Will Being a Vegan Make You Stupid?


    By Kennedy Shelley

    If our ancient ancestors had to choose between a salad and a steak, they would choose the steak.

    The result was their brains grew.

    Our brains are expensive.  This little bit of our body (less than 2% of our total body weight) consumes 20-25% of your daily calories.  And it gets fed first.

    It wants the best amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and energy.

    At the latest count, there are 375 million vegetarians on the planet, and they are turning their backs on millions of years of evolutionary intelligence that made homo sapiens the smartest animals on the planet.

    This trend is growing at a rate of 600% in the West despite headlines warning people that the inherent nutritional deficiencies of the vegan diet can lead to health problems including stunting intelligence.

    The German Society for Nutrition warned back in 2016 that the growing vegan movement was causing serious health problems and should be avoided altogether by children and pregnant women.

    Belgium went so far as to make it illegal to give your kids a vegan diet. (Have a carrot go to jail?)

    But as the research shows, veganism is dangerous to kids and adolescents and this was confirmed in a 2018 report in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition which did a systematic review of all the data to date.

    There has only been one double blind study to see if meat makes you smarter.

    This was done in Kenya, with kids getting meat in their daily soup.  They quickly outperformed their vegan counterparts in school.

    This makes sense because there are certain nutrients that can only come from animal sources:  Creatine, carnosine, taurine, EPA and DHA omega-3, and some that might be chemically created including B-12 and D3.

    You have to eat copious quantities of B6 rich vegetables in order to avoid being deficient.

    These nutrients are vital to having a healthy brain (and body).  Yet most vegans are chronically deficient.

    This is not only important in the developmental years, but also in later life.  If you are deficient in B12 as you age, your IQ will be significantly lower than your peers.

    Contrary to the Popeye cartoon, you won’t get iron from spinach.  The best source remains meat, especially liver and organ meats.  And a lack of iron is directly related to lower intelligence.

    This is especially hard on young women who are more likely to be vegans.

    Unfortunately for them, the type of iron most easily absorbed by the body only comes from animal sources.

    Being a vegan involves taking many risks with your health.  It is basically untested experimentation and goes against all the evolutionary evidence.

    Vegans often have a host of “unexplained” health problems and problems concentrating.  Most of which is corrected after adding some meat and eggs back to their diet.

    Freedom Health News has discussed how a low carb diet can eradicate many mental health issues but more research is needed to see what exactly the negative effects of veganism are on IQ.