What Is Killing Vapers: The Answer is Found


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The federal government has finally figured out what killed 40 people from lung disease and it’s not vaping traditional nicotine.

    It was inhaling vitamin E.  Specifically, vitamin E acetate which was used in illegal THC vape cartridges.

    The Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control looked at tissue from the lungs of those who had suffered lung injury and found the toxin in almost everyone suffering pulmonary problems.

    It’s an additive and ticking agent used in a number of products and seems to be fine when applied to the skin or swallowed but when it is inhaled, it sticks to the lungs.

    This is what seems to have caused a scary outbreak of sometimes fatal pulmonary problems that affected thousands of people and killed a reported 40 people.

    The FDA and some state legislature were quick to demonize vaping as the cause despite the evidence that the people who were suffering had used the THC vape cartridges.

    As far back as September when the outbreak began people knew it was a problem with illegal THC cartridges and vitamin E acetate, but the CDC and FDA on November 7 announced they did some biopsies of the lungs of those who were sick and found the substances stuck in people’s airways.

    At the same time, the media-hyped the story that vaping was causing people to die and several states including California started to ban certain flavors despite the lack of evidence that the non-elicit vaping products were causing problems.

    Every day in the US, 1300 people will die from smoking-related complications according to the CDC, and vaping is proving to be the most effective way for people to quit smoking.

    And what is surprising is that most adult vapers use the flavors available as a key incentive to quit smoking.

    Yet the government is trying to ban all flavors except for tobacco and menthol cigarette types from the very people they claim they want to help quit smoking.

    The vaping industry reports that most adult vapers don’t want these flavors because that’s what they are trying to get away from.

    Some of the people tested claimed they didn’t use THC products, but their tests showed they actually did.

    So, to put this in perspective, from the time the US government first warned people about this vaping issue and warned people, not to vape and 40 people died, 78,000 people died because they continued smoking.

    In short, the government’s priorities were wrongly placed.  Instead of warning people about the dangers of vaping black-market products and trying to get people to quit smoking, they demonized an entire industry which creates thousands of jobs and has helped many people quit smoking.

    The bigger problem is that government is addicted to the tax money that comes in from tobacco and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to help people quit.

    There have been several stories over the years that alleged vaping would ruin health. They were ignored by government regulators until it became clear that nearly half of those who have quit smoking in the last few years have done so because the former smokers found vaping and companies like JUUL have made it very easy to use the product.

    To find out more about the rush to ban vaping, see this article in Freedom Health News.