What If COVID Had Not Been Noticed


    By Kennedy Shelley

    What if no one noticed that a new virus was spreading in China?

    Would we have a worldwide panic and stock collapse, toilet paper shortages and draconian stay at home orders?

    According to one of the top doctors of infectious disease on the planet, we would have done nothing, and we probably would not have noticed it.

    According to Dr. John Ioannidis (MD and Ph.D.) of Stanford University School of Medicine we might have thought we had more flu than usual and that would have been it.

    For the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 (over 80%), they just feel bad for a couple of days.

    If you have heart or lung disease or diabetes, there is a small chance you could get a serious case of pneumonia requiring a ventilator.

    According to Dr. Ioannidis maybe 10,000 people would have died.  Almost all were high risk from flu complications, and no one would really notice.

    No one would have noticed unless sensationalist, anti-Trump and irresponsible news outlets like the Drudge Report were not trying to scare the heck out of people to get more ad sales.

    See this bombshell admission from one of the leading specialists in contagious disease tracking here:

    When you listen to someone who is a doctor who is not affected by the news media induced panic talk about this it is tough to be worried, unless you have a pre-existing condition.

    Two countries, Sweden and Holland are refusing to panic.  They are advising people with health problems to stay at home and everyone else to just live their lives.

    They are not panicking or dying in droves and everyone is keeping their jobs and able to pay their bills without a government handout.

    While this is a new virus, we always have new viruses.

    That is why when the flu happens every winter people still get it even though they have had the flu before, it is a new strain.

    Every year new coronaviruses pop up and they are generally mild to most people and very rough on the older population who have other health conditions.

    We just don’t track all the coronaviruses all that carefully because they are so similar to so many flu strains and the coronaviruses mix in with them and there is no specific treatment.

    Therefore, medicine treats those who are sick with ventilators and there is no media sensation.

    What has happened with this is the media has either panicked or deliberately keep this story going in a cynical attempt to make money during a time of slumping viewership.

    Take a look at the headlines on irresponsible sites like the Drudge Report – it looks like the world is ending, but if they covered it like every other flu season, it would get the attention of “a story of a game of two mediocre NBA teams” according to Dr. Ioannidis.

    While it is tempting to blame politicians, they are often reacting to panicked constituents who are being manipulated by panic mongering media outlets who are trying to get more viewers to sell more advertising.

    If there is one real silver lining that might occur is that Americans will wake up to the very real need to take control of their own health so their immune system can withstand future viruses instead of having to shut down the entire country.