Just Say NO To These Phony Health Trends

    Phony Health Trends

    By: Annie Morgan

    With more and more Americans fed up with traditional doctors shoving pharmaceutical “cures” down their throats – alternative medicine is on the rise.

    People are seeking natural ways to treat their ailments, and many are finding success with life-changing results.

    The problem with the good, is there is always the bad, and many phony health trends have infiltrated the market stealing hundreds and even thousands of dollars from people who put their faith in bogus health “cures” that don’t even work.

    So before you shell out your hard-earned cash on the latest health trend, check out a few that are proven to be false.

    Ionic Foot Baths

    Promising to pull toxins out of your body through your feet, this bogus health trend claims to attract impurities from your body and make them go away.

    The theory is the water will change colors based on what “toxins” are in your body.

    People eagerly place their feet in this “magical bath” waiting to see what color the water turns – convinced that toxins are leaving their body.

    The problem is, research shows this is false – and the water simply changes color because of the wires in the water or other impurities!

    Salons are making a fortune off of people who think the foot baths are legit just because the water changes color.

    Don’t buy the hype.

    Colon Hydrotherapy

    Some places are charging up to $200 promising people they have the solution to “cleanse their colon of toxins.”

    Using water (and even other liquids like coffee and electrolytes) an irrigation device is inserted and used to shoot water into the colon.

    The problem is, health experts claim the colon cleanses itself naturally and doesn’t need water squirted internally to do so.

    In addition, to those with compromised immune systems, this can disrupt the gut and actually make people sicker – not to mention perforated colons are among one of the many things that can go wrong.

    Save your $200 and stick to probiotics and a healthy diet – you’re much better off.

    Plastic Wrap Weight Loss

    Women are shelling out hundreds of dollars in salons to spread lotion on their bodies and wrap themselves in plastic – all in an effort to lose weight.

    This health gimmick promises instant results and smoother skin.

    Of course, having the body wrapped in plastic in a heated room can cause the body to sweat and lose water weight… but that’s about it.

    Losing weight isn’t a magic and instant thing – it takes healthy eating and exercise.

    Sweating out so much at once can leave your body feeling dehydrated and mess up your electrolyte balance.

    Save your money!

    Natural Isn’t Always Bad

    The truth is, there are many natural health remedies that actually do work.

    Epsom salt baths are great for relieving stress and provide a great source of magnesium.  There are many natural alternatives to antibiotics, and other herbs and supplements you can take instead of loading up on synthetic drugs.

    Chiropractors are great to help align your spine, and massages can really help soothe tired and achy muscles (instead of popping muscle relaxers).

    But combined with the good are a bunch of people trying to take advantage of susceptible people.

    Make sure before you try the latest health trend you do your own research first.

    What are some bogus health trends you know about?

    Why do you think people continue to fall for them?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know about the most recent phony health trends!