The Shut Down Of Medical Descent Gets Ugly


    By Kennedy Shelley

    Two physicians in California were interviewed by a pack of journalists.

    They shared their data and conclusions and made a solid case why the coronavirus crisis response is overblown, and the news station’s unedited story was taken down by YouTube.

    YouTube took down the remarkable hour-long interview for not meeting their “community standards” which YouTube is interpreting as going against the World Health Organization recommendations.

    This means that YouTube is no longer going to allow any opinion except for what the government says on what is best for your health.

    The problem with this is that the World Health Organization is hardly an infallible source and their recommendations are constantly being challenged, or at least they were until now.


    On April 8, 2020 The Hill magazine had the following headlines:

    The Drudge Report 2020 and other media outlets dutifully picked this up and at the height of viral spread people were not wearing masks based on what the media told them.

    The CDC changed their mind and started recommending people wear masks if they don’t want to kill people.

    COSTCO started demanding customers wear masks to enter their stores.  Houston has threatened citizens with $1,000 fines if you don’t wear a mask when you are walking around.

    It’s enough to make you scratch your head if that is still allowed in your state.

    Even in the official channels there is descent, but this is “official” descent apparently and that is allowed.

    But when two practicing physicians on the front lines of the pandemic with data compiled from their own practice and the news gives a different interpretation of the official narrative the censors at big tech take it down.

    That should be terrifying.


    Since 2005, the WHO has been waging a war against meat in the human diet.  Their position is that it is carcinogenic.

    In 2015 it released a study claiming that meat, especially processed meat will cause cancer and death.

    The study they used was very thin on facts and the association was weak.  They asked people what they had eaten years ago and found that people who liked sausages had more colon cancer.

    But when researchers looked at the data, they found that those who liked hot dogs also tended to smoke more.

    WHO didn’t adjust for this in their report.  There wasn’t a link when you compared non-smoking hot dog lovers with those who don’t smoke and stay away from processed meat.

    WHO also keeps changing their recommendations on eggs as well as bacon.

    They created their own “sustainable diet” in January of 2019 they recommended for the planet which would have required every human on the planet to take supplements because the diet was deficient in key vitamins.

    The EAT-Lancet diet was so roundly criticized that WHO removed their support for the idea by April 2019.

    But what if all the descent had been silenced in February and March?  Would we have all been stuck with a diet designed to destroy human health?


    Taking down the video interview of Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi may have been too little, too late to stop their message from getting out.

    The hour-long unedited video was published by ABC23 in Bakersfield, CA and had over 5 million views in the few days it was on the web.  This is rather remarkable for a highly technical discussion of health policy.

    There are those who may quibble with the doctors’ statistics and analytics, but what was eerie was their conclusion was that the facts don’t justify this level of control of Americans and their freedom, and for that the video was silenced.

    If you have not seen the video yet, here is a link that is still working at the moment so you can make up your own mind.