This Strange Russian Herb Is Proven to Help Protect Your Cells From...

This Strange Russian Herb Is Proven to Help Protect Your Cells From Cancer


The bad news about cancer is it’s 100% natural.

The good news about cancer is if you want to fight it, you can do that 100% naturally as well.

And that can all be done with a strange Russian herb which is clinically proven to help protect your cells from cancer.

Before you discover what that herb is and how it helps protect your cells from cancer, it’s crucial to understand how cancer begins to form in the first place.

In the most basic sense, cancerous growths form when the DNA of a cell is corrupted. DNA helps inform your cells how they should grow. When DNA is corrupted (this can happen in a myriad of ways) it causes your cells to grow in abnormal ways. Sometimes this abnormal cell growth results in accelerated and continued growth which form tumors.

Not all tumors become cancerous/malignant. However, uncontrolled cell growth that occurs as a result of DNA damage and does become malignant will begin to overtake the body, starving it of resources and eventually resulting in death.

It’s for this reason you should try and protect your cells from DNA damage.

And one of the best ways to do this (from a natural perspective) is adding adaptogens to your diet.

How Adaptogens Protect Your Cells From DNA Damage

Adaptogens are a class of plants known to protect your cells from potential DNA damage. They do this by forming a shield around your cells which inhibit negative things like stress and oxidation from damaging your sensitive DNA.

Not all plants are adaptogens, and not all adaptogens are created equal.

One of the most potent adaptogens is a pair of Russian herbs called Rhodiola Rosea and Rhodiola Crenulata.

These herbs are small, hardy herbs which grow in the bitterly harsh climate of the Siberian tundra.

For centuries people who live in this inhospitable area of the world have relied on Rhodiola to help improve their energy levels, enhance their endurance levels and also to boost mental health.

Because of Rhodiola’s widespread use as an adaptogen, it’s of great interest to researchers as a potential anti-cancer agent.

These researchers have isolated a compound called salidroside from Rhodiola and tested it extensively. And most of their tests confirm it’s one of the more effective natural compounds for cancer prevention.

Study After Study Support Salidroside for Cancer Prevention

Salidroside seems to have incredible power to keep cells safe from the effects of DNA damage.

In a study published by Oncology Reports, researchers used Salidroside to kill cancer cells.

In their study, which they published in 2008, the researchers exposed cancer cells responsible for colorectal cancer directly to Rhodiola (in vitro). After they did this, they discovered that this didn’t just kill tumor cells in some cases, it also prevented from causing other cancer cells to grow as well as slowing down other cancer cells in the body from growing any faster.

In another study, researchers publishing their work in a journal called Molecular Carcinogenesis, concluded Rhodiola helped kill bladder cancer cells.

In this instance, the researchers exposed affected people’s bladders to Rhodiola extract. That means the people’s healthy bladder cells, as well as the cancerous cells, were both subjected to Rhodiola extract.

At the end of the study, they observed Rhodiola effectively helped to kill scores of bladder cancer cells without damaging any of the healthy cells surrounding the tumors.

This profound effect led them to conclude “Rhodiola rosea extract and salidroside deserve further study as novel agents for chemoprevention of bladder carcinogenesis.”

These two studies are just a handful of the studies showing how Rhodiola can help to prevent (and possibly even cure) various forms of cancer.

Rhodiola Good For More than Just Cancer Prevention

While taking an extract of Rhodiola to help prevent, or even kill cancer cells, is an excellent reason to take it, the truth of the matter is many people take Rhodiola because of how it improves their daily life.

One of the novel effects many adaptogens have is they’re known to increase brain power while also helping to reduce stress and improve mood.

Two recent studies show Rhodiola is a great therapeutic agent for supporting the health of the brain.

A study published in the journal Phytomedicine tested Rhodiola on 56 exhausted physicians. Broken into two groups, one group of physicians received 170 mg of Rhodiola a day, and the other got a placebo.

At the end of a two-week-trial, the physicians who took the Rhodiola helped them with reduced mental fatigue as well as notably improved “performance on work-related tasks by 20%” as compared to the placebo.

And as Healthline reports:

“Another study looked at the effects of Rhodiola in military cadets performing night duties. The cadets consumed either 370 mg or 555 mg of Rhodiola, or one of two placebos daily for five days (18 Trusted Source).

Both doses were found to improve the cadets’ capacity for mental work, compared to the placebos.”

There are a handful of other known uses for Rhodiola too.  These include blood sugar control, reduced risk for depression, anti-aging effects and more.

Best of all?

Rhodiola is affordable and easy to find, so incorporating it into a supplement regimen adds no real additional burden to the average health enthusiast’s daily routine.