Why Blackberries Are Healthier Than You Ever Knew


    One of my favorite memories was biking down to the neighborhood lake and foraging for blackberries for hours. You might get two handfuls of the wild fruit, but the labor put into it and the sweet reward at the end made it worthwhile.

    Now to have research that indicates those little, juicy berries are full of health boosters makes me even happy that these are my favorite fruit.

    For one, they’re cancer-fighting superfruits. Blackberries have high levels of antioxidants, specifically polyphenols which fight off mutated cancer cells. Anthocyanin, one of the polyphenols has been shown to reduce the ability of tumors to reproduce cancer cells.

    Backing up this claim is a 2006 UCLA study which examined the effects of six berries and their effects of on oral, colon, and prostate cancers. All six berries were shown to fight the cancers, giving researchers hope of isolating the properties of berries that did it.

    Another function of blackberries is the ability to boost the brain. The berries contain high levels of manganese, a mineral that helps support brain function. Manganese is essential for rapid fire brain transmission. Short-term memory also improves with a diet that includes berries.

    Improves Cardiovascular Health
    Since blackberries are high in vitamin K, they keep both the arteries and veins free of plaque.
    A cardiovascular system clear of plaque and calcium buildup has a stronger chance of avoiding heart attacks or other forms of heart disease. Healthy cardiovascular systems are also a defense against high blood pressure.

    Blackberries have also been a proven fighter against peroxynitrite-induced endothelial dysfunction. According to a 2003 study of out of Italy, researchers conclusively proved blackberries were the key agent in this heart disease, which is more commonly understood as an imbalance between the cells close to the heart which allow for dilation and constriction.

    Lastly, blackberries promote healthy skin
    According to Dr. Axe and his research, blackberries can rejuvenate skin.

    Sometimes, the health benefits of blackberries reach skin-deep, and that’s no joke. An extract of the blackberry fruit generally protects the skin from UVB damage through antioxidant activity. (16) It also protects the keratinocytes in your skin from UV damage, which are the cells that form a protective layer on your epidermis and then reproduce below the outer layer of skin to continually replenish the epidermis.

    So blackberries with all their health benefits are a fruit you should have on hand. Put them on salads or eat them with a handful of nuts!