This Supplement May Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk

This Supplement May Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk


By Kennedy Shelley

New evidence is in, that shows your fish oil supplement may be protecting you from a heart attack.

The new study looked at all the previous data and did find a link showing more heart protection than previously thought.

But strangely while it seems to protect the heart muscle, it doesn’t do much to prevent the risk of stroke.

The study was published in Cardiology by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The conclusion was fish oil does indeed reduce the risk of a heart attack, heart attack death rates, and total cardiovascular problems.

Increased Omega 3’s from fish and other marine sources is good for your heart health.

This subject has been controversial because of mixed study results over the years.

But many of these studies have been called into question because the sponsors of the studies were actually pushing pharmaceutical drugs such as statins.

How much protection can taking a fish oil capsule give you?  The study says it is an 8% risk reduction.

Compare this to a statin drug which offers a 1% drop in your absolute risk of a heart attack.

This 8% drop in risk translates to millions of people when you look at the dangers of heart attacks worldwide.

It is the biggest killer in the United States each year.

Studies show that increasing your Omega 3 acids is good medicine.  Unfortunately, we often get too much of the other omega acid Omega 6 which we get in processed foods.

Our body can not make Omega 3’s which is why eating fish from the oceans is important.  But many people can’t get or possibly don’t like ocean fish but can make up for it with fish oil supplements.

See this article on how to pick the best forms of fish oil.

Why this works is because fish, especially salmon eat a type of algae that turns their flesh pink.

This is why wild caught salmon gives you the most health benefits.

Farm raised fish do not have access to the algae.

To learn more about these distinctions, see this article in Freedom Health News.

Even vegans can increase their Omega 3’s by getting supplements using the algae that ocean fish eat.

Why is this study controversial?  Because the effect of fish oil doesn’t seem to show up in short term randomized trials.

But when you look at bigger pools of data and longer time periods, the effect of daily fish oil supplements becomes profound.

So, taking 850 mg or more of fish oil daily over years does seem to produce long term heart protections according to this latest study.

Because of the relatively low cost of these supplements, this seems to be cheap insurance against the biggest killer in America.

Taking larger doses seems to increase the protection of your heart slightly with no known negative side effects.

When you look at the side effects of statin drugs, having a no side effect alternative seems to be a no brainer.