Pair These Two Spices Up for Serious Drama

Pair These Two Spices Up for Serious Drama


Inflammation is a killer.

Chronic inflammation of the arteries causes problems with the liver, kidneys, as well as the heart itself.

More and more health-conscious people are working to reduce bodily inflammation any way they can.  But there may be a great one/two punch hiding in their spice cabinet.

The combo of ginger and turmeric may give your body a tremendous anti-inflammatory edge.

While both of these spices seem to be very helpful at reducing chronic inflammation by themselves, when used together they seem to be especially effective.

Both spices contain different anti-inflammatory compounds, so it’s not as though you are getting more when you use these together, it’s how the spices compliment each other that seems to work so well.

The effects of chronic inflammation are often not something we concern ourselves with because the damage occurs subtly over a long period of time.

But most of what we consider “normal aging” is really the results of years or even decades of inflammatory stress on the body.

When it affects your brain, it slowly leads to Alzheimer’s because it takes away your protections from beta-amyloid accumulation.  When it attacks the kidneys, it leads to renal failure.  And on and on it goes.

And here is why the turmeric/ginger combo can become so highly effective.

Turmeric with its distinctive yellow color has been used as a medicine for millennia.  Every study done on it shows remarkable anti-inflammatory properties and it performs better than any prescription drug at reducing leukotrienes and other inflammatory pathways in the body.

It even seems to help the body fight certain cancers (to find out more about this powerful spice Click here for this Freedom Health News article).

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory superstar in its own right.  The root not only tastes good when used in cooking, it has been a medicine for generations.

The compounds known as gingerols are ravenous scavenging compounds that eat up damaged cells and prevent oxidation in the body.

Nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB) pathways are the dangerous roads that the body travels to become inflamed.

Ginger seems to shut down or at least reduce travel on these roads protecting the body’s vital systems.

When these two spices are used together not only do we start to see reduction in inflammation markers, but also improvement in metabolic syndrome which includes fatty liver and obesity.

When used together, these spices seem to reverse the damage caused by too many refined carbs over the years and help people maintain a healthy weight.

Daily supplementation seems to help control blood sugar levels (A1C), improve triglycerides and decreasing insulin sensitivity.

It even seems to help your bone health which may prevent osteoarthritis (which is the wearing down of bone cartilage, making it painful to move).

These make sense because arthritis is an inflammatory disease.  The less inflamed the body is, the better it is at avoiding the disease.

Chronic but low-grade inflammation is a long-term killer or crippling problem.

It doesn’t create sudden catastrophic problems, but the end result is a great deal of pain and suffering in the final years of life.

I personally want to lead an energetic life right up to the point when I go.  Staving off low grade inflammation is key to maintaining as many systems as possible at optimal levels.

Look into making turmeric and ginger part of your daily routine.  The results will not be sudden or dramatic, but the evidence suggests that long term it will help your body maintain vital systems.