Red Meat is Good But They Won’t Admit It

Red Meat is Good But They Won’t Admit It

Red Meat

By Kennedy Shelley

“We want you to kill this study because it will hurt our reputation.”  That’s basically what the Harvard School of Public Health is saying.

The New York Times ran a story on September 30 where they said, ‘red meat is good, but health officials won’t say it because it will undermine faith in government doctors.’

That should be a terrifying thought.

If the health establishment refuses to acknowledge scientific facts because of what they think it will do to their credibility, then you have to wonder what else they are covering up.

On Monday, what should have been a bombshell report was released which stated that there is just no evidence that eating red meat is bad.

This despite decades of warnings from public health officials claiming that it causes cancer and heart disease.

The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. The findings “erode public trust,” critics said.

New York Times

The data was presented in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

It was the largest study ever done and has turned all the conventional wisdom on its head.

And the critics are coming out because this flies in the face of all the recommendations of the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, the Harvard School of Public Health and our government.

Even though this IS scientific research, the Harvard School of Public Health said the study’s conclusions “harm the credibility of nutrition science and erode public trust in scientific research.

What?  Seriously?

Harvard just put pressure on a scientific journal to bury the results of research…to hide scientific evidence, to create a deliberate cover up, because it would erode public confidence in them?

It seems to many that deliberate cover ups of the truth tend to undermine confidence more than anything else.

And doctors and the health establishment wonder why people don’t buy their arguments that we must get flu shots or take statin drugs.

Vegans have a trade group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

They went as far as filing a lawsuit to censor and shut down the publication of the magazine with the Federal Trade Commission.

Every year the so-called experts warn us about too much salt or coffee.

Their advice seems to change from month to month.

The one thing they have been fairly consistent about is their opposition to red meat, and they are going to fight this study.

Unlike many researchers who do their studies with industry funding or money from processed food manufacturers, this study had no conflict of interests and no outside funds.

They found nothing that showed red meat caused cancer or heart disease.

Government guidelines for low meat consumption are supposedly based on evidence…but this study shows conclusively, the evidence is just not there.

And this has implications for all of us, even if you ignore government issued health advice.

The government guidelines to cut fat caused changes in food preparation causing trans fats to be used in making things like french fries.

Trans fats were proven to be harmful.

Government actions and recommendations do have effects on our food supply and what you can buy.

But what is really scary is the Harvard reaction where they said “nutritional studies should not be held to the same standards as drug trials” in their online publication.

In other words, “you should always accept our opinion (because we are Harvard) and ignore all evidence.

Except, food is medicine.  Because they also want you to believe that what you eat affects your health.

This is Orwellian gobbledygook that really does undermine our confidence in public health and nutritional advice.