The Real Growing COVID Danger


    By Kennedy Shelley

    As of mid-April 2020, it looks as though the pandemic is ending and the curve is flat, but that doesn’t mean all the danger is gone.

    There is going to be serious emotional fallout from this crisis.

    The economic shockwaves of this virus are just starting to be felt.

    Many people experienced trauma from this, from the death of loved ones, but were not able to grieve because of the shutdown, loss of job and media fears of possible future virus mutations.

    If you read the alarmist media such as Drudge 2020, you will be hit with non-stop doom and gloom headlines.  Here is a sample from April 14, 2020:

    If you actually believe this stuff, then your anxiety and stress levels are going to go up.  Prolonged anxiety creates physiological problems.  Prolonged exposure to stress hormones causes a host of problems.   Here is a partial list according to WebMD:

    • Personality disorders
    • Menstrual and sexual problems
    • Obesity and weight problems
    • Gastral problems include chronic heartburn, ulcerative colitis and irritable colons.

    In short, even if you have a mild case of COVID-19, you might suffer from more serious conditions due to the stress of economic uncertainty and social isolation.

    It is the fear of the unknown that creates this gnawing sense of anxiety and that is dangerous to your physical and mental health.

    Now is the time to create your action plan to overcome this prolonged stress.

    If you gained the COVID-19, the new joke about gaining 19 pounds during the national lockdown, you are probably going to need this program.


    Nearly 17 million people filed for jobless claims during this crisis.  Many have behaved like they are on an unexpected vacation.

    Liquor sales have soared by over 56% during this time.  Internet use has surged because of movie streaming.

    And many of us have watched too much sensationalistic news coverage and been barraged with messages of doom and gloom from people on social media.

    Since we are on the verge of ending this unplanned vacation, now is the time to start tapering off these bad habits.

    If one day you are watching the Tiger King while sipping on your beer and the next day you are back at work, you are not going to transition well.  You will actually feel miserable instead of feeling great about returning to normal.

    Start figuring out what you are doing.   What negative habits did you start?  And start tapering them off now as opposed to dealing with it cold turkey.


    The gym has been closed for a month.  Odds are many of us have become unexpected couch potatoes.  The best and easiest way to start getting your body back into shape is just going for a walk.

    Slowly start picking up the pace.

    And as an added bonus you will start increasing your vitamin D level by being out in the sun which will only serve to increase your energy and overall health.


    You might realize that you might not be able overcome some of the bad habits you got into.  There might be lingering problems as you transition.

    Don’t be afraid to reach for help to make the transition.