Why Frankincense Really Is Great For Boosting Health


    Frankincense is probably best known for being gifted to Jesus by wise men who traveled from afar to see him after his birth.

    For most people, frankincense is little more than a fixture in their religious culture. However, if people were smart, they’d start to incorporate it into their healing regime today, as multiple studies show frankincense (also called Boswellia) is one of the more powerful, natural healing agents on the planet.

    3 Ways Frankincense Will Improve Your Health

    1 – Known to Fight Inflammation:

    While inflammation is an essential aspect of a healthy immune response, inflammation that lasts for a long time, known as chronic inflammation, is often linked to a host of severe health problems.

    Frankincense has been shown to help regulate inflammation so it doesn’t have near the negative impact it could.

    Here’s a sample of what we’ve learned about frankincense and inflammation.

    • Boswellia has chemical compounds which help inhibit the production of inflammation-producing cytokines (cytokine production that raises inflammation – interferon gamma, interleukin-4 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha).
    • It helps boost immune function and ease inflammation by regulating how your body’s T-cells and white blood cells interact.
    • It can help fight pain associated with inflammation in the joints by inhibiting a pro-inflammatory protein called Nf-Kb.
    • Plus so much more! Here’s a link that has over 100 links to studies on Boswellia helping fight inflammation.

    2 – Helps Boost Immune Function:

    Another thing frankincense can do is help to keep your immune system in tip-top shape so you can resist potential infections.

    Not long ago scientists from Mansoura University (which is in Egypt) finished a study supporting the claim that frankincense will help stimulate a healthy immune response.

    In addition to that, there’s evidence frankincense helps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. Frankincense has been shown to have clear antiseptic qualities which is why it’s believed to be helpful in preventing the spread of gingivitis, stops cavity growth, reduces the frequency of toothaches as well as preventing the development of ulcers in the mouth.

    3 – May Help Improve the Health of Skin:

    If you want healthy, clear skin, then frankincense essential oil applied topically may help.

    As Dr. Josh Axe writes:

    “Frankincense benefits include the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It may help tone and lift skin, reduce the appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It may also be beneficial for fading of stretch marks, surgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

    According to a review published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, frankincense oil reduces redness and skin irritation, while also producing a more even skin tone. Studies suggest that it’s the pentacyclic triterpene (steroid-like) structure of frankincense oil that contributes to its soothing effect on irritated skin.”