3 Surprising Reasons You Might Be Feeling Nauseous


    By: Annie Morgan

    Perhaps you’ve noticed lately your stomach feels like you just got off a spinning ride.

    But nothing has changed in your diet and you’re not pregnant, however, you just can’t seem to figure out why you feel so sick lately.

    As it turns out, there are many health problems that can cause your body to become nauseous.

    And the good news is, identifying what is causing your nausea can help you fight back against it!

    Here are 3 common reasons you could be feeling nauseous.


    Many people who struggle with anxiety, or have yet to admit they have anxiety don’t realize just how much mental struggles can affect the physical body.

    From insomnia from sleeping too much, heartburn problems to headaches, and yes, even nausea.

    When you are anxious, your nerves fire and send all sorts of signals, but they get out of alignment and become distorted.

    As a result, your stomach gets confused and begins to contract, which messes with your normal rhythm.


    “Your gut is lined with nerves that work to expand and contract to push food through your digestive tract. But when you’re stressed or anxious, your brain sends signals to those nerves that cause additional contractions. All those contractions mess up your gut’s normal rhythm, which can leave you feeling nauseous. And you don’t have to be majorly upset to feel the effects. Even minor stress can leave you feeling nauseous, Dr. Wexler says.”

    In this moment, try doing some breathing exercises to relax your body.

    Or, drink a cold cup of water and lay down if you can.

    You might find after relaxing and resting for a few moments the nausea will disappear.


    A migraine headache is one of the most excruciating pains a person can feel.

    Besides a throbbing head, people who suffer from migraines can feel dizzy, become sensitive to loud noises and light, and yep, you guessed it, feel nauseous.

    The best way to treat a migraine is prevention, so make sure you keep your body hydrated and sleep with a good pillow.

    And if you feel it start to come on, take an over the counter pain med like Excedrin (if your doctor approves) to help stop a full-blown migraine.

    If you’ve never suffered from migraines before, pay attention to your symptoms with your nauseous feeling.

    You might think the issue is in your stomach, but it could all stem from a migraine headache.

    If you do have a full-blown migraine, lay down in a quiet room with ice on your neck and head until it passes.

    You Could Just Be Hungry

    If you’ve drank several cups of coffee on an empty stomach, or taken vitamins or other supplements without food, your stomach might be rebelling.

    Or perhaps, you’re just hungry.

    Depending on how your body regulates blood sugar, if your blood sugar is low you might feel dizzy or nauseous.

    No, this doesn’t mean eat candy.

    But even a banana or glass of orange juice might do the trick.

    And it’s important to read the instructions if you are taking natural supplements.

    Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it isn’t potent!

    If you take a strong herb on an empty stomach – it can definitely make you nauseous.

    So next time you’re feeling nauseous, run through this quick checklist to see if one of these reasons is the real cause.

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