Weight Loss Strategies Recommended Or Used Personally By Female Doctors

    Female Doctors

    By: Annie Morgan

    Every “diet” is not created equal, and some diets actually end up causing more harm than good.

    And while some traditional doctors are quick to use the food pyramid as a “daily guide” for their patients to lose weight, other doctors are wisely choosing to prescribe diets to their patients that actually work.

    In fact, many of the diets prescribed by female doctors to their patients are the same diets they use personally in their everyday life.

    Gone are the days of telling patients to eat 5 servings of heavy carbs a day while limiting healthy fats.

    Check out the top recommended diets female doctors use and or recommend to their patients.

    Intermittent Fasting

    Old advice used to tell patients to eat 5-6 small meals a day.

    But now, studies show taking time and NOT eating anything during certain hours of the day is actually best.


    Your digestive system needs a break and your body needs a chance to repair.

    The most popular method is to fast for 16 hours, and eat all your calories during an 8 hour period, such as 12pm-8pm.

    This can easily be done by skipping breakfast and not eating after dinner.

    Eating less calories overall helps your body lose weight, and with your insulin levels lowered and your hormone levels regulated, you’ll end up burning more calories too.

    In fact, according to Science Direct, in a survey of weight loss plans used personally by female doctors, 72 percent recommended intermittent fasting.


    Ranking in second was the keto/low carb lifestyle.

    We all know weighing down the body with heavy bread and carbs (which turns to sugar) makes us sluggish and packs the pounds on.

    Not to mention the food doesn’t even make us full.

    The success of adopting a keto-lifestyle has introduced a new way to still enjoy food but without the bulk.

    Eating healthy fats and getting protein from meat turns your body into a fat-burning machine!

    Doctors are finally beginning to understand the benefits and are recommending it to their patients.

    Live What They Preach

    Some doctors are so obsessed with “counting calories” they even encourage their patients to eat frozen meals loaded with preservatives as long as they are not too high in calories!

    Many well-meaning people listen to their doctors and wonder why eating toast for breakfast every day and gluten-free pasta with chicken for dinner each night isn’t causing the pounds to melt off.

    Instead, having female physicians actually live the lifestyle that they preach can motivate patients to see their doctor isn’t selling them the latest health gimmick.

    And with physicians taking their own weight loss journey seriously, and being willing to talk about the results, patients can see that true weight loss and health is really possible.

    Were you surprised to learn female physicians are recommending intermittent fasting and the keto diet to their patients?

    Why do you think some doctors still recommend their patients follow diets that don’t work – like the food pyramid plan?

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