3 Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Next Flight


    By: Annie Morgan

    With the winter season rolling in, people everywhere are spreading their bacteria and germs to others – and this especially rings true in the tight confines of an airplane.

    Think of the airplane as a “hot box” of germs – all being circulated around growing worse with each dirty hand or sneezing passenger who forgets to cover their mouth.

    And let’s face it – even the healthiest people often find themselves under the weather after a weekend of travel – but there are a few things you can do to try and beat the odds.

    Prepare Your Immune System

    Don’t start taking vitamins the day you board the plane!

    Hopefully you have a regular health routine already in place, but if not you definitely need to start preparing your body for travel about two weeks prior.

    Start taking a high-dose of Vitamin C every day – like a liposomal Vitamin C which is said to be absorbed better into the body than a traditional pill.

    Supplements like Zinc are another immune booster that will help keep you healthy while on the road.

    And for a final tip – add 2 doses of elderberry syrup to your morning and evening routine.

    Elderberry syrup does wonders to both prevent and treat an illness.

    In fact, the National Institutes of Health did a study that showed people who had the flu recovered 4 days sooner by taking elderberry syrup!

    Say No To The “Freebies”

    If the airlines offer you a pillow or blanket – just say no!

    They aren’t washed between passengers, which means you could be pressing your face up against the same blanket that a sick traveler hacked all over.

    There probably isn’t a bodily fluid you wouldn’t find on the blankets and pillows – so use them at your own risk!

    Make Sure To Sanitize

    Carry a pocket hand sanitizer spray with you when you travel.

    That tray you want to rest your head on or eat off of?

    People actually change their babies on that same tray.

    And, think about how many dirty hands touch the seatbelt buckle and armrest…

    … and chances are those never get cleaned either.

    Spraying it down will at least decrease your odds of picking up a nasty virus.

    Don’t Forget To Sleep!

    While traveling, you may be on vacation and on a different schedule, but don’t forget to sleep!

    Your body needs rest and sleep helps your body and mind to recover.

    And don’t forgo your whole health routine just because you are on vacation.  If your hotel has a gym or pool – take advantage of it.

    If not, you can always go for a quick run or jog (as long as you are in a safe area).

    And if you want to eat something off your normal meal plan – pick one “cheat” meal a day and eat healthy the other two meals.

    All of these disciplines will give your immune system the greatest chance of remaining strong on your next trip, and hopefully help you avoid getting sick!

    Do you find yourself getting sick while traveling?

    What are some ways you keep your immune system strong while on vacation?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know how to avoid getting sick on their next flight!