You Won’t Believe Who The Government Wants To Social Distance


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The US Center for Disease Control wants your little fluffy to stay away from other animals.

    You read that right, the CDC is pushing for social distancing for pets.

    They want to close dog parks and presumably want dogs to start wearing masks in public.

    According to an article in the Hill, the CDC is speculating that there may be some link, and a possible way for transmission of the human coronavirus, to pets, and then back to people.


    Since this whole crisis has begun, it has been driven by one thing – A COMPLETE LACK OF EVIDENCE.

    We shut down the country based on CDC speculation like this posted in The New York Intelligencer and covered in most media in the country.

    This is obviously not happening.  It seems apparent that the government is claiming that every death must have a link to COVID so they can boost their numbers, but it still looks as though it will peak somewhere around 50,000 which is about how many die each year from the seasonal flu.

    Every day the narrative changes.  The World Health Organization initially said masks won’t help, now they want to mandate everyone wear them.

    One zoo animal has coronavirus, and now all pets must be quarantined.  Again, without any substantial evidence.  All because of the wild musings of government employees who have not had their livelihood taken from them.

    There has never been any substantial evidence that COVID-19 was particularly dangerous.

    To be fair, it was a novel virus.

    It originated in China, so the lack of information because of government censors fueled concerns, especially in light of heavy-handed Communist methods of disease control.  People literally starved to death in their apartments because of their lock down.

    Then there were a few major hot spots that certainly got a great deal of attention.

    Italy ignored most countries bans on mass gatherings and continued major soccer matches.

    After a night of partying, there was soon a major spread of the disease.  Italians said everyone who had the virus had to go to the hospital.  As a result, when the really sick people came in a week later, all the beds were full.

    Italy’s socialized medical system doesn’t have many excess ventilators available, so the handful of packed hospitals fed a media narrative that this one problem was going to inflict the world.

    Spain allowed a major feminist rally at the same time, which created a similar problem.

    New York City public health wanted to point out that Trump was wrong to shut off travel to China, so they encouraged city residents to cram into Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which sparked their outbreak.

    And then New Orleans decided not to cancel Madri Gras, which led to their outbreak.

    The rest of the world did not have these problems.


    Without any evidence, the World Health Organization said, “just because you had COVID and didn’t die, doesn’t mean you might not get it again.”

    Another way of saying that is “you had COVID, so there is no evidence you will ever get it again.” 

    If they really believed that you could get COVID over and over again, then why are they pushing the hope for a vaccine?  That is the whole point of vaccines, to build the immune system by giving you a little of the virus so your body will fight the big viral invasion later.


    What is clear is that there is no evidence that COVID-19 is going to leave 1.7 million dead.  Far from it.  It is clear that all the models are just guessing, and most of the early ones were really wrong.  It is clear that some government actions made the problem worse.

    And again, there is no evidence that pets are going to get COVID or give it to their owners.