Why Dead Insects Are Purposefully Put in These Popular Snack Foods


    The junk food industry is one of the most corrupt and controversial of them all in the United States. That’s because these food manufacturers are comfortable with doing just about anything they can to keep their profits up. And that includes slipping things into their foods that their customers may not know about or expect.

    It’s no secret that the obesity rates and diabetes rates are rising rapidly in America. As a result, consumers are becoming more conscious about their food choices, as well as the ingredients going into the foods they eat. The junk food industry also now has a worse reputation for contributing to these conditions.

    Because of this, the industry is fighting back and attempting to trick consumers into buying their productsFor example, they’ve begun marketing their products as “snack foods.” This makes the customer think they are healthier (or, rather, less bad for you) than they actually are.

    However, the most eyebrow-raising issue is that the junk food industry is trying to make more money with less spent on quality. And that’s why you may notice that many companies are adding ground up and/or boiled beetle carcasses into their fruit juices, candy, ice creams, and more. These beetle carcasses contribute to the reds, purples, and pinks found in many junk food items.

    Now you won’t find “beetle carcasses” under any of the ingredients lists. However, you may find “carminic acid” or “cochineal extract”. These terms sound scientific, but they actually describe the bugs that the junk food industry is adding to our food.

    According to Natural News Blogs:

    The largest exporter of cochineal extract is Peru, having produced more than one million pounds of dead beetles in 2013. I find it very interesting that a country that has such a large bug infestation finds a ready market for them in the good ol’ U S of A.

    The Food and Drug Administration has deemed these bugs as “safe” to add to the junk food industry’s products. However, once consumers realize what the industry is doing, they’ll think twice about purchasing these “snack foods” again.