Cheerful Ways To Overcome The Holiday Blues


    By: Annie Morgan

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year full of joy and holiday excitement…

    … but for people who are suffering from seasonal or other forms of depression, it can be miserable.

    While some people are invited to all the holiday events, others feel isolated and lonely, especially after the grief of suffering the loss of a loved one.

    Other people experience seasonal depression which is typically more common in the cold winter months.

    And according to the American Psychological Association, 38 percent of people admitted to being more stressed out around the holidays.

    So if you are feeling down or stressed, here are a few solutions to help bring some joy back to the holiday season.

    Give Yourself Grace

    You might feel guilty you are feeling down while everyone around you is celebrating and joyful.

    But one of the worst things you can do for your mental health is give yourself a guilt trip!

    Whether you are mourning the 1st (or even 10th) Christmas without a loved one, or are simply feeling tired and worn out, it’s okay to take it easy this season.

    Be selective in which events you choose to participate in – and only select the ones you feel most comfortable attending.

    If you don’t want to bust out all the decorations this year or cook a massive meal from scratch, that’s okay too!

    Set whatever boundaries you have to in order to remain calm and reduce anxiety.

    Volunteer and Give Back

    There are so many opportunities to serve those who are less fortunate this Christmas.

    From helping provide Christmas gifts to underprivileged kids, to volunteering your time at a nursing home to spend time with those who are without a family, you can make a difference this season.

    If you aren’t feeling up to it – think about a few ways you can volunteer your health knowledge to your family and friends this Christmas!

    Consider offering to teach your sister how to cook a Keto-friendly meal, or incorporate healthy gift ideas into your family’s gift exchange.

    Sometimes taking the focus off of oneself and giving to others is a way to live the holiday season with a purpose.

    Take Pro-Active Measures Not To Isolate

    When you are feeling blue, you might be tempted to isolate.

    While it’s good to take a day off for self-care – staying isolated can make you even more anxious and depressed!

    Instead, put yourself in situations where you’ll at least have chances to interact with people.

    Even bringing your laptop to the coffee house and enjoying a cold brew coffee has you out and about.

    Or, consider signing up for an activity you enjoy – like a healthy cooking class or group exercise class.

    The holiday season is joyful, but it can be difficult for some.

    As it depends on you, make sure to take care of yourself this season and know you are not alone!

    Do you struggle with the holiday blues?

    What are some ways you overcome feeling sad and blue during the holiday season?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know cheerful ways to overcome the holiday blues!