Insomnia-350x122Insomnia is a widespread problem with serious ramifications. The National Highway Safety Administration reports 100,000 or more car crashes each year are due to fatigued drivers, resulting in 1,550 and 71,000 injuries. Research indicates driving while exhausted may be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

    There are several different types of insomnia. Onset insomnia is difficulty falling asleep. Maintenance insomnia is waking prematurely and being unable to go back to sleep.

    Anxiety, depression and pain may cause onset insomnia, and these conditions may be related to other health issues. Anxiety and depression may involve vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxicity.

    In some people, a highly active mind or sleep-shift disorder can cause onset insomnia. Research has found that exceptionally intelligent people also often find it difficult to go to sleep, not because they actually cannot, but because they choose to remain awake. After a time, this disturbs the body’s natural sleep rhythm.

    Short term maintenance insomnia can result from drug use, exposure to chemicals, or allergies. Short term onset insomnia is most often caused by stress. Chronic onset insomnia may result from poor health, an overactive imagination or high intelligence. Chronic maintenance insomnia is an indicator that a person’s health is compromised.

    It’s not necessary to use medication with potential side effects that make you feel hungover the next morning. Instead, there is a natural remedy to reset your sleep cycle and put an end of insomnia. Our favorite natural cure is Earthing While Camping.

    Camping is simply the best remedy available for insomnia. It requires making the decision to get away for a few days, taking with you lots of healthy food, and to go sleep under the stars. Leave your phone in the car, and all your electronic devices behind. Meditate, and write or journal if you’d like to. Do some yoga or other simple exercise. The most important thing is to sleep directly on the ground; it’s called earthing, and it is a powerful way to reconnect with the natural world, of which we are all a part.

    Avoid artificial light, and let natural light and the magnetic fields of the earth reset your circadian rhythms. By the third day, most people will find they fall asleep shortly after dark, just as nature designed. In fact, sleeping well was much easier in the days before electric light and the invention of electronics.