if the seeds have been included when the juice was made) provides all the raw materials your body needs to reconstruct the approximately 100 trillion cells that comprise your body, at the rate of approximately one to three million cells every single seconds.

    Fresh juice from plants not only contains every essential element needed to produce new cells, but the nutrients remain in their bio-available form as long as the juice is not heated or processed. This is why store-bought, processed juices cannot provide what your body needs. Fresh juice gives your body the minerals – sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum, copper, zinc, chlorine, and cobalt – your body must have to survive and flourish.